Friday, November 24, 2006

Mom, Can I Eat My Hawk?

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Our day was full but really nice. I thought it would be exhausting since we were driving from Fullerton to Tustin to Corona all within a 5 hour time span but it was actually a very pleasant evening and not as overwhelming as I'd expected.

Before we left, I insisted we take a family picture because you just can't be sure that everyone will arrive looking as put together as when you leave (because as you can see, Kyla is already in the process of removing her shoes).

LOL don't ask me what Kenna's crazy look is all about. I'm just glad everyone was looking at the camera.

We had dinner at Erick's Grandma's house first. Grandma Jean made sure that my picky eater had something to eat. Corn and cantaloupe, that was McKenna's Thanksgiving dinner:

See the foil-wrapped turkey? That's all chocolate and they bought those so that McKenna and Kyla would have a treat to take home. On the way home McKenna said "Mom, can I eat my hawk?" LOL!

Mommy and Kyla:

McKenna munching on her 2nd ear of corn:

Kyla thinks she's royalty in Great-Grandma's velvet chair:

Pop-Pop with #5 and #6 (LOL that's what number they are in the grandchildren line):

Then it was off to my sisters for dessert. The Maple Cream Apple pie was a big hit! I highly recommend this recipe:

Maple Cream Apple Pie


4 cups thinly sliced peeled tart apples
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ cup butter (cubed)
1 pastry shell (9-inches, baked)

Filling Ingredients:

1 pkg (8 oz.) cream cheese (softened)
1 ½ cups cold milk
1 pkg (3.4 oz.) instant vanilla pudding mix
1 tsp maple extract

Topping Ingredients:

¼ cup sugar
3 TBS quick-cooking oats
3 TBS all-purpose flour
½ tsp ground cinnamon
2 TBS butter (melted)


In a large bowl, toss apples, sugar and cinnamon. In a large skillet, cook apple mixture in butter for 10-12 minutes or until tender; cool. Spoon into pastry shell; set aside.

In a small mixing bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy. In another bowl, whisk milk and pudding mix for 2 minutes. Let stand for 2 minutes or until soft-set. Gradually beat into cream cheese. Stir in extract. Spoon over apple layer. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or until set.

Meanwhle, in a small bowl, combine topping ingredients. Spread onto an ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until crisp and golden brown, stirring 3-4 times. Cool. Just before serving, sprinkle topping over pie.

Yield 6-8 servings


We didn't take too many pictures because the kids were all messy and crazy by that point (hopped up on sugar too. LOL!) But here are a couple of cute ones that my sister caught.

McKenna and Luke:


This morning my sister and I were suckers and got up at 5am for Black Friday. We went to McDonald's for breakfast and headed straight to Toys R Us. I bought Gavin a big stuffed puppy (he loves to cuddle so he's gonna love this!), a toy broom for McKenna (she likes to act out the scene in Snow White when they clean and who am I to deny her?), a Little Mermaid Color Wonder set and a new ballerina leotard (also for McKenna).

Stopped for a couple of Venti White Chocolate Mochas with a shot of almond (our new addiction now) and then it was off to Kohl's. WAY too crowded. Every year we go there and every year we decide the deals are not worth the wait. So we went to Wal-Mart. There I picked up a pair of Tinkerbell shoes (McKenna) and then just a few random things like face wash and hand soap because we were out.

Then to Target. The only thing I picked up was the Dora Cash Register for McKenna because it was reduced from $39 to $28. Oh, and a stocking stuffer for Erick. Can't tell you what that is because he's sneaky and reads my blog (shoo you sneaky sneakerson!) And then I am ashamed to admit I also picked up Life & Style which is really not about Life or Style, it's about celebrity gossip. I usually don't care about celeb stuff but I'm hooked on this whole Reese & Ryan thing.

Last stop was the mall. I bought Erick a cool tshirt at Express. Not as a gift. Just because I thought he'd look like a hottie in it and it was reduced to $12.50. Plus they had a thing going that you get a free clutch with any purchase. So for $12.50 I got a hip tshirt for Erick and a sequined black clutch for myself. Cool. We had lunch at Red Robin, refuel coffee at Gloria Jean and then browsed some more.

What did we browse for? My Christmas gift! Erick wanted me to pick the one I wanted the most so I needed to do some comparison shopping. We had been looking for weeks, comparing over and over. I finally settled on the one I want. I know it's not a surprise but this is just how Erick and I are. When it comes to huge things like expensive purchases and big vacations, it's impossible to surprise each other. So I picked what I wanted and now we just have to get price quotes and decide if we want to finance or do lay-away. Wanna see what I'm getting?

I'm so stinking excited I can't stand it. I just keep looking at it over and over.


I'm so excited!!!!!! I love my wedding ring and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. But I've always dreamed about getting an anniversary ring as well (my wedding ring is yellow gold because it's more traditional but I also love to wear white gold so I've always hoped that one day I would have a ring in each). I have two daughters and I want to be able to pass a ring down to each of them. So yes, I'll have both and I will probably wear both on different occasions. Don't ask me what I'll do if we have a third girl. I guess I'll need matching earrings. ; )

So anyway, that was our Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Erick is out with the guys for sushi and a little Tenacious D so now I think I will put the girls to bed and scrap. I got a cute picture of my sister and I today and I have a silly scrap idea. = D


Maegan said...

Oh...I'm blind from the big shiny diamonds! Ooooh ahhhh. What a fun gift. Kel and I are the same way, we pick out our gifts then let the other know what we want. It is still just as fun to open the gifts. :)

brianna said...

That ring is beautiful! Enjoy it.

Kim said...

I just love those pictures of Kyla smiling and laughing. She's growing up so fast!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa Ives said...

I'm blinded!!! Awesome gift!

wyowoman said...

Checking in on you! Sounds like you had a very nice holiday! love the going shopping with your sister.!