Saturday, February 24, 2007

The sick feelings are fading. Only the treacherous coughs remain. The coughs are brutal because we'll be happily going along and then all of a sudden a horrible coughing fit overcomes one of us and we’re hacking all over the place, eyes watering, trying to regain our composure and assure those around us that yes, we’re ok and no we’re not contagious. Can’t wait for the cough to be gone too.

We’re in for 10 days of sunshine after a nice heavy downpour. Which means it was the perfect time to finally plant our grass. Yippee! Now I just need to make time to plant my fresh dill.

I went and got my hair done today. I’m growing my hair out a bit because the layers are kind of bleh….not great. I’m still growing out my last Supercuts cut where the girl did choppy layers but they just looked sloppy. So I’m gonna let my shortest layer get to my shoulders and then we’ll re-layer it all I think. I did cut some side-swept bangs and had my roots touched up. I liked the girl I went to today. Her boyfriend is a cop so we had the whole “my man is in law enforcement” connection which made it easy to find things to talk about. The last girl I went to went on and on about how much money her boyfriend should be spending on her and how she wished all her customers would tip her in Gucci purses. Not someone I can relate to so much. LOL! So this was a much nicer visit to the salon.

Of course they ALWAYS talk me into buying at least one product when I leave. This time it was the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray. I've had this before and it's a great product so at least this time I felt it was a justified purchase. I have really fine hair so why not, right?

I was at the mall from 1:30-5 (Erick was home with the girls until my Mom showed up to babysit) and then Erick met me at the mall for our date. Before we left, I picked up some makeup. I got:

A refill of my Estee Lauder Double-Matte Pressed Powder (this stuff is hands-down my favorite pressed powder)

I needed a new concealer and InStyle says good things about this. I tried it out already and it is AMAZING especially for the undereye area. Estee Lauder's Double-Wear Concealer:

A new MAC shadow in Knight Divine.

We went to dinner at Stubrick’s and then went to see Amazing Grace. But they only had front-row seats available so we decided to skip it. We went and got coffee at Seattle’s Best and then browsed Borders for awhile. I am *this close* to finishing my book You Remind Me of Me by Dan Chaon but I have at least 4 more books on my nightstand that I’m planning to read so I didn’t buy any new books. But I did pick up:

The latest issue of InStyle

The latest issue of Real Simple

Irish Food & Cooking

and I reaaaaaaaaaaally couldn't pass this book up because it was so cheap but had the yummiest dessert recipes in it!

We came home around 8:45 and Kyla had just been put down to bed and McKenna was just about to be put to bed. So we got to say goodnight to the girls. I feel like I barely saw them all day. Erick took McKenna to her dance class and Kyla slept in. Then I had my appointment at 1:30 which ate up the rest of my day. So I missed spending the time with my girls! When I went in to Kyla’s room, she was lying on her belly in her crib but she had her head up. I sat next to her crib and just stroked her cheeks and chin. She stayed very still, looking into my eyes and smiling at me, letting out a soft little giggle every time I touched just under her chin. McKenna and I did our nightly “I Love You” game followed by me singing “We Can Fly” to her and her singing it back to me. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the morning.

Tomorrow we’re going to my sister’s for a BBQ so we should have some cute kid pics I’m sure. Don't be alarmed if you see a picture of Kyla wearing a KISS Army shirt. LOL! My Dad and Cheryl came by with that for Kyla and a Tinkerbell outfit for McKenna. Erick is all set to dress his little rocker in her KISS shirt for a visit to Uncle Bri's tomorrow.

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