Saturday, November 18, 2006

Observations of a Ballet Class

Today was McKenna's dance class and they started practicing their routine for the Christmas recital. It's the cutest! Here is the song they're dancing to:
Diana Ross And The Supremes - Twinkle Twinkle Little Me

We got the costume list as well so we'll need to go shopping for that fun stuff too. I'm really looking forward to it.

Watching the class is always so interesting. There is one little girl that Erick calls "The Enabler". She talks to all the little girls in class which gets them talking as well and disrupts the class. McKenna has been told that it's not ok to talk during class so whenever this little girl is getting in her face and trying to engage her in a game or something, McKenna will just stare at her or look at us. LOL it's kind of funny. I'll have to remember to tell her that the polite response is "Shh, let's talk after class." The little girl loves McKenna though because she's so little. So she loves to compare how their shoes are such different sizes. In fact, a lot of the kids in class are always amazed at how little McKenna is. And at least every other week another parent asks me "How old is she?" They always remark that she is cute or polite or well behaved or a good dancer. But they are just shocked that she's old enough to be in the class.

And then there are a few parents who are almost as entertaining to watch as the kids. One Dad sits in his seat but mimics the dance moves to show his daughter how it's done. And one Mom refuses to encourage her daughter to participate in the class without her. The little girl doesn't want her Mom to leave her side so the Mom actually sits to the side, instructing her daughter how to do each move. She actually talks over the teacher so that her daughter will hear her instruction instead of the teacher. When they do cross-the-floor, the Mom does it with her. And when the little girl is too shy to join the class, the Mom takes her off to the side in a little room and does the dance moves in there with her. I have no idea how or if that little girl is going to participate in the dance recital next month. So when we show off the video of the recital, don't be alarmed if you see a middle-aged, 5 and a half foot child dancing on the stage. Ha ha!

Not much new to report with Kyla. I gave her a bath last night and used a washcloth that is also a Winnie the Pooh puppet. I made the puppet talk to her and she kept turning it around to see who was behind it. The puppet asked her for a kiss and she happily obliged. Then the puppet asked her to give her sister a kiss and she looked at me, looked at the back of the puppet again, and then saw my hand that was in the puppet and smacked it. LOL! Like she caught me or something!

Before I go to bed each night I go in her room and cover her up (her room is FREEZING) and for some reason she woke right up last night and stood up, smiling and reaching for me. I went to hug her, noticed she had a stinky diaper so she got to get up at 12:30am for a diaper change. She was absolutely tickled. She had a big grin and kept tilting her head to the side in this sweet little gesture like "I'm SO happy to be awake right now!"

Last thing to update. I would rather not mention it for the privacy of my sister but since I did blog that she was pregnant, I didn't want you all to wonder why there was no baby announcement in June. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was not viable. She actually had two amniotic sacs which means if the pregnancy had continued, she would've had twins. But they never progressed past two amniotic sacs. There is a likely explanation for all of this so she is not concerned that this will happen again. Her and Brian are of course sad and disappointed but they both have a positive attitude and are handling it the best way possible. Please say a prayer for quick healing, physically and emotionally. If you're a member of our Aug. Playgroup, I updated with more detail on the board.

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