Monday, March 05, 2007

Awwwww Yeah!

Would love to blog more or be scrapping right now but I've gotta work on the April advertising invoices.

McKenna had school today so it was just me and Ky for the morning. She was cracking me up because every time I'd give her a bite of my scrambled eggs she'd say "Aaaaaw yeah!" And when she wanted to go in the back yard she pointed to the door and said "I side?" (I {go} outside?)

We picked McKenna up and walked to 7-11 for "smooshies" as McKenna calls them (slurpees). I got Kyla her very first smooshie all for herself. Big mistake. by the time we got home, she'd slurped it down to the point where the stupid spoon straw is useless and she had tried to tip her head back to drink it and the rest of it spilled all down her new white shirt. Thankfully it was a Wal-Mart shirt but was cute and now its stained. What was I thinking? You know what, scratch that. It was a good decision. If I hadn't bought her one, she would've thrown a tantrum or tried to beat Kenna up for hers. I made the better choice.

Once Erick got home at 2:30 we had a little family time then decided to go to an early dinner at Souplantation. Surprisingly, both girls ate well and behaved well. Kyla is in that impossible restaurant stage (you know the one....refuses to sit in a high chair, wants to crawl on the table, throws food on the floor) but we've been determined to just push through it and teach her proper table manners. She did very, very well and neither of them left a mess!

Then we went to the mall to kill time (we skipped naps. Its important to distract them when we skip naps! LOL!) and Kyla got to walk around for the first time. She thought she was pretty hot stuff. She's pretty good about stopping when we call out her name. She doesn't even look at us. She just hears her name and stops and turns back in the right direction. So it was kind of nice. Erick and I were sitting on a bench and we told the girls they could play nearby as long as they stayed within the green circle (the tile on the floor). I told McKenna to make sure sissy didn't leave the circle. Well of COURSE Kyla doesn't grasp the concept and she immediately made a beeline for the Swarovski Crystal store (don't worry, we wouldn't have let her actually GET there). McKenna immediately grabbed Kyla by the waistband of her jeans. Kyla dropped to her knees, thinking she could crawl away but McKenna stayed latched on, trying desperately to pull her sister back to the green circle. Result of this scene - two little girls, grappling on the floor of the mall, one of them with her pants and diaper pulled down and her little baby butt exposed to all the world. We're bad parents. We let it continue for a bit while we laughed hysterically.

I did a teensy bit of shopping at Forever 21 (it's my birthday month. I'm allowed!) I got 2 cute tops - one hot pink and one red/pink. I am forever a fan of peasant blouses and Forever 21 is STOCKED with tons of cute styles right now. To go with them I got a navy pair of capri jeans. I looked at Payless for some silver heels to go wtih them but they didn't have anything good so Erick let me splurge on my first pair of Steve Madden shoes. I've always been a Payless girl. I almost never spend more than $12-$19 on a single pair. One time my MIL gave me some shoes from Nordstrom that she said cost $80. They were the most comfortable shoes I'd ever worn. But still, it's always been hard for me to cross over the $20 mark with shoes. Steve Madden shoes may as well be Manolo Blahniks as far as I was concerned. I always go into the store and look at all the pretty shoes but never even dare ask to try them on because I knew they'd feel so comfy compared to Payless shoes so why tempt myself? LOL! Anyway, they had the perfect pair of silver heels and I know that the reality is that $69 is not an absurd amount of money to pay for a pair of shoes, particularly ones that you know will go with half your wardrobe. So it really didn't take much to convince me when Erick said "Just go back and get them!"

Oh and we did pick up a REALLY cute new leotard for McKenna. It was on clearance at the Disney store. A purple and green velvet leotard from the movie Fairies. It has a little tulle skirt attached. So adorable. I'll try to take a pic of her wearing it before her class on Saturday. And Moms of little girls, they have some cute little tupperware/snack dishes there. Three pack for $5.50 or 3 three-packs for $12. Perfect for on-the-go snacks or for their little preschool lunches!

Ok, last thing that made me laugh. I was in the bathroom doing my makeup and McKenna walked in and said "Hey gorgeous." ROFL!! Now I'm used to her saying things like "'re so beautiful." This is what 3-year old girls do in these oh-so-precious days when they think they're mommies are the most beautiful women in the world. But never did I expect to hear my 3-year old enter a room and say "Hey gorgeous." I half expected her to slap me on the butt when she passed by! Or to say "How YOU doin'!"

Dang it. I was just gonna post the cute little kid bits and I started rambling. Back to work!

OH! I almost forgot! For my family....Digital Scrapbooking Magazine is coming! I got my copy a couple of days ago and it should be in stores very soon! So keep an eye out for it! The layout of McKenna is on page 108. It was so cool to see the actual magazine in print!! I have to pick up a copy for McKenna because she keeps trying to claim that my copy is actually HERS since SHE is the one who is in there. Little Diva. ; )


Melissa Ives said...

I hear you on the shoes...clearance racks are my friends!

Juls said...

John just let me get a new pair of clarks! I felt bad becuse they were $50 , and we even got them off ebay! But I am justifying it as My anniversary present lol. Jacklynn turns one this month, I can't WAIT for her to wear leotards and tutus lol.

Jen said...

I picked up the magazine yesterday at walmart. it was funny- i was flipping through and BAM- there she was- I had no idea- but it was cool to see someone I "know" in there :) Congrats!!

Maegan said...

LOL! Kelly and I would have totally sat and watched Zoe wrestle around on the floor of the mall. Love it. That totally cracked me up.

Congrats on the publication, my dear! I spotted McKenna immediately even before I read who the layout was done by. Gorgeous work. Truly.

Elaine said...

Hey gorgeous! LOL! That is hilarious. Maddy actually does say "How you dooinn??" (I watch Friends way too much). and she does Quagmire from Family Guy - "Allll riiggght!"
I'm such a bad parent.

That's great that Kyla got to walk all by herself and stopped when you told her to. Unfortunately, Maddy has made me contemplate the purchase of a kiddie leash. I'm not giving in though.. the leash is kind of creepy.