Friday, February 09, 2007


McKenna's latest obsession is Tinkerbell/Peter Pan/Wendy. (Her favorite is Tinkerbell but she likes to pretend that she's Wendy). So she is THRILLED that Peter Pan comes out on dvd next month and we heard that Tinkerbell the movie is supposed to come out this Fall? So today we bought Cinderella III (is III necessary?!?) and she was over-the-moon to see the previews. We're reading this book together and every night she asks me to sing "We Can Fly" to her while I rub her back. Then when I'm done, she rubs my back and sings it back to me. For her 4th birthday she really wants a Tinkerbell party but my sister and I decided to do a joint party for her and Gavin (Gavin turns 2 just before McKenna turns 4). So we decided we'd do a Peter Pan birthday so that way it's both boyish and girly.

Kyla is obsessed with shoes. I found her walking around in my silver flip flops today and she was so proud of herself. She gets furious at Erick's shoes though. She puts them on her feet but they're too big and heavy for her to walk in and she gets so mad that she yells at them.

Happy 3rd birthday to my sweet nephew Lukey!! Auntie loves you little man!!

The girls are in bed early tonight (they took terrible naps) so I am gonna SCRAP! Woohoo!


Maegan said...

Well look at you blogging twice in two days! Good for you! So how is Cinderella III? Zoƫ just started watching Cinderella last week (it's the first princess movie that she has ever sat down and watched) and I saw the preview for III. Personally, I don't think a third is necessary. :) I'll have to try Peter Pan and see how she likes it.

Elaine said...

hahaha! I was thinking the same thing about Cindrella III! Okay, didn't she live happily ever after the first time 'round..what could II and III possibly be about and does the prince know she's cavorting around so much?? He needs to put his put down.

Calling Peter Pan "boyish" is stretchin' it a bit dontcha think?? hahaha! I'm so just kidding.

Gina said...

So funny- Andrew is crazy about Peter Pan! He acts out the whole "we can fly!" scene in the living room. LOL Weird though- we already have the DVD. I think I must have bought it when I was single and starting a collection for my kids...