Thursday, February 22, 2007

Busy Day!

I feel like you-know-what. Bad sore throat and cough, bad headache which is making me nauseous. Just crummy and soooo tired.

Don't ask me why I was dumb enough to accept an 8am appointment for Kyla for a non-emergency check-up that was a good 20 miles away and required us to drive through rush hour traffic. That meant I had to shower the night before just to prevent having to get up earlier than 7am (have I mentioned I don't do well if I have to wake up before 7am?) and I made everyone eat breakfast in the car just so I could keep a few valuable moments of sleep. Even still, because of traffic, we were 25 minutes late. I mean I really should learn a lesson from all this and never schedule appointments for earlier than 9:30am.

Appointment update: Her eczema is doing much better. He gave us an immune-modifying cream just to prevent any ugly outbreaks in the future. I asked him about Kyla's squinting. We've been noticing for about a month she's been doing this several times a day:

At first we thought she was giving us dirty looks. LOL! But now we're wondering if she might have an issue with her eyesight. So far we haven't seen a connection. I've seen her do it when it's dark, when it's bright, when she's near, when she's far. So we aren't sure what causes her to do it exactly. Our pediatrician said to watch her for the next month and see if we notice it happening more and when it seems to happen. If it's still happening at her 18-month visit then we'll take her to see a pediatric optometrist. He said it's very unlikely that she'd need glasses at such a young age. Now I think Kyla would look A-DORE-ABLE in glasses! But I cannot imagine that kid allowing glasses to sit on her face for more than 30 seconds. LOL! So we'll see what becomes of that whole situation.

I also had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned but that's totally uninteresting. Unless you wanna hear about how nice their new office location looks? No? How about the fact that I'm an old lady and they think I should use Sensodyne because eating sugar hurts my back tooth. Did you know that's the true definition of a sweet tooth? When you eat sugar and it hurts just one tooth even though that tooth has no decay. It's just sensitive to sugar. Figures. Right when I'm going through my Chocolate Drizzle addiction phase.

Other than that, we had a lot of rain today and that with our colds made for a very exhausted Bieger family. We came home and napped. Canceled our afternoon plans and stayed in. Erick and I made steak, asparagus and salad for dinner. Did a little housework. McKenna told me that my vacuuming was too loud and it was interrupting her TJ Bearytales story. LOL! Little stinker. Kyla said "shoe" today. And she's apologizing for everything. She's even apologizing just before she does something naughty. She really likes the word "sorry".


The Gilles Family said...

Aww, she's just working on her Hollywood Starlet "smoky gaze." :)

Melanie said...

She's probably just mimicing the look you give to Erick? I'm just sayin'.... LOL

How CUTE would she look in glasses though?! I had to get glasses at 8. So who knows?

Shannon's Dad said...

Maybe drugs. Buy a test kit at Rite-Aid.

Maegan said...

Zoƫ just got glasses a month ago and looks so dang cute! (Mommies are allowed to say that, right?). The first couple days were a bit rough but now she asks for them when she gets up. Kyla would be adorable in glasses. :)