Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dentist Appointments and Easter Dresses

* McKenna had her dentist appointment today. She did excellent. Had her teeth cleaned, did a flouride treatment and took her first set of x-rays. No cavities! They were very proud of her for being so good about taking care of her teeth. Her and Kyla have their next check-up in 6 months - it'll be Kyla's first!

* Went to visit my in-laws after that. Unfortunately, Pop-Pop wasn't home but we did get to visit with Grandma Jean. She of course gave them lots of cantaloupe, jell-o and gatorade. Grandma Jean always has their favorites on hand. Kyla promptly sat herself inside the fridge and said "YUM!!!!" She knows where to find the good stuff! Grandma Jean also sent us home with a box of Samoa Girl Scout cookies (which I am presently snacking on). While we were there, we weighed the girls because my in-laws have a medical scale that is always accurate. McKenna is now 29 lbs!!! She was stuck at 26 pounds for like a year! LOL! She must've had a growth spurt! She also shot up 2 inches! Kyla weighs 24 pounds. I'm not sure how tall she is but she'll be as tall as her sister soon! I actually GAINED a pound and Erick said it's the muscle building up from all my working out. I am not sure how I feel about this. LOL!

* Came home and the girls and Erick napped while I did my workout and then did some DST work. Both girls woke up SO cranky. I asked Erick if he wanted to take them to Disneyland but that didn't seem too appealing considering the girls moods. So we went to the mall instead.

* Had dinner at Olive Garden and I was shocked once again that we got through the entire meal with good manners, no tantrums and no mess! Kyla is really getting better at her restaurant behavior! My two favorite parts:
- McKenna is learning to spell words. Today she learned to spell ANT and ICE. Sometimes she will just pick a random arrangement of letters to see if it spells anything. "E-O-E-R-N. What's that spell Mom?" Well she did this at least 10 times during dinner and then I noticed Kyla started doing it too! She would look at me and say "A-E-A-E-A....Whatsat?" So cute! She's trying to be like her big sister!
- At the end of the meal (we always sit in a booth by the way. Kyla doesn't stay in a high chair but she'll sit through most of a meal if she can stand in the booth.) I said to Kyla "Ok, let's go." She grabbed a napkin, wiped her mouth and then climbed down and walked out holding my hand. Such a big girl already! She didn't even need to be carried to the stroller!

* After dinner, Erick took McKenna to Sweet Factory to get a little bag of treats and Kyla and I went back to Forever 21. When I was browsing their site to show off the links of my last purchase, I found soooo many more things that I wanted to try on. I did pick up 3 more shirts (I just love how freaking inexpensive that store is!!) but I would not say it was a pleasant shopping experience. Kyla wanted to grab EVERYTHING. She wouldn't stay in the stroller so I had to carry her but she squirmed like mad to try to get down. (She's really strong by the way!) So I handed her a shirt on a hanger and told her she was doing such a good job shopping with Mommy. I had her facing outward on my hip and as I was looking through a stack of shirts, she suddenly let out this horrible scream. She had gotten the hanger jammed in her mouth! the top part was wedged under her top teeth and the hook had gotten wedged right under that really sensitive part where the bottom of the tongue attaches to the mouth? It's like a ridge of bone underneath the teeth. You know what I'm talking about? Anyway, she was just screaming!! I had to lay her down to hold her still so I could angle the hanger out of her mouth. Poor thing!

* We went to Children's Place because I wanted to pick up the girls Easter dresses. I had a coupon for 15% off that expires March 11 so I wanted to be sure to get their dresses now. Two dresses and matching hair accessories for $40. Pretty good!

McKenna REALLY wanted the blue one so she'll be wearing this:

And Kyla will be wearing the pink version:

Last thing...Kyla said two new things today:
Cock-a-doodle-doo (Cocka-woo-ah-woo)
Whoopsie-daisy (whoopsie day)

Well, Stranger Than Fiction came from Netflix today so I think I'll watch it and SCRAP!! Woohoo!


Laura said...

Those dresses are adorable!!! I can't wait to see pics of them from Easter!!!

Maegan said...

I have been eying those dresses myself. I told Kelly's grandma that she could buy Zoe's dress this year and it is killing me! (OK, maybe not killing me, but it's hard!).

How is Kyla doing today? Poor little sweetie! Dang, it takes some work to get a hanger stuck like that in your mouth. On the plus side, I am pretty sure she isn't going to be doing that again.

Speaking of Disneyland, is there any time of year that is better to go? We are thinking about taking Zoe this year. She adores Cinderella and Tinkerbell right now. And I would like to see Disneyland myself some time. :)

Elaine said...

Okay please tell me what you do to occupy the girls' time when you are waiting for your order? Maddy colors and usually I have an old toy she hasn't seen in a while inside my bag, but I'm always up for ideas because the girl is ANTSY when she's waiting for food.
Poor Kyla! I'm glad she's okay though, probably just scared her a bit.
I LOVE those dresses! They are so so cute!

P.S. Did I tell you that Rhonda had her twins?? (girls)

Melissa Ives said... jealous am I that you can just casually say..."think we should go to Disneyland today?" Grrr....;)

Anonymous said...

Poor Kyla! But, those Easter dresses are adorable! Great find.

Amy ~abbysmommy~

Micheline Martin said...

OMG how sweet are those dresses girl!!! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful princess in them!

Thena said...

Ohh, those are so cute!

Just stopping in to say hello and leave a hug.


RebeccaD said...

Awwwwh, I love their Easter dresses. So pretty!