Friday, February 23, 2007

Nuthin' is Keeping Us Down

Even though everyone has colds and we're grumpy and tired and have headaches and keep coughing all over the place.....we FORCED ourselves to leave the house today. Fresh air is better for us then staying cooped up all day. So we went to the mall. Ha ha.

I must not have been thinking clearly because for some reason I promised McKenna all sorts of goodies and treats while we were there. We ended up:

* Making a payment on my ring (the one that was my Christmas gift. We chose to do lay-away as opposed to financing because that seemed more responsible).
* Getting lunch.
* Getting cookies for dessert.
* Returning a book I had bought for Erick that he already had.
* Stopping at Claire's Boutique and buying little jeweled bracelets and rings for the girls, a lipgloss for Princess McKenna and a little pink "clutch" (as McKenna calls it) for all her new girly trinkets.
* Stopping at Payless shoes for McKenna and Kyla (in pink).
* Stopping to play with the puppies at the pet store. Kyla pet a bunny and said "Hi buh-eeee". McKenna still to this day refuses to pet a bunny. I wonder if she's seen the movie Summer School?
* Stopping at the Disney Store and bought a dress for Kyla that looks like the one Wendy wore in Peter Pan. It didn't come in McKenna's size. The largest we could find was 18 months. Did that stop her from putting the dress on when she got home? No. She hijacked her sister's new dress. We also bought her a new Wendy stuffed doll and a pair of pink slippers (the kid has stinky feet. She needs new slippers and shoes often). They also had kids' sunglasses on sale, 2 for $8. So we got Kyla a pink pair with Marie (little kitty from Aristocats) on them and McKenna a white and blue pair with Tinkerbelle.
* Stopping at Williams-Sonoma to get a tea kettle for me.

At this point I realized I'd promised too much. Cookies, jewelry, lipgloss, a purse, shoes, dolls, slippers, sunglasses.... We were on the brink of spoiling and it was time to go home. The girls were getting crazy-moody and Erick and I were just physically drained because of our colds. So back home we went where the three of them napped and I worked on DST stuff.

Now Erick is out with his friend Stuart. They're watching Reno 911. I'm listening to The Strokes, drinking tea and debating doing more work or scrapping. I'll probably work. Not as fun but I'll feel better waking up in the morning if I knew I got a bunch of stuff done.

Looking forward to tomorrow. My Mom is gonna babysit and Erick and I are gonna have a date night. Dinner and a movie. Yay!

But before I sign off, I wanted to finally share some good news! My sister is pregnant! It was a very dramatic first few weeks for this little one - they scared the bejeezus out of my sister by doing an early ultrasound and giving her the inconclusive answer of a possible molar pregnancy. These are SCARY words because not only does that mean you're losing your baby but that you're at risk for cancer. It was a horrible time waiting for the results on that but THANKFULLY she just had an ignorant ultrasound technician and in fact she and the baby are both doing GREAT! She's due Oct. 12 and they have already seen the heartbeat which is why I am now allowed to blog about it. :) Once the heartbeat has been detected then the chance of miscarriage drops to less than 5%. Little baby bean is measuring right on target and Mel is plagued with the joys of morning sickness as we speak. Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy but an early reprieve from the morning sickness would be appreciated!


Laura said...

Oh yay, yay, yay!!! Congratulations to Mel on the new baby!!! I'm so excited for her!!

Hope you and your family feel better soon!

Maegan said...

Woo Hoo!!! Congrats to Mel on the pregnancy! That is fantastic! :)