Wednesday, February 14, 2007


We had quite the busy day today. The girls opened their Valentine gifts (McKenna said "Oh, I'm just so happy!!) and then we sent McKenna off to school. Here she is in her little Valentine's Day outfit:

Then we got Kyla dressed in her Valentine's shirt:

The three of us headed to Best Buy because I desperately needed a new laptop. The one I have has had 4 problems in one year (that's ridiculous and no good if your entire business is online) and doesn't have much memory (and can only be upgraded with specialized memory) and is quickly running out of hard drive space. So we figured we'll reformat the hard drive on my current laptop and give it to Erick just for travel or writing and then we'd buy me a better one. I got this one. We had saved some gift certificates from Christmas so we actually were able to knock a couple hundred off of the price. Woohoo! So Erick is setting it up for me now and hopefully this week I can find time to transfer all my stuff over.

We picked McKenna up from school and she had a big bag of goodies from all her little friends. She was so cute telling us who gave her what. She said it was the best day ever!

We then went to eat lunch at Tokyo Lobby (sushi/Japanese). McKenna already had lunch so she was allowed to eat some of her Valentine treats. Kyla had salmon, rice and tofu. We were well past naptimes by this point so we decided to stay out to kill time (less chance of having a baby meltdown that way!) so we went to the mall. I changed my mind on the perfume (LOL I have commitment issues when it comes to scents I think) and I picked up Beautiful Sheer instead. It's such a light, girly scent! Even still, I didn't want to commit to it too much so I bought the small bottle. LOL!!

Then I decided I needed to stock up on some tarts at Yankee Candle. I bought Island Spa, Stargazer Lily, Sparkling Grapefruit, Juicy Orange, Lemon Lavendar, Ginger Citrus, Juicy Peach, Good Morning, and a few Country Linen tarts because those are my favorite. I think Stargazer Lily and Island Spa are the only two that are new to me.

I also picked up a new Spring tartburner:

We stopped at Footlocker (Erick is the Carrie Bradshaw of the Footlocker world) but he didn't see anything he liked. However I saw the cutest pair of children's pink Puma's with a satin lace (like a ballet shoe). They were adorable and on sale! So we tried them on the girls but since both girls were being moody we decided to forget it and just go to the play area and let them run wild. Get all the way downstairs and I realize Kyla is still wearing one of the shoes. D'oh! I had to go in and apologize and return the shoe. So embarrassing. But it was a good time to teach McKenna a lesson about why it's wrong to steal and how it's the right thing to do to be honest about it. It was so funny though because my sister and cousin and I JUST had a conversation about how easy it is to accidentally steal something when you've got kids. You don't realize you're walking out with stuff tucked in the car seat or under the diaper bag or even um....right on your kids foot. LOL!

Anyway, it was a long day but a fun day. I now need to get to work because I have a billion DST emails and to-do's. Tomorrow we're taking the girls to Boomers so that McKenna can mini-golf for the first time ever. She's quite excited! Then we're coming back home and I am locking myself in my room to work, work, work. It's gonna be hard balancing all our family time while Erick is on vacation but still making time to do my own work!


Melissa Ives said...

You lucky girl!!! What an awesome laptop!!! The girls are so cute. But that Kyla...little thief! LOL!

Gina said...

I hadn't read the entry before this (until after) so I was shocked to see Kyla with bangs! I love it! She looks adorable. :)

Maegan said...

A new laptop, Woo Hoo! I am on the hunt right now. Mine is pretty much in same boat your old one was in. I am trying to decide between a PC and a Mac. So now I am running on our Mac Mini to see if I like it. So far so good. Frankly, anything would be better than my laptop. It has issues.

I cannot believe that Kyla was eating salmon and tofu and the sushi restaurant. I can't even get Zoe to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Actually, the only vegetable she eats (if you can even call it that) is the edamame from the sushi restaurant.