Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Learning to Read

McKenna's teacher has been teaching the kids how to read each other's names. I was shocked when McKenna was going through her Valentine cards and she pulled out each one, looked at the name (not the picture of the card, the actual name) and would tell me exactly who it was from. "That one is from Symon. This one is from Jake. This one is from Kailey." I can't believe my little girl is learning to read already. Erick learned at 3. I know I learned before Kindergarten but I don't think I knew how before I was four. Alllll day long she asks me how to spell things. Elephant, Only, Light, Carter, Tiger, Home Depot....you name it - she wants to spell it. LOL!

Remember how I said that Kyla said "sorry" the other day? Today she hit McKenna and I told her to tell McKenna sorry. She leaned forward and looked her right in the eye and said "I Sowwy." I love when they start to make little phrases in their tiny little voices.

Speaking of Home Depot, we had to make a stop there today to pick up a Grass Hog and while we were there I decided I'd grab some potting soil and Dill seed so I could grow my own fresh dill this season. We use the herb in everything - fish, eggs, chicken, salad, cheese, cucumbers, etc. And since it's supposed to be pretty easy to grow, I thought it'd be fun to grow my own.

I also went online to order this from Lakeside:
because we really needed something enclosed for our dvds (Erick has a tendency to stack his dvds and xbox games so that they climb the walls. LOL! I couldn't take it anymore!!)

And while I was shopping Lakeside I also threw in this stuff:

Strawberry growing kit because they're supposed to be easy to grow too and I thought it'd be fun.

These are 6-ft rows of flower seeds that you just unroll onto your soil and water. We have a border around our backyard that is bare and I thought it'd be pretty to fill that with some fresh flowers for the spring.

This fountain was super inexpensive so hopefully it works but if not, I'm only out $12 bucks. I thought it'd be a cute little edition to our yard.

This lavendar wreath was so pretty. I knew it would be one of those things that made me smile just walking in the front door so I had to get it.

And I got this because I'm definitely noticing some carpal tunnel pain lately and I figured this would help.

So I'm mostly excited about the yard stuff. I have this little fantasy of us sitting in the backyard this spring with our fresh flowers and little fountain, having a BBQ with corn-on-the-cob sprinkled with fresh dill that I grew myself and strawberries for dessert. = D

We're also considering getting this for the girls:

We don't wanna buy it until after the grass has had a chance to come in and get rooted so we'll wait and see. It's not too expensive and I know the girls would be in it ALL the time. So we'll see.

I think I'll go to bed now. Maybe give myself a chance to actually get 8 hours tonight!


Maegan said...

Wow, I have a sudden urge to go do some yard work! I think i am going to buy that little strawberry pot. That would be perfect for our little patio.

I vote for the playhouse! We got one for Zoƫ's birthday last year and she loves it. Right now it is in our living room. (I didn't want it just sitting outside all winter getting yucky). Be warned though, the girls will probably want you and Erick to climb in and play. It's possible but very cosy. :)

Lindsay said...

I'm so excited you posted that link to lakeside b/c i have been looking for those "roll-out" flowers ever since i saw them on an infomercial months ago! as soon as the snow melts-i am ordering a BUNCH of them! oh, and i am a TERRIBLE gardener, but dill really IS easy to grow-even I can do it! and it just smells DELICIOUS!!

Jen said...

Micah is always asking how to spell things- it drives me bonkers sometimes. LOL.
I wish it was warm enough to garden here...maybe in four months or so ;)

Britt(any) said...

I have a rental in the country with more yard than I care to know what to do with...maybe we should trade spots. I think my landlady gives me the evil eye everytime she comes home and sees my yard covered in leaves and nothing cute is in it. :)

Although....the flowers and whatnot would fall prey to the deer.

Elaine said...

Okay now I want to shop for my backyard too! ahahahhaha! That roll out flowers sound like its right up my alley! I hate planting them individually and waiting for them to grow into pretty bunches like the roll out one.

Oh I have a ghetto version of that laptop thing. I put my digital camera manual under my laptop. GHEEETTTOOOOOOOO...