Thursday, February 15, 2007

Seriously need a nap

I am so tired. It seems the DST work is relentless this month. I got up with McKenna at 7:15am and went right to work. We left at 10:30am and went miniature golfing and we were home by 1:30pm. I got right back to work and worked non-stop until 5pm. Stopped, ate dinner, fell asleep for about a half hour and went right back to work until midnight. Fortunately for me, tomorrow is my day to sleep in. I'm looking forward to that!

Miniature golf was fun. I'm glad we just paid for 1 adult and 1 child because really, McKenna was only interested in exploring the course and was just semi-interested in the actual golf. Kyla was loving the course because there were so many little hills for her to climb.

Daddy trying to teach McKenna to swing while Kyla tries to steal the ball:

Kyla thought the whole course was hers:

Daddy with his girls:

Mommy teaching McKenna one of the best arcade games ever (Air Hockey is the best and Skee Ball is the second best):

See, they know what's up:

We were gonna grocery shop today but then while we were out I saw an Albertson's truck that says "You Click. We deliver." Grocery shopping online you say? Yes please. I was prepared for it to be WAY expensive but you know what, I spent the same exact amount that I normally do! Because even though there is a $10 charge for the service (which I think is a STEAL considering how much time it saves me!) I didn't buy extra stuff I didn't need. I just looked for the items I knew I needed or wanted. Nothing impulsive. So I am super happy about this and while I thought I was treating myself to a one-time luxury today, I think Erick and I will be using this service often. We'll do our standard shopping this way and then once or twice a month head to Trader Joe's for some of our favorites (like their Ahi steaks and Green Tea Muffins! YUM!)

So over at DST we started a Cafe Press store. We held a contest to get one good design. We ended up with so many great choices that we had to choose three of them! So of COURSE I had to order at least one of each design! Here is what I got:

I bought this shirt a few weeks ago so that I could wear it to CHA:

When we went to the Shutterfly CHA breakfast, they gave us pink raglan tshirts with the Shutterfly logo on it. I loved the shirt so much I bought one with a DST design on it:

I really needed a new travel mug and I thought the flourish design looked the prettiest so I got that one which you can find here at Zazzle.

And then since I have a new computer I figured a new mousepad was in order so I got this:

So now I'm officially a walking DST ad.

A couple of fun kid things:

Kyla has a few new words. She says "sip", "sit", "baby" and "soda" all in context. Also, she likes to eat raw onion! I had a salad with a purple onion (a rather potent one might I add) and she was totally munching on it!

McKenna wrote a song for me that she sings to me several times a day. Usually with her head on my arm while she rubs my back. Here is how it goes:

My Mommy's so beautiful.
My Mommy's so beautiful.
My Mommy's so beautiful.
My Mommy's so beautiful.

I love my Mommy.
I love my Mommy.
I love my Mommy.
I love my Mommy and she's so beautiful.
Sha la la la.

I'm a lucky Mommy to have such a wonderful song written for me. :)

Ok, I've got one more DST to-do and then I'm going to sleep!


Melissa Ives said...

Hey Shannon! Love the DST stuff! I'm going to buy a shirt and mug before my crop in April (a paper crop-I bring my laptop). Michelle's logo is awesome!

Maegan said...

Looks like you had a fun day! I am so impressed that your girls stayed on the ground playing skee ball. I took Zoe and her little cousin to play it and they kept trying to climb up and drop the balls in the holes!

Thanks for the link to the travel mug! I have WAY too many normal mugs. I was sad when I didn't see any travel mugs at the Cafe Press shop. So, yeah!

Laura said...

You're doing good with your goal of blogging more! ;)

Love the picture of Erick with the girls!! So sweet!

Shari said...

I WANT that mousepad!! I went to the shop but didn't see any for sale there. :-(