Monday, April 16, 2007

One excited little princess here!

When I picked McKenna up from school, she had a very special invitation sitting with her stuff. It was addressed to "Princess McKenna" and it was for her friend Alexis' 4th birthday party. The party is going to be held at the Olivia's Dollhouse Tea Room and oh my goodness, McKenna cannot wait. She is literally asking us every hour if it's time for Alexis' birthday party! This party is quite fancy and apparently there's a pretty impressive list of celebs who have had their children's parties hosted there - Michelle Pfeiffer, Heather Locklear, Reese Witherspoon....crazy! McKenna's very first girly bday party invitation and she's gonna get the whole nine yards. You gotta click on the link for the Party Information to read all that they do for the girls. It's the most heavenly experience for any little princess. She is soooo excited! And lucky for me, the "Queen" is allowed to stay to chaperone if we'd like. Of COURSE I'm gonna stay. Hello....scrap pictures!!

On the way home from school I asked her what she thought we should get Alexis for a birthday gift. She said:

"Alexis likes bunnies. She likes them a lot. She also likes pink and white. And she likes silver but we shouldn't get her too much. So I think we should get her a pink bunny." LOL! She had obviously given this a lot of thought already!


You know what I'm so excited about?? Going back to Trinity. It has always been the plan to make Trinity our home church (Erick grew up there) but the timing has never been right with Erick's work schedule. They didn't have a very active evening service but Erick has always worked on Sunday mornings. So now that he gets to make his own schedule, going to Trinity's morning service is our number one priority.

I'm SO happy about this. Finally! McKenna really wanted to attend a REAL Sunday school, not just one that is run like a day care center. She wanted to hear stories about Jesus and to sing songs about Jesus (they do that at pre-school but she thinks of that as school, not church. She's been very clear that she wants to go to church.) Trinity has so many great children's programs. They encourage the kids (ages 4+) to sit in the worship service with Mom and Dad so that they can experience authentic worship together as a family. They give the kids little activity bags to keep them entertained during announcements, etc. Then they do the children's sermon and after that the kids go to their Sunday school classes. McKenna will be shy at first but I know after a week or two she's really gonna love it!

Also, the preschoolers do the annual Happy Birthday Jesus party. Once the girls turn 5 years old, there is an annual Father-Daughter Valentine's Day dance. They have a phenomenal VBS program. Every year they have Family Camp at Cedar Lake (cannot wait for that!) Summer camp once they reach the 3rd grade. The Jr. High and High School Ministries are excellent there and each year the youth put on a very professional musical. Erick was always in that every year so it will be fun to see if our kids get involved in that too. Just tons of fun stuff for them to be involved in. A few things I'm interested in for myself as well but those are weekly commitments and possibly something I'll want to hold off on until we live a little closer to the church. We'll see. I'm just looking forward to finally feeling settled with our church situation.


Ok, before I go...a little enabling, two pics and a layout:

If you're near a BBW, peek your head in. They're having a Buy 3 get 1 free sale. Now is the time to stock up on something new! I picked out some Exotic Coconut items! I bought the lotion (full-size and a travel-size), shower gel, bubble bath and body butter. Got the bubble bath for free! Yay! It smells so yummy too!

A picture I took of Kyla because she seemed so grown up to me. Look at her walking to the car all by herself now. *sniff*

When my Beauty Habit products arrived on Saturday, McKenna was rifling through it all saying "Oh, I love beauty supplies. I need to wear this please. And this." After she was all lotioned, perfumed and glossed she wanted to wear my necklace and some rings. So we took a little picture of her all dressed up:

And a layout I did about Erick's promotion:

Credits and journaling can be found here.


That's all with the Bieger family for the day. We're thinking tomorrow we might take the girls to the park for a little photo opp. That all depends on if we get some sunshine tomorrow! We'll see!

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Maegan said...

Wow, can I go to your church too? Goodie bags for the kids? You can't beat that. I would love to have a home church. I need to make that a priority. More of a priority than sleeping in... I am a fan of the evening services but you are right, the children programs don't even compare.