Sunday, December 03, 2006

White Christmas (the movie, not snow)

Well I somehow locked myself out of the DST forum for the next 15 minutes. LOL! I tried to log-in with Erick's name so I could post his pick-of-the-day for him. Used the wrong password too many times and now I've blocked my computer from accessing DST for 15 minutes. I'm a dork. Maybe this is God's way of saying "Take a coffee break sistah". So I'm blogging.

Erick was gone at a conference all of Thursday and Friday. I don't like when he's gone. I missed him. But he's home now. The girls were so happy to see him. You would've thought he'd been gone for weeks. I guess we're a little spoiled that we rarely have to be apart as a family.

Kyla's new favorite thing is to bring me my shoes and tells me "Tay-ta" (thank you) so that I will put them on. If I take them off, she'll bring them back to me within the hour. I never, ever wear shoes in the house. Not because I'm concerned about my carpet (LOL please!) but it's just how I'm most comfortable. And yet I now have a one-year old who insists that I wear shoes at all times. Maybe my feet stink. But then again, sometimes she takes them off of my feet for me and then hands them back to me again. "Tay-ta".

McKenna was not feeling well this morning. She spent the first few hours lying on the couch, covered under a blanket and pretty listless. Then all of a sudden she just snapped to and has been happy and energetic ever since. She's currently playing the thermometer like a flute after taking a break from making "snow angels" in our clean laundry pile.

McKenna's got two favorite Christmas movies right now. ELF (which she calls "the movie about the big elf") and White Christmas. Nothing makes me happier because those are two of my favorites too! And her favorite thing about White Christmas is the dancing! She tries to dance along to all of the numbers with the girls in them. The scene when Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen dance on the pier is her favorite and she'll swing from Kyla's high chair holding onto her dress just like Judy Haynes does. It's also cute because the song Sisters is another favorite part for her and it always reminds me of her and Kyla. I could see them turning out like the Haynes sisters when they're older. LOL!

Speaking of dancing...some of my family was down this weekend and we got a chance to see them Saturday morning (they were here for a funeral so it wasn't necessary a "visiting" visit). My Mom (who lives here) and my Grandma were able to come to McKenna's dance class. I was really glad that they were there because McKenna was really excited to get to dance and show off for them. I could actually tell that she was putting in extra effort to work on her dance moves and Miss Valerie noticed too as she kept complimenting McKenna's passe, her smile, her poses, etc. And during the last part of the class when the teacher "tests" them, McKenna eagerly volunteered to be an example of how to properly take a bow. I was so proud of her! I don't believe I have ever in my life raised my hand to volunteer to be an example in class. LOL! But I think what made me the most happy was that my Mom and Grandma both commented on how fun the class was because that's what's most important to me. Miss Valerie does such a good job of taking the time to teach the girls the techniques but she doesn't put pressure on them. She really incorporates all sorts of little details that 3-5 year old girls can relate to so that the class is fun for them. And it certainly works because I'm pretty sure that Miss Valerie is one of McKenna's most favorite people in the world. Hmm....I'm thinking digital scrap page for Miss Valerie's Christmas gift.

After the class, my Mom took us all to breakfast and we met up with Tony (my step-Dad) and my Aunt Dawn and Uncle Chip. All kids love Aunt Dawn and Uncle Chip (which is why we all know they'll be wonderful grandparents to their first grandchild, Carter Jeffrey coming in January...or sooner! Yippee!) so the girls were sure to ham it up good for them. Kyla was Miss Mischievous which is her thing to do at restaurants (I do so love this stage when they get furious that they're trapped in a high chair so they throw food at you and then knock over your drink when you're distracted from the thrown food). So even though I'm pretty sure I spent 90% of the meal saying "No." "Put that down." "Sit down and eat." it was nice to get to visit with them for a bit before they all headed back to Vegas.

Oh, for those who were awaiting my review of the CHI....LOVE IT! Love it, love it, love it! You know how after you leave the salon we always say "I wish I could get my hair to look like this every day!" My hair totally DID look like salon hair! After I showered, I sprayed on some Garnier Fructis Glossing Spray to protect my hair from the heat. Then I flipped my hair upside-down and blew it dry with the diffuser attachment on my blow dryer. Finally, I just took the flat iron and ran it down each strand giving a slight curl under and it turned out REALLY cute! I was so happy with it and it only took me 10 minutes to do my hair including the blow drying. My hair had so much bounce and shine. I'll take some pics after I get my hair colored on Tuesday (or Wednesday). My roots are getting kind of dishwater blonde. Bleh.

And maybe after I get my hair done, I'll peek my head into Yankee Candle and buy this tart burner that I've been eyeing:

along with a few of their new scents.

And while we're on the subject of shopping, how cute is this bag from Target?

I love the laser cut design on that!

Ok, enough internet surfing. It makes me want to shop and I cannot shop right now with Christmas coming up. Time to get back to work. Tons of DST things to get done and I need to fold 2 loads of laundry before they wrinkle.


Melissa Ives said...

White Christmas is my favorite movie too, along with Miracle on 34th Street (the oldest one) and Elf is now a close 3rd! Did you see that your Chi is on sale at I believe Target? If you bought it from there you could probably take your receipt back for your discount. :D

Maegan said...

I never thought to show Zoë ELF or White Christmas which are two of my very favorite movies (I also love Santa Claus: The Movie with Patch and the candy canes that make you float). I am going to have to give those a whirl. I usually put on the cartoon Christmas shows for Zoë but heck, why not try it?

Oh and I loved hearing about Kyla being naughty at the restaurant. I am so glad that doesn't just happen to me. :) I remember thinking (back before children) that I would never let my child behave like that in a restaurant. Yeah sure. Here is one tip if Kyla likes Dora the Explorer at all. Dora always says "Seat belts. So we can be safe!" Zoë loves that and always says it when we buckle her the car, in the shopping carts...highchairs. Good luck!

brianna said...

I love the to look for it now.