Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lik-M-Stik Love

Kyla said two things today! She handed me a cracker and said "Have dat?" and then when I went to change her diaper (a job that McKenna usually helps with) she took the diaper and handed it to McKenna and said "Here Denna." So cute!!

Unfortunately, both girls were little pills today. LOL! Just very whiny and tantrumy. McKenna threw an absolute FIT at Target because we told her we had to get new shoes and throw away her old Dora shoes. She wears them every single day. But since she got HFM disease, it will NOT go away on her feet . So I assume it's because she's wearing the same ratty ol' shoe every day. Had to get new ones. She is not happy about this and let the ENTIRE Target store know. She doesn't normally throw such public tantrums but she apparently felt VERY passionately about those shoes.

I did a ton of housework and DST work today. It's been busy and exhausting. Erick worked tonight and I had to be at the Featured Designer chat. Kyla was in bed already but McKenna was still awake. So the poor thing was neglected for an hour. Afterward, I picked her up and hugged her. I said "You know what? I really love you." She said "Yeah. You know what? I really love Lik-M-Stik." LOL I guess I deserved that!

She asked to wear her Hawaiian dress WITH lei to Target today. So I dressed Kyla in hers as well and got a ton of cute pics. Here is one of them:

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Laura said...

LOL, she loves Lik-M-Stik, how cute that she said that!! Love the picture of Kenna and Kyla, Kyla's getting blonder and more grown up looking!