Friday, June 15, 2007


What a fun day! Erick and I have been mulling the idea of a puppy around. Our dream was always to have 3-4 kids and 1 black lab puppy named Dokken. But all of McKenna's life, she has been terrified of animals. Well, now she seems to have totally opened up to them. I don't know what changed. Maybe the farm animal day at school. Maybe it's all the trips to the pet store to visit the puppies and now she finally feels bigger than them? In any case, she's been really open to the idea of having a puppy. So Erick started sifting through the recycler and found a breeder who has pure Labrador Retrievers. She has chocolate, blonde and black. The black tend to be more hyper but we're ok with that. An active dog will just keep us an active family. So tomorrow we're going to the farm to see the puppies. The black ones are only a week old right now so if we see one we love, we'll put down a deposit and then we can pick him/her up in about 7 weeks. We can't wait!!!!


I got a call from one of the moms of the girls in McKenna's preschool class, Addison. Her class has been out for a month now but apparently Addison misses McKenna and talks about her all the time. Her Mom said Addison sings about McKenna and says she's gonna plan a birthday party for McKenna in her backyard. How cute is that? So her Mom called to see if we wanted to get together for a playdate. She lives right up the street from us so that's neat that McKenna has another friend close by! And I met her Mom at Alexis' birthday party so I already know I like her. It should be fun!


Erick and McKenna had their Father-Daughter dance tonight. On his way home from work he picked up a tiny little corsage for her - white orchids with a baby blue ribbon. She was so excited! She just loved it!

Here is a pic of Daddy putting the corsage on her:

Don't they look cute in their matching outfits?

They had sandwiches, chips, apples, cookies, candies and soda. LOL they get the kids nice and hopped up on sugar and send 'em home I guess! Erick and McKenna danced to "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis. Awww! McKenna was too shy to participate in the Hokey Pokey. But she's the kind of kid who has to observe her surroundings before she can participate so I bet the next dance she'll be the first one out there. ; ) Here is the pic that they took at the dance:


That's it for tonight. I think I'll try to scrap these father-daughter pictures. Tomorrow is a busy, busy day for us. In the morning I have to run to the dance hall to pick up McKenna's recital pictures. Then off to Target and Best Buy for some Father's Day shopping. Then out to Lake Elsinore to see the puppy. Then back to Orange County to have a Father's Day dinner for my Dad at Spaghetti Factory. It's gonna be a go-go-go kind of day!


Britt(any) said...

Seriously, Father/Daughter dances are just about the cutest thing on the whole planet. LOVE it. :)

Good luck on the puppy search!

Melissa Ives said...

Yes, black labs are active...but so so sweet! You'll love him or her! Congratulations!

DragonflyScrapper said...

Oh Shannon how do you find the time, what a wonderful entry, I really truly enjoyed every bit. Congrats on the new puppy, I hope McKenna loves it. Have a great day.

Elaine said...

awww they looked so cute for their father daughter dance!!
How awesome that you're getting a dog! Maddy just loves Gunter (he's super hyper too!) Dogs are the best and black labs are so cute!