Sunday, February 11, 2007

Learning New Games

Kyla learned Hide and Go Seek today. She only likes to seek. She has no patience for being the hider. So McKenna and I take turns hiding and whoever is seeking is assisted by Kyla. This actually makes for a really funny game. She'll hide her face with me and pretend to count. She doesn't say the words but she makes sounds for each number. But while I'm counting, she'll look up and peek to see where McKenna is going. Then as soon as we say "Ready or not! Here I come!" (or as Kyla says "Duh Da Duh Dee Duh Duh!") she takes off like a shot to find her sister. Sometimes she finds her right away and they both scream and laugh. Sometimes it takes her awhile and it always cracks me up at the places she thinks to look. Like under the entertainment center which is only big enough for maybe a kitten but certainly not a preschooler. LOL! But she looks anyway as though she really believes her sister could be hiding under there.

Yesterday was my nephew's 3rd birthday party and we all chipped in and got him this miniature Escalade. He was so cute and excited when he saw it. McKenna immediately hopped in and asked him to take her for a ride. She seemed content to just be a passenger. Lukey was SOOOOO good at sharing it with the other kids too. I was really proud of him. Usually 3-year olds with a toy like THAT and you would expect some battles. But he was such a sweetheart the whole day. There are a ton of pictures here. You have to at least check out the pics of Kyla riding in the car. LOL they crack me up! She was blowing kisses to everyone as she drove past like she was in a parade. And her hair was flying back like they were going 60 miles an hour. And if you look at all of them then pay no attention to: the fact that I forgot to wear my wedding ring (what....that seriously bugs me! LOL!), the fact that I didn't do my hair, the fact that all 4 kids had snotty noses.

I am sooooo excited. As of 2pm today, Erick will be off of work for 18 days! Woohoo! So far these are our plans:

* Fix up the backyard so it's nice for Spring.

* Disneyland since the girls haven't been since Christmas.

* Miniature Golf because McKenna is LOVING golf on the Wii (although she's best at bowling and boxing. She kicks BUTT on the boxing).

* And we might do a few days in San Francisco. We really wanna go but the idea of driving 8 hours with kids who rarely nap in the car is unappealing. But we would love to take the girls to Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman's Wharf. And McKenna is just dying to take a ride on a Trolley car. So that might be fun.

Ok, time to go to bed. Gotta take McKenna to school in the morning. (Edit: Ok, it's morning now and I just realized today is a holiday. No school. Duh.) By the way, here is the Valentine card I made for her to give to her little friends. We'll probably stick a lollipop onto it or something. I remember when I was a kid, the best Valentine cards were the ones that came with treats. ; )

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Melissa Ives said...

LOL! We brought our Wii to my in-laws this weekend and my three year old nephew kicked everyones butts in almost everything! He has one mean serve!

Elaine said...

What a cute Valentines card! And yes, the lollipops will go over very well!
I love Luke's new ride, I also like the picture of McKenna laughing in the car while Luke has his tongue out ala Michael Jordan, trying to drive the vehicle! SOOOO cute!

aaaaaah. Disneyland! We need to take Maddy soon too! She hasn't been since she was 18 months! What cruel unthinking parents we are!

Rebecca said...

Ok, I was totally cracking up about looking under the entertainment center during hide and seek. So cute!!! Also wanted to say that I love the vday card you made. Sooooo cute!!!

Maegan said...

We got a Wii yesterday! I never thought about Zoe playing at such a young age but now I am totally teaching her to play it when she wakes up from a nap. How long did it take for McKenna to get the hang of the Wii-mote? Oh my gosh, how fun!

Britt(any) said...

Today's a holiday? Where have I been? :) Loved the pics--Kyla's hair cracks me up! LOL!