Sunday, May 27, 2007

Books and Food

I finally finished The Glass Castle. I'm glad I read it. Wouldn't read it again. It's appalling and depressing, I don't care if the kids did overcome adversity. I don't care if they feel they're stronger because of their upbringing. Anyway you paint it, that was some BAD parenting, even for the 60's and 70's. And the book was depressing so much of the time. I probably would've enjoyed it had it been fiction but knowing it was true just horrified me. Despite how awful these parents were, I did find myself respecting them for some of their values. But through most of the book I just longed for the happy ending.


This morning I was soooo tired that Erick let me sleep in until 10:30am. Which means we skipped church. I'm actually sad we did because I really enjoy going to church together as a family. But that's ok, church meets every week so it's not like we missed our one opportunity. ; )

After I got up, we took the girls to the park. It was a beautiful, sunny day. It's amazing to see Kyla running all over the playground by herself now. She's just growing up so much!

Then we went to lunch at Lucille's. I love this place. Good ol' fashioned Southern BBQ. I had BBQ Brisket, garlic mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese and biscuits w/honey butter. It was so good. I told Erick that when we have a house, I think every Memorial day we should have a big Southern BBQ at our house. He agrees. No takebacksies.

Then we stopped at Borders because there was a book I saw in Pregnancy Magazine that I thought looked good. It's a Jennifer Weiner book (she wrote In Her Shoes) and it's about 3 women going through pregnancy and how it affects their lives. I thought that looked kind of fun so I thought I'd bump it to the front of my reading que:

I also saw this David Sedaris book for only $4.99 so I had to grab it:

McKenna picked out this. She's really into "big girl" books right now. She likes going through the chapters with me but without fail, everytime I finish a chapter and tell her "Ok, we're gonna read more tomorrow." she whines and says "Awww, that's not fair!" LOL! They pick up on that phrase quick don't they? So we got this, read two chapters tonight and yes, we wear our tiaras whilst we read it ; )

Kyla picked out this book. She'd shown interest in this and one other book. Erick held both up and asked her "Which one do you choose?" She pointed to this and said "Dory." Aw, she knows her name! (Sort of):

There was one other book that McKenna and I both really loved and for the life of me I don't know why we didn't buy it on the spot. I think I was trying to be frugal but this book was REALLY special. It's written like a diary of someone who is on a quest for proof of fairies. It's the neatest book (Cheryl S. you'd LOVE this if you don't already have it!) There's a little sample of fairy gossamer, fairy dust, info on the trees they prefer, the food they eat, the clothes they wear. It's a must-have for any fairy lover. And it's so beautifully illustrated. I'm a sucker for books with exceptional illustrations.:

Came home after that and Erick put the girls down for naps but I headed right out to grocery shop. I bought a TON of fresh fruit - cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon (Kyla's favorite...her eyes light up when she sees it), bananas, peaches, apples....of course thanks to that California Frost we had last winter, that made my grocery bill astronomical. *Sigh* Oh well, better to spend money than get diabetes from junk food, right? Ok, that's extreme but let's go with it. LOL! Anyway, I am loving our menu plan for this week. Lots of yummy stuff:

Oh AND guess what? Erick bought us tickets to see......

BRAD PAISLEY!!! We're both big fans so we're both pretty stoked. It's June 30th and our seats are awesome, something like the 8th row I think? Woo!! I can't wait! I wonder if we'll be able to spot his wife from where we're sitting!

Anyway, off to sleep I go. Tomorrow we're going to my sister's for a Memorial Day BBQ. I'm bringing a yummy potato salad that I just spent hours making. It's got red potatoes, sour cream, dill, bacon, eggs, green onions....I wish I could have some NOW but it has to marinate overnight. And tomorrow I gotta get up early to make a Chocolate Cheesecake Pie. It should be fun. I got the kids some water balloons and Mel picked up a new pool for her backyard:

They're gonna have a blast! I'll try to remember to snap some pics! I hope you all have a nice Memorial Day!!


Sassy said...

wow you've been busy buying things lol
The new books you got look good!

april c said...

You will like her book--another one that is really good by the same author is, Goodnight nobody.
have fun reading

Pink Pixels said...

My friend swears by Sedaris books. Sawyer reads a page in a chapter book and declares "I read a chapter!" I am currently reading Born on a Blue Day, a memoir by an autistic savant who explains how he's figured out that typical people experience emotions like he does colors and numbers. Very interesting.

We're having a southern BBQ today- well, in Atlanta, all BBQ's are techically southern I suppose! ;)

Happy MD!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

OMGoodness your blog entries are so long...LOL

We end up never going anywhere on the weekends because I treasure my sleep in the time I wake up and get ready, it's lunch time, then after that it's Kaylee's nap. Kaylee gets really cranky if she doesn't have a nap, so she needs one. When she wakes up it's about 3pm so there's not much time to do anything before supper. So, if we want to do anything, one of us has to forgo our sleep in day, and it's not going to be me! LOL

That pool looks SO fun!!

Shabby Chic Memory said...

I have two little girls 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and they love being princesses and fairies so I found a cute little site
I had a fairy tea party and a couple of their little friends came dressed like fairies and we had cake and juice. It was really nice and the kids and moms loved it! I think it is something your girls would love! Good Luck!

The Gilles Family said...

David Sedaris is in my top 5 favorite authors. Be sure to read (if you haven't already) Me Talk Pretty One Day and Naked. Both hilarious. Dress Your Family is just as funny, but a bit more sentimental. I heart him. And if you get a chance, listen to him on NPR. He's HILARIOUS! Happy Memorial Day! Only 2 more weeks until we see you!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Can I come live at your house? LOL, your menu sounds sooo good! I might have to add you to the list of the blogs I never read before breakfast. ;)

Laurie said...

Ohhh Shannon!! You are going to LOVE the Brad Paisley show!! I just went earlier this month when he came to St Louis and it was a blast!! His opening acts are fantastic too!! I'm so excited to see someone else going!! :) Your weekly menu looks delish too!! I'm always so inspired by your cooking!! LOL!!

Elaine said...

Hope you had a nice memorial day!!!

And holy cow I love me some Lucille's. I order the BBQ brisket too!! MMMM. I'm salivating over here!

Meg said...

GREAT book Shannon!! You will enjoy it :) I've read it more than once lol (same with In her Shoes..much better book than movie)