Monday, November 27, 2006

Who the Heck is Dirk??

So one reason I never grow my hair out is I have “fluffy hair”. I haven’t always had fluffy hair. I used to have waist-length hair that was as healthy as can be. But somewhere around 21, my hair started to lose its glossiness so I cut it. I’ve grown it and cut it several times since then but I never did know the secret to getting my glossy hair back. I chocked it up to “I’m getting old” and resigned myself to short cuts. Which is fine. I like a cute chin-length bob. But there isn’t much versatility with it so I often rethink my length, grow it out again, hate it, chop it. Round and round I go.

Don’t ask me why it took my 29 years but I finally realized THAT is what a flat-iron is for. I thought flat irons were just for curly-haired people. So my sister and I were at the mall and they have a kiosk where they sell some high-priced flat irons and the girl is doing a demonstration and I realize she is straightening her already straight hair and…..wonder of wonders….her hair is glossy after she uses it! HELLO! Why am I the last person to learn things like this? My sister says “Yeah Alyson uses one.” Hey, that’s true. Gina uses one too. They both have pin-straight hair. So I emailed them both to get some tips and recommendations and they both strongly recommended the Chi flat iron. A little pricey but supposedly well-worth the investment. The complaints about some of the other flat irons (not staying hot enough, frizzing up or frying hair, breaking after a few uses, etc.) were nothing I wanted to mess with so I batted my little lashes at Erick and gave him my sweetest “But honey….I NEED this….” and he said yes. He has never been one to begrudge me in areas that concern my beauty. He’ll tell me I’m beautiful whether I’m looking like a messy slob or whether I’m all dolled up. But he knows me well enough to know that I function better if I feel good about myself. And I don’t feel good about fluffy hair. Thus, my CHI should be here by the end of the week. YIPPEE!

Here are a few other things I'm drooling over lately:

Christy pajama pants from Abercrombie & Fitch:

Colleen cami from Abercrombie & Fitch

DKNY Hope shirt for the St. Jude Hope Catalog

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens:



McKenna was talking on her cell-phone today (old cell phone, not connected of course) and she was walking around like she was some Hollywood agent. Very business-like. Erick and I were talking in the living room and she marched over, put her finger over her lips and said “Shhh! McKenna is on the phone!” I said “Who are you talking to?” She said “Dirk!” and marched off.

WHO the heck is Dirk?!?!?!?!?

Kyla was sitting on my lap when I was reading Alyson’s blog. She pointed to her picture and said “Whossat?” I said “That’s Alyson. Your Godmother. Can you say Alyson?” She said “Alysee!”

And the other day we were having dinner at my in-laws and she took 4 or 5 steps, hands-free!! She's slowly but surely starting to feel more confident with it. She'll walk really well holding on to our fingers or even just holding onto my pant's leg. But I've never seen her take more then one hands-free step before. So this was a big milestone for her.

Do you all have your Christmas decorations yet? We got our tree up tonight. The girls were OVER THE MOON EXCITED. McKenna was jumping and squealing "Oh I am just so happy!" and Kyla was clapping and bouncing and saying "Oooooh. Wassat??" Erick and I just turned out all the lights and let the tree glow and watched our beautiful little girls express all the holiday joy their little hearts could handle.

(Right now they're dancing to the Hallmark Snowman and snowdog that Erick's Grandma gave us one year. They sing/bark Jingle Bells and they think it's the most hilarious invention ever.)


So I have to tell you all....I am pretty excited about two things...

First, DST will be mentioned in Creative Scrapbooking Magazine. WOOHOO! This will be our second mention in a print magazine....not bad considering we're just 5 months old.

And on December 14th you'll be able to hear an interview with me on DiscTalkRadio. Tonight was the recording of the interview with the host and my friend and my DST newsletter Editor-in-Chief, Terra Atkinson. It was so fun to get to talk to her and she did a great interview. Of course I am currently second-guessing my every word and thinking "Why didn't I mention....." but I knew I'd think that. LOL! The important thing is that Terra did a fabulous interview and it was really complimentary to DST so I'm really excited to hear the final edit. So be sure to tune in on the 14th!


Melissa Ives said...

I can't believe that DST is 5 months already! Thanks for a great home :D

You guys may have me buying one of those flat irons too...:p

Gina said...

LOL My kids were just at my Grandma's last night dancing to that same snowman / jingle dog thing.

Can't wait to hear your interview. Mine airs on the 7th. I hope I don't sound like a blithering fool. ROFL.

Delighted Mom said...

I have the same problem with my hair. I just assumed it had to do with pregnancy and hormones. We did have wonderful-no-hassle-hair. I can't just shower and go anymore.

I love to read about the cute things your girls do. It helps me want to stay on top of my blogging.

Brittany said...

Flat irons are God's way of saying "I really do care about hair." I have a really pricy one, but it is AMAZING. AND if your hair gets long enough, the flat iron can double as a curling iron. Just twist it around and you end up with really cute big curls. (Took me a few tries, but it really does work! Honest!)

Maegan said...

Don't feel to bad that you didn't know about flat irons. I was 26 before I got one myself...for the same reason. My hair could not be any straighter. They are awesome though!

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

I absolutely love hearing your stories about your girls Shannon. They're just so cute!

Say hi to Dirk for me! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Darn it. Now I *need* a Chi flat iron. This is why I shouldn't read blogs! LOL