Monday, June 18, 2007

Kid-Bits, Pics, SYTYCD


Father's day was really nice! The night before we took my Dad and Cheryl out to dinner with my sister and her family. We went to Spaghetti Factory and afterward we went to the train station so the kids could watch the trains go by. They would all scream and cheer when it arrived and blow kisses to it when it left. : )

Sunday I was feeling too sick for church so I made Erick breakfast in bed and we gave him his gifts:

and for his trip to Chicago in Sept. (they're driving to a Notre Dame game):

We met Erick's parents for lunch at Oggi's and spent some time with them. And then just had a relaxing day together as a family.



We did put down a deposit on the puppy! The trainer is top-notch and the background of both the mother and father dogs is wonderful so we put down a deposit on one of the English Black Labradors. They're all females and we'll be allowed to make the first pick of the two that are available. Right now we're leaning toward the one that will be "stockier". The stockier ones with the broad heads just look a little more friendly to me. We held her for awhile and she was so sweet and snuggly. McKenna is very excited but didn't want to pet the puppy (most likely because she didn't know the other people that were with us) and Kyla pet and kissed the puppy. They're both so excited for her to come home! Anyway, we'll get her in about 7 weeks. We can't wait!



* My sister took a poll on one of her messageboards asking for those who had older children, how many of their kids were accurate at guessing the gender of the new baby before it was born. All but one of the kids got it right (and the one that got it wrong guessed a cat! LOL!) McKenna has been saying "Boy" since the beginning and has even told us that when she prayed to God, He decided the baby was a boy. But for fun we asked her one more time "Do you think the baby is gonna be a boy or a girl?" And she said "Let's just let our hearts decide." Erick and I couldn't help but laugh at our little miniature "buddha" with her wise words.

* Today she was acting up and I told her "Hey, you're the big sister and you need to be a good example for your little sister!" She put her hands on her hips and gave me a stern look and said "I'm JUST a little girl and I don't know that many things!" LOL!

* For the past few days, Kyla has been sitting on the potty regularly! She was able to sit on the big potty but she was really nervous on it. So we finally bought her a potty chair of her own. She LOVES it! McKenna will remove her diaper and Kyla will sit on it, get up, check to see if she's gone potty then sit down again. I never expect the girls to do the same things at the same times - each kid develops at their own pace. But McKenna pottied for the first time at 21 months old and Kyla seems to be tracking at the same time! We'll see!



Is anyone watching So You Think You Can Dance this season? This is my favorite reality show!! I don't have a favorite dancer yet but it's just such a fun show! I love seeing all the dancers evolve into new styles and watching their chemistry on stage. The best dancers know they have to be actors as well and this couple was the best of the first week (IMO). Their chemistry was outstanding! Totally reminded me of Allison & Ivan last season. Love, love, LOVE this show! And how fun is it that McKenna likes to watch it with me? Too cute!



McKenna's official recital photos came in:

The group photo (this isn't her entire class. It's not even the entire group that performed. Just the ones who showed up for the photo!)

Erick and McKenna being silly the other day:

And of course, Kyla had to come join in the fun too!


Melissa Ives said...

I'm cracking up at McKenna's comment about being "Just" a little girl!

erin said... Shannon! She looks so beautiful in that dress! She is so pretty!!! Melts my heart!!!!I love that picture of Erick with his girls. I am so sorry about what happened at his work. As much heart as he puts into the children there I know it must have been very hard on him. You and Mel look wonderful as well (Vegas pictures). I am so glad the bleeding went away. I had that with Isaac pretty badly. It seems like it happens to so many ladies right? *hugs*

Elaine said...

LOL! Mckenna already pulling the "i'm just a little girl" excuse huh? hahahaha! I love the funny stuff they say at this age.

Those pictures are SO SO cute!

We've been watching So You Think You Can Dance too and I dont' have a favorite yet. I think this show would be so hard to judge! I think they're all really good!

Congratulations on the puppy!!! You guys are going to have so much fun and the girls are going to love the heck out of that puppy. A lucky puppy indeed!

Shandy said...

oh the pics of your dd dance is WAY TOOOO CUTE!!! I have 4 boys so no girly girl things in this household! I agree -- my older boys guessed the gender of our 4th correctly :)

MissHuniBuni said...

adorable pics!!