Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today my Dad turns 50. I'd make fun of him for being old but he and my Mom had me young and I'm about to turn 30. Suddenly that gap does not seem so big. LOL! So I am going to say that my parents are spring chickens.

So happy birthday to the best Dad in the world! We love you!

Last night we had a surprise party for him at Cheryl's house. Who knew my Dad had so many friends huh? The ones I talked to were really nice and I particularly liked the 2 elderly couples that we sat with during dinner. They were pretty cute and funny and the men reminded me of the old guys in Return to Me (the kind of people that I hope Erick and I will be like as we grow old together).

We all joke about how nuts our family is but really, we do have a pretty great family. When my parents divorced, they remained friends. So my Mom and my Grandma were both there to celebrate with him (and I know many of our other out-of-town family members on my Mom's side would have been there if they could.) They all still love my Dad. When my parents' marriage ended, our family did not.

Four of my Dad's five brothers were able to make it (he has 5 brothers and a sister!) and it was fun to see everyone again (many of them live in Texas or San Francisco). I always knew my uncles were funny (the Weiss sense of humor is legendary you know. We're hilarious people. Just ask any of us.) but seeing them play with my kids or hearing them say they were looking forward to seeing Erick again (who could not be there because he had to work) just made me appreciate them for more than their humor. For all that can be said about my Grandma and Grandpa Weiss, they must've done something right because despite all of the difficult situations this family has gone through, there is still a very noticeable measure of kindness, love, acceptance and of course humor.

So here are just a couple of pics for you from the night...

McKenna and Luke telling Gramps "Surprise! Happy Birthday!"

Kyla telling Gramps "Surprise! Happy birthday!" (Ok, she was probably just looking at his nose and thinking about sticking her finger up it but nonetheless...)

Kyla playing with Gramps and Uncle Ray:

Dad and his girls:

See how relaxed my sister and I look? That's because my BIL was a saint and took all 4 kids home for the evening! Thanks again Bri!


* Today is flying by! Because of the late night, both girls slept until 9:30am. But because of the time change they actually slept until 10:30am! So here it is, 3pm and I have accomplished nothing while my poor husband was up at 5am (so for him it was 4am!) and worked a full day's work. And now he's putting together our console for us with a little preschooler hanging on his shoulder. Which should be driving him nuts but he seems to be happiest when she's around. She keeps telling him "Yeah, when I was a Dad, I used tools too."

* McKenna has a new nickname for her sister that I just love. She calls her "Kyla Sugar Sugar". It's especially cute because she's been such a helper to me lately by helping Kyla get in her high chair at meal times. She takes the tray off, Kyla climbs in and McKenna says "Good job Kyla Sugar Sugar!" and then she puts the tray on for her.

* Kyla loves to say "sorry" but I have to laugh that she says it when anyone sneezes. She knows you're supposed to say something when someone sneezes but she gets her manners mixed up. So if you sneeze and Kyla says to you "sowwy", that's her way of saying "bless you".

* Kyla thinks it's funny to lift up our shirts and poke our bellies and laugh. It's really not good for our self esteem. LOL! McKenna thinks it's hilarious and they usually end up in a tickle fight over it. But Erick and I are just humiliated. The worst is when she decides to look up my shirt and call out "Booboo? Booboo?" (Boobies). My children were bottle babies from the get go so don't ask me where this boobie fascination comes from.

* Kyla's favorite thing to watch on tv - Food Network. She particularly loves to watch Barefoot Contessa. I think that's because there are so many close up shots of the food and so there are a lot of textures and colors. But she gets really absorbed in the show! Fine by me! That means whenever McKenna is at preschool then Kyla and I can watch OUR show! Enough Dora for us thank you!

* McKenna just came running in saying "Mom! There's a spider in my room! He was gig-nastic!" (gigantic) LOL!!

I have a few pictures to share (just random ones) but this post is starting to get too long so I'll save those for tomorrow.


Well I'm off to water my plants (one pot of dill, one pot of petunias) and start dinner (lasagna). My dill is finally starting to come in! Yay! I'm so proud! I can't wait until I'm able to use some! And tonight we get to start loading all those dvds and xbox games into the new console! Woohoo! It's gonna look so nice not having dvds climbing the walls for once! What should I put on top of the console? Something pretty. Maybe a decorative bowl with some fake artichokes or something. Ideas welcome! Our living room is dark cherry wood with sage green seating.


Jen said...

I didn't know you were a Weiss. My Mom is a Weiss... we are probably related somehow not too distantly.

michael ringwood said...

Hi! Happy Birthday to your dad. Lovely pictures. Kyla is really cute...just like a little angel. Good luck to you guys.
You could also drop into my blog on birthday ecards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and loads of fun stuffs.

The Gilles Family said...

You are SO right. Uncle Henry was always our favorite uncle. Even after your parents divorce, it was never a question that he was still our uncle. (Frankly, I was surprised when I figured out we weren't technically related. Yeah, I'm slow. Gimme credit, I was like 7. :) I love your dad, and all the greatness he brings with him! I hope you guys had a great time! We wanted to be there so badly!

The Gilles Family said...

And ps. (almost 14 hours later) your hair looks adorable! :)