Saturday, February 17, 2007

Make that TWO sick kids. Ugh.

McKenna woke up at 8am and was crying, saying both her ears hurt. I gave her some Motrin and she was pretty much fine the rest of the day. In fact, she was a downright angel. Kyla woke up at 9am and felt warm. I had noticed that the night before she woke up crying and was crying so much that I figured she had a messy diaper. I went to check on her and her room smelled of sour milk. I just thought maybe she'd spilled her milk cup during naptime or something. I picked her up, she snuggled up to me and seemed fine. But come morning, I realized she had thrown up over the side of her crib, off to the side where I couldn't see it unless it was light (thankfully she hadn't thrown up IN the crib. How bad would I have felt if I'd left her to sleep in that all night!)

Not only that, but I happen to store my paintings and my blank canvas right on that side near her crib. I had put it there just to get it out of the way when we moved in because she wasn't using the room yet. I just never got around to moving them. So all of that was covered in puke. It was pretty nasty. But she was in a great mood all day too. Both girls had bad coughs and running noses but otherwise seemed perfectly happy. So we decided we'd just take it easy today, head to Target to pick up some things we were out of, work on fixing up the backyard, etc.

So we're browsing Target. Kyla is in the front of the cart, McKenna in the back. Kyla always sits backwards on her knees so she and McKenna can talk to each other. All of a sudden, Kyla lets out this cough that ends up making a gag/burp sound. We all froze. Yep. Vomit all over. She got a little bit on McKenna's shoes who immediately began to cry. McKenna LOVES her shoes. She even has a name for each of them - Stinky A and Stinky B. So she was so sad that "Sissy threw up on Stinky A". LOL! So all we can do at this point is wait for her to stop vomitting. We're all the way on the opposite side of the store so we're nowhere near the exit or the bathroom. We didn't want to run with a vomitting child and get more throw up everywhere. So we just kind of sat there, sympathetically. Other people are around, thankfully they were sympathetic too and not thinking "Look at those horrible parents that took their sick child to Target and let her throw up all over the merchandise." So when she finally stopped, McKenna and I went to tell one of the employees so they could clean up (Sorry Target employees!) and Erick removed Kyla's top layer of clothes and we left.

Came home and gave them both light lunches and put them down for naps. Then Erick and I just started cleaning like crazy. We knew if we had two sick kids, we were gonna need to feel like the place was clean and organized or else we would ALL be miserable. We got a lot done and that was a relief. When McKenna woke up, Erick took her to Target. And look what he picked up for me:

Yay! I was so excited for this movie to come out that I had planned to see it in the theater no matter what, even if I had to go alone. Of course, it came and went too quickly and I didn't get a chance so he picked up the dvd for me as well as one of my favorite snacks, chocolate drizzle:

Since Erick is in the process of moving all my files over to my new laptop and my old laptop is dragging because of the process, I'm gonna skip my scrap plans and just log-off, watch my movie, eat my snack and fold some laundry. I hope the girls feel better tomorrow. I'd love to go pick up the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette and to work on our backyard some, finish up the last of the housework and whatever else.

Oh one last thing, Kyla said a new word today: Sassy! How appropriate she should catch on to THAT term so quickly! She pronounces it "Shasshy". And McKenna, despite feeling sick herself, was a very loving big sister. Rubbing Kyla's back, making sure she had something to drink, asking her "Kyla are you ok? Do you feel ok today baby?" My favorite moment of the day: When they were sitting side by side and silently munching on some cream cheese wontons. They both were holding their won-ton with two hands and just seemed content to sit next to each other and munch on their snack.


Melissa Ives said...

Oh no! Poor Bieger family! I hope everything goes back to normal soon.

How was Marie Antionette? I've been dying to see it, but like you it went so quickly.

Britt(any) said...

I really want my child's first word to be "sassy" cuz that is just too hilarious!!!!!! Ahahaha! My friends and I are constantly saying sassy to each other....oh, good times. Sorry to hear about the sickness. It is EVERYWHERE right now. :(

Maegan said...

Your girls are just so sweet. I am sorry they are both under the weather! Make sure to take some Airborne or Zrtec so that you don't catch the bug. I will say this, you are such a productive sick family. We just sit on our tushies and watch movies (or a movie over and over again).

Jen said...

Poor baby :( Sickness is no fun- we have definitely had enough of that here this winter.

Rebecca said...

I know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but your Target story was totally cracking me up! Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Laura said...

Your girls are so sweet, I love that little moment you described where Kenna was checking on Kyla asking her if she felt o.k. today. Awwww!!

Did you like the movie? I wanted to see that one too, but you're right it came and went too quickly.

Elaine said...

AAWWW poor pukey Kyla!! That is so sweet that McKenna is making sure she's okay being that you know..Kyla yacked on her Stinky A. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I hope everyone feels better..meanwhile I'm off to use the rest of my target giftcard on that chocolate drizzle thingy. MMMMMM>