Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bring on the Weekend

I totally forgot that Erick was gonna be off tomorrow and Saturday. Yippee! Completely slipped my mind until he called me on his way home and mentioned how he was glad it was his weekend. Sweet!

So we've got a few fun plans:

Tonight: No cooking for me! Erick picked up Yardhouse for us. Mmm, Mac-n-Cheese2 for dinner with a root beer. And for dessert, a big ol' brownie w/mint chip ice cream. Being pregnant rocks! (Ask me if I still feel that way when the morning sickness kicks in).

Friday day - take the kids to Boomers

Friday night - Date night! We said we were gonna see a movie and go to dinner. We were hoping that Blades of Glory would still be playing but no. Boo. So we were looking and the only thing I was really interested in was Pirates (but we still haven't seen #2 so that's out), Shrek (which we'd rather see with the kids) and Knocked Up (which I would never subject Erick to). But he said he actually wants to see Knocked Up! He thinks it looks funny! I was shocked! I mean, it does look funny but usually he's all about Spiderman and 300. So I think it's sweet that he's willing to see this with me and not in a grudging "you owe me" kind of way. LOL! So we're gonna see that and eat at.....who knows where. We'll see where my cravings take us.

Saturday - Probably visit the in-laws so we can finally tell them we're pregnant! We haven't had a chance to see them in person since we found out!

Sunday - Erick works in the early morning so we'll have to miss church again (which if either of us had remembered we would not have missed last week. : ( ) but we'll hit the Tustin Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off later that afternoon.

Monday - I have no idea. Maybe relax. We'll see.


I have to say a little note of thanks to Monica who left this sweet blog comment on the post about McKenna's recital. Or rather, thank her little guy. Tell me this isn't the sweetest thing:

Monica said...

I came across your blog ... McKenna's recital was wonderful. My 3 y/o son sat in awe watching her dance ... when she got her metal, he says "Momma, the pwetty baby gurl got a metal and she did dance soooo gooood!"

That just made me smile. : )

Also, I forgot to blog this cute story on the night of her recital. We were in the lobby doing her makeup and I hear this mom over my shoulder saying "Watch where you're going! Watch where you're going!" and then a little boy bumps right into my shoulder. The Mom said "I'm sorry....he was so entranced with your daughter he couldn't even pay attention to where he was walking." And she led him away, his eyes still on McKenna the entire time. That is too cute!!


Here are some pics from the Memorial Day BBQ at my sister's house. It was very relaxing and fun. Thanks again Mel & Brian!

McKenna before we left:

The kids swimming. Auntie lounging in the shade:

Kyla wasn't interested in the pool at all when we got there. She just wanted to ride like the rebel she is:

Gavin is a little bruiser. He loves to wrestle and dive. I was snapping this pic of Lukey and he just belly flopped right into the pool (and getting auntie all soaked in the process!)

Studly is too cool to smile:

Kyla finally decides to "take a dip":

FINALLY she gets in!

"Oh my gosh, don't get my hair wet guys!"


Finally, here are my recent art projects:

Just a layout I did for fun:

Alyssa & McKenna

Edit: Oops, had to remove the Scrap Gypsies stuff. Apparently we're not going live with those projects until Monday. : )

And this week's Digi-Dare is mine! My challenge to everyone is to "Scrap Your Dorkiness"! LOL you have to check out the site to see the other Darer's layouts. They're hysterical. Here is mine:
What A Dork

Tonight was the "perfect storm" of projects. I had the Scrap Gypsies projects due, I had the Digi-Dare layout due AND it was my turn to update the Digi-Dare blog and I had the DST site update that needed to be done tonight. All huge projects. It's been a busy week!


Mom said...

LOL where do I start? I love the teacher gifts, beautifully done and a great gift idea! The stories Mckenna's recital are both too cute! And that great photo of Gavin doing a belly flop is an awesome action shot! Great job! See you tonight for babysitting! Love, Mom

Elaine said...

There's a chili cook off somewhere and I haven't heard about it. Holy cow. I'm actually contemplating on going! hahaha!
Check out McKenna nabbing all the boys already.
Kyla is SOO like Maddy about not getting into the pool and then trying not to get her hair wet. Too funny!

Maegan said...

You know, you might now get morning sickness this time around! I have heard that some people get sick w/ girls and not boys (and vice versa). You could get lucky!

Great job catching Gavin mid flop. I love pictures like that. They are so fun! It's time to get the pool out in Seattle as well. I am trying to hold off until Zoƫ's birthday at the end of the month but I don't know if I am going to be able to. It's pretty warm.

Enjoy your weekend!