Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Short One

I took two days off to plow through and catch up. Tuesday I worked on DST stuff from 8:45am straight through until 1:30am. I only stopped to bathe the girls and put them to bed and to take a shower myself. Otherwise, I worked non-stop. Then Wednesday while Erick was installing our new wireless router I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. So it feels good to be pretty much caught up on stuff. I have a few emails to get through and I'll probably always be juggling the project of advertising reservations but otherwise, doing good!


Kyla is starting to have enough words and understanding to have the back and forth conversations with us now! We had this little exchange yesterday:

Mommy: "Kyla, are you ready for breakfast?"
Kyla: "Sure!"
Mommy: "Do you want a waffle?"
Kyla: "No."
Mommy: "Do you want cereal?"
Kyla: "Sure!"
Mommy: "Ok, and do you want juice or milk?"
Kyla: "Ulk!"
Mommy: "Ok, milk it is!"

I love that!

By the way, we've concluded that Kyla was an easier baby but she is a much more mischievous toddler. She really loves to antagonize her big sister and she has the most wickedly mischievous laugh when she's done something naughty.


* McKenna has been carrying around a plastic container (the kind you would store rice or pasta in) filled with small toys and gummy bears. She tied a silk ribbon around it and says it's her present for Alexis. LOL think Alexis would like a kitchen container filled with old toys and stale gummy bears?

* Her tap shoes came and they FIT!! I'm so relieved! And I'm glad we got them a month before the recital so she can get used to them. I forgot how slippery tap shoes can be!

* She really wants to take gymnastics but I am having the hardest time finding a place. I know she especially wants to use the balance beam so that eliminates anything at the community center. But the gymnastics studios are really expensive and very competitive. I just want her to have fun, not feel pressured to get into the Olympics for goodness sakes. There's always Little Gym which is more focused on fun and developing motor skills but my sister said they were really expensive. I called and left a message to get some price quotes. I'd also like to enroll Kyla in a fun class. She's about at the age where she's ready for a fun parent & me activity class.


Finally, here's a pic I took of Kyla last night. After her bath, Erick dressed her in her KISS shirt for bedtime. She was sitting on his lap while he brushed her hair and I had the Country Music channel on. I looked over at her and she was doing this:

I laughed and I said "What are you doing?" And Erick said "She doesn't like country. She likes metal." LOL!

And look at this cute piggy nose McKenna made at school. LOL it took forever to convince her to let me take a picture of her wearing it!


That's all for today! Not much on the agenda except to stay caught up, workout, play with the kids and make some banana bread with these 3 mushy bananas. Don't you love that if you forgot to eat the bananas you can still find something useful to do with them? If only we could do that with all expired food. LOL!


Amanda said...

It must be a second child trait because mine is exactly the same! Easy baby and very mischievous, adventurous toddler. Kinda scary! I love the little pig nose- I know that will make an adorable layout ;)

Anonymous said...

If a YMCA is close by you could try the Y for gymnastics!