Saturday, April 21, 2007

Our First Visit to the ER!

I knew it would come one day I guess....our first trip to the emergency room. And I should've known it would be for mischievous one!

So Friday my sister came over with my nephews for a playdate. It's always pretty hectic with 4 kids under 4 and just the two mommies. Especially when it's a rainy day and they're all trapped inside. It's just utter chaos. So don't ask me why I decided to busy myself with the task of baking bread during all this.

My sister and mom were both keeping me company in the kitchen and the kids were all playing in McKenna's room. Mel went to check on them and Kyla had gotten a hold of a bag of peanuts. None of us give any of the kids peanuts until the AAP recommended age of 3 years so Mel took the bag from her. It appeared she probably did eat some but we couldn't be sure.

About a half hour later we put her in her high chair for dinner and she threw up all over. We actually figured she had gagged on some food and threw up since she didn't seem at all sick or anything. Of course now in hindsight I'm pretty sure this was a reaction to the peanut.

Shortly after that she walked by and I noticed the bottom of her left eye looked she'd been hit. There were 4 kids around, it was entirely possible she got knocked with something. But it started to swell pretty quickly and my Mom wondered if she'd been bit by a bug maybe (at this point we hadn't even remembered the peanut incident).

So my Mom had to leave and my sister went to pick up dinner for her and I. Kyla's eyes were getting more and more swollen, and now it was both of them. I called her pediatrician's office to speak to the on-call nurse who said to give her 1/2 a tsp. of Children's Benadryl which I did. It didn't get actually continued to get worse. And by the time my sister got back, it was noticeably worse AND her breathing sounded really raspy and congested and she was coughing and sneezing a lot. So we decided it was too risky and we should take her to the ER. We called my Mom and asked her to come watch the other kids. I called Erick at work and let him know the situation (he did not like being trapped at work while his little girl was going to the ER. But his work is very close to the hospital so I knew if it did become serious he could be there in no time.)

We got there, signed in and were called back within 5 minutes. I'd heard so many nightmares about being trapped in the ER for 6 hours so I'd come prepared. Kyla was in warm jammies, I brought a blanket, toys, books, her favorite comfort toy, snacks, drinks....the works! But we were in and out of there in 45 minutes! They brought us back, asked some questions, took her vitals. She was very good and just watched them work. Then they led us to the room and the doctor was standing there waiting to greet us. She was very nice. She didn't try to downplay the seriousness of the allergy which I was grateful for. I hate being treated like everything is no big deal when to ME it might be a big deal! But she also didn't over-dramatize it....which again, I appreciate. Basically, I was looking for validation that will be worth that ER bill we will surely receive because yes she DID need to be there. Mommies need that validation sometimes.

So they looked her question about the fact that it was an allergic reaction. Mel had remembered the peanut incident just before we left so we brought the peanuts in. They asked if she had ever had a reaction to food before. There was a time that she broke out in really bad hives and had constipation followed by a few days of diarrhea. I had heard that there was a virus going around that ended in hives so I figured that was what she had. But she had also had some steak w/wasabi soy sauce the night before so we think it's possible that was a food reaction as well. So the doctor said we need to schedule an appointment with her pediatrician to be tested for allergies. The reason she didn't respond to the first dose of Benadryl was it was too small of an amount so they gave her a full dose. They also gave her a steroid of some kind and a shot of epiphedrine. I was so proud of her. She looked upset after the shot but I told her she was so brave and I was so proud of her and she just sucked it up and decided not to cry. Then they gave her two syringes full of the grossest medicine. The nurse said they were both disgusting tasting. : ( Kyla clearly didn't like it but she would take it, turn her head and swallow it and then turn back reluctantly and open her mouth for the rest. She was such a little trooper!

They said the Benadryl would make her sleepy but the epiphedrine would jump start her adrenaline. LOL well the epi kicked in first! She went nuts! She was bouncing all over the place! Here are some pictures of her that my sister took with her cell phone:

Looking pitiful with her "bubby" (that's what she calls her Curious George doll. It either means "baby" or "buddy". We can't be sure.)

" eyes are puffy."

And then....the epi started to kick in. I think she's trying to pull off her cheeks here. LOL!

Here she is at her wildest! She kept trying to climb to the top of the bed and climb down. I guess she figured since she was already in the ER, what's a few extra stitches to go with it? ; )

It was actually a pretty funny trip all things considered. The doctor actually thought my sister and I were a couple which was hilarious! I let Mel answer the questions about the peanut and I answered all the background/insurance info. So when I asked if we should watch her through the night the doctor said "Does she sleep with you guys?" Mel said "WE'RE SISTERS! We don't sleep together!!!!" NOW we know why they were asking questions about "the father" as though he were just a donor. "Do you happen to know his birthdate?" LOL of course I do! He's my husband, not a sperm donor! Sheesh!

So anyway, Kyla's doing better. We brought her home and put her to bed. She talked in her room while the adrenaline wore off and then she was zonked once the Benadryl kicked in. I went in to check on her several times throughout the night. At one point she was laying on top of her blanket so I pulled it out from under her. She didn't even budge. She was knocked out. LOL!

This morning she still looked a little puffy. That worries me a bit because that tells me it was probably a pretty serious reaction. I'm looking forward to seeing her pediatrician (or an allergist if that's what they decide) to get some answers as to what exactly we need to avoid. While I took McKenna to her dance class this morning, Erick and Kyla ran to the grocery store and pharmacy. We're to give Kyla Benadryl every 6 hours for 2-3 days, Prednisolone once a day for 3 days and then we got a prescription for an epi-pen in case of an emergency. I'm so glad they prescribed that. Unfortunately, it won't be ready until Monday afternoon. Since a second reaction is usually worse than the first, I'm gonna be worrying like crazy all weekend! Suddenly I'm very aware of how much of our food has the words "manufactured in a factory that may have peanuts" on the package! Practically everything does!

Anyway, with all the running around and restless sleep and dreary weather, I'm so tired today. I think I'll go read my book and take a nap while the girls nap. Then when I wake up, I'm gonna scrap and just take the day to lay low.

Oh p.s. - Erick heard where he'll be stationed! He'll be at Juvenile Hall! This was his first choice so I'm happy for him. It's right next door to the facility where he works now so his commute is no different (just about 15 minutes from home). The facility itself houses the more dangerous minors but is a stricter lock-down facility. He's not sure which unit they're going to give him though. There are units that house temporary kids who are waiting to be transferred or are only in for a 30 day sentence. And then there are units for the hard-core criminals. Naturally, I'm hoping he does not end up in a hard-core unit. But on the other hand, units like those need someone who is discerning, firm, and level-headed which Erick is. So if it's where he can best serve then I support it. Wherever he goes, I just want him to love it and to be safe! His swearing in ceremony is May 1st!! I can't wait!

Please say prayers for Kyla. I'm really hoping by some miracle that she doesn't have a peanut allergy because they are so very dangerous. But in any case, please pray for health and safety for her. Thank you!!


Maegan said...

Prayers on the way. What a little trooper Kyla was. She looked so tiny in that big ER bed. :( Glad to hear she is feeling better though.

Melissa Ives said...

My prayers are out for Kyla. I'm sorry, but I'm still cracking up that the doc thought you and your sister were a couple! And congrats to Erick or "donor" on his promotion and assignment!

Britt(any) said...

Those pics of Kyla in the ER are so sad (or something...) no child belongs in the hospital! Praying right now. :)

bethtrue said...

wow - what a story! that's one for the scrapbook! hope that she's feeling better now. and i'm glad you were able to stay on top of it. hopefully you can get some answers when you go in to see the ped.

beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)