Thursday, December 07, 2006

An Elf and a Grinch

I'm just gonna do blurbs.

McKenna likes to take her shoes off and put them next to her bed before turning in for the night. She always says "I'll put my shoes here like Mama in her curtsy." She MEANS "Mama in her kerchief" from Twas the Night Before Christmas.

You know how I said she likes the movie ELF? You know the part when he burbs a huge burp and then loudly says "Did you HEAR that??" Yeah, McKenna does that now. With farts or burps, doesn't matter. She always proudly yells out "Did you HEAR that??"

You know in the Ron Howard version of The Grinch when the young grinch has this goofy, stuttery evil laugh? Kyla does that now. It cracks us up.

The other day, I made McKenna this for dinner out of mini pancakes:

After a few minutes of her silently chowing down on it, she came over to me, mouth all blue from the frosting and said "Mom, you make the best food ever."

The girls got a package in the mail from Santa Claus the other day (shh, it was from my Mom). It was a copy of Twas The Night Before Christmas but the best part was Santa included a letter and an autographed photo of himself. They were pretty excited.

We took the girls to Disneyland to see the holiday parade. McKenna was wearing her purple sateen Ariel jacket and when Ariel passed by, McKenna turned around and yelled out "Look! I'm wearing your jacket!" The best part though was that when Santa went by, McKenna yelled out "I got the letter you sent me today!"

Here is a layout I made about our Disneyland adventure:

Credits can be found here.

I feel WAY behind on Christmas. Our decorations are up. I've created our card and written our letter but have not mailed it yet. We just went through and did some major edits on our Christmas card list. I swear we have cut HALF of them and we STILL have 60 cards to send out. We've barely scratched the surface of our shopping. McKenna is pretty much all bought for. That's it. Still haven't even planned out the Christmas baking yet. We've done some Christmas light looking but we haven't hit our traditional big neighborhoods yet. But when we do end up driving around, every time we see lights (which is like every other house) McKenna says "Beeta Beeto". What does this mean? It's a mystery.

I did get my hair highlighted. But the girl put in WAY too many low lights and it just seems too dark to me. I'm going back on Sunday to have her fix it. It's not that it looks bad. But if I pay that much for my hair, I think I should get what I want, no? So still no "flat ironed" pics. In fact, I may end up cutting my hair after all. LOL! I know, I'm fickle! But fortunately, the cut I chose still needs a flat iron so that money was still well spent. I *heart* my flat iron.

This was posted at DST and it's hilarious. Scary Santa photos.

This is a cool thing that McKenna's class is doing. You can type in any word you want (like your child's name for instance) and they'll create one of the tracing sheets so that the child can practice the word. It's a great way to teach kids how to write their own names.

Alright, insert fancy send-off here. I'm going to bed. = D


Melanie said...

LOL! Her "panpakes" are getting fancier and fancier!

Maegan said...

I was reading your blog and burst out laughing when I saw the "Scary Santa" picture so my hubby came over to look and did the same thing. He said, and I quote, "I feel kind of bad laughing at that poor kid, but damn that is funny." :)

Wow, you are the coolest mom ever making fancy pancakes like that for dinner. I am a huge slacker!

Susan said...

Hey there girl!!! You've been christmas tagged by me!!! Come get the questions here:

Love ya! Susan (Pachimac)