Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Angels and Airwaves

They're releasing their first album on May 6 and I'm just telling you now, save your pesos. Their first single will be "The Adventure" and you can listen to it here. Now the first few seconds of it, you'll think "What's so special...." but they are anthemic and once that kicks in, you will love it. Trust me. Phenomenal. It's Blink meets U2 meets the 80's!


Someone save me from my 2-year old. She can NOT skip her nap. That is the conclusion I have come to. She is just plain mean if she skips it. She looks for ways to defy us. Whatever we ask her, she will say the opposite. She claims she is a mean girl. That she wants to hit babies. Where does this come from??? Is this normal? I know tantrums and melt-downs are normal but is it normal to say she WANTS to be mean? To say she wants to hit babies? She has never, ever hit her sister or been mean to her sister. We don't even spank over here. So where is this coming from exactly? It worries me. I think I'd really like to start an age-appropriate bible "study" with her. Does anyone have a suggestion for one? Do they even make them? I used to work for a pastor who had 3 daughters and they were pretty young but I remember him telling me that they had a workbook that they would go through as a family that taught Christian principles and gave applications and such. Is anyone familiar with such a thing? Jesus is a person she is familiar with but I think it's time to start applying some of his basic attributes to our daily walk here.

I do have a few cute tidbits about the girls:

* Kyla now says Mama and Baba. I just adore her voice. And she's so funny because she doesn't cry a lot but she does yell. Last week, while McKenna was in school, Erick and I went grocery shopping with Ky. By the end of the trip, she was tired of being in her infant seat and she had a messy diaper (which she HATES) and she was just YELLING at us. The cashier laughed and he said "It's funny, they're that small, they can't do a thing for themselves yet they think they run the world." LOL so true. I have to laugh that my little 7-month old thinks she can boss me around. That's exactly what her yells sound like - like she's saying "HEY! Enough of this! You are DONE shopping!"

* We took both girls to see the Easter Bunny today. They wore their Easter dresses. I got them coordinating dresses (McKenna's in pink, Kyla's in green) and McKenna had a white hat and gloves to go with hers. Kyla wore a frilly pink hairbow. They looked as cute as ever. Walking through the mall with them was like walking through a parade. People were stopping in their tracks and saying "Oh how CUUUUUUTE!" I was very proud of my little ladies. They did wonderful with the Easter Bunny. McKenna told him that she would like "toys and eggs and candy and bananas and watermelons and pineapples" in her basket. LOL! He kept brushing his paw over Kyla's face and she would laugh and laugh. We got a really cute pic. Kyla is smiling but McKenna refused to smile for the camera (see....she figures out what we want and then she does the opposite. I guess trying to prove to us just how independent she thinks she is!) Unfortunately, my scanner isn't working so I couldn't share it. I'm hoping we can figure it out or else I'm gonna resort to taking a picture of my picture.

* McKenna played her first game of Candyland. We waited until Kyla was in bed (didn't want her to feel left out but those parts are too small for her) and then the three of us pulled out the game to play. McKenna loved it and she WON! Now I'm not saying that Daddy cheated. But I'm not saying he didn't. He thought that for her first game, she should win. I mean, if your first game experience is a losing one, you may not be too excited to play again right? So he let her win but he promised me he won't do that all the time. She does need to learn to lose gracefully too. Although I'm not saying I taught her an "I won" dance but I'm not saying I didn't. So I may have missed the mark on teaching her to be a graceful winner.

* Today McKenna walked by me with her pants around her ankles, bare booty exposed and she said "Sorry Mom. We're out of toilet paper. We'll get more next time we're at Target." And she kept right on walking.

* McKenna keeps trying to lift her sister. And the other day I heard her say "Woah! You're a heavy little piggie!" LOL I thought that was cute. Kyla will not appreciate that later I assume.

* Apparently, during recess at school, McKenna plays with the four-year old class. They like to play house and guess who plays the role of baby? Yep, my little munchkin. Now McKenna is especially tiny for a 2-year old and definitely the littlest in her class. So as far as they are concerned, she is the perfect candidate. And since this game started right after Kyla was born, McKenna must've felt she had some expertise in the area of baby behavior and felt the role was made just for her because she loves it. Miss Elaine said that she allows the game to go on because McKenna enjoys it but she said she reminds the kids that they are NOT to pick McKenna up like they keep trying to do. LOL whatever. If she's having fun....

* You can tell that I feed this kid's ego way too much. When she saw my last blog post and she saw the pic of us on the teacups, she pointed to herself and asked in a super cutesy voice (like I use when I ask this same question) "Who's that beautiful girl?" She also looks at herself and says "Awww.....I'm so cute!"

* Ok she ShOcKeD me today by saying "Boys have p.e.n.i.s.e.s but girls don't have p.e.n.i.s.e.s because they don't need them." I asked her where she learned that and she said "From the Bear Show." The Bear Show is what she calls the movie "Look Who's Talking Too" (there's a bear in the beginning of the movie.) It's true. There is a scene when Mikey asks why his little sister doesn't have a p.e.n.i.s and McKenna caught on to the lesson apparently. So she is now aware of the difference of boys and girls. LOL I just figured I would be the one to teach that lesson but apparently Hollywood has done that for me.

* Hollywood has also taught her how to kiss. Actually, Disney has! Every princess movie has a romantic kiss in it of course. And McKenna is every princess. And Mommy is prince charming. *sigh* Do ya see where I'm going with this? She is constantly trying to kiss me! She says "I be Cinderella and you be the handsome prince. Close your eyes." To her, a romantic kiss entails two things: Your eyes must be closed and it must be a long smooch. So we had a talk about how that kind of kiss is to be saved for when she finds her real handsome prince. And if she wants to play princesses then she can kiss my cheek. She's still allowed to give me kisses on the lips. But if we're gonna do the princess/prince kiss, she needs to kiss my cheek.

Why didn't anyone tell me that these confusing issues would start so soon? Oh man, I'm gonna mess her up for sure I bet!! ROFL!! My goal is to teach my children modesty without shame. But sometimes I'm caught off guard! When she announced "Mommy, Kyla is a girl and I'm a boy." I had a mild heart attack. My sister announced the same thing when she was the same age and let me tell ya, that girl really WANTED to be a boy for a whole decade. She dressed like a boy, she called herself boy names (I kid you not, her homework papers had the name Richie Valenz written across the top), she shaved her head. She did eventually grow out of it but a decade is a long time to be in a stage like that. It's not something I want to see McKenna emulate. But I didn't want to respond with "Boys are yucky" because they aren't. So I told her that if she's a boy, she can't be a princess or wear lipgloss. But of course that's not true because I know lots of boys who are princesses and wear lipgloss. For crying out loud....where do I go with this?? = D


Recent LOs
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Credits: Papers from Gina Miller's "Garden Treasures" line. These papers are called "Delicate Petals". Glitter flowers are also by Gina Miller (all her products are available at SBB). Jeweled flowers by Shabby Princess. Paper Relic banner by Hope Wallace. Photo treatment with the help of the Cross Process filter by Photo Blast. Fonts are: Edwardian Script ('B' in Believe) and Porcelain (the rest of the word Believe) and FG Gisela (journaling). Journaling says: Today your dream is to be a princess. Some days you want to be an astronaut and visit the moon. Some days you want to be a chef and cook fancy meals. Some days you want to be a doctor so you can take care of babies. Today you want to be a beautiful princess. And as you can see, that dream has come true. Always believe you can accomplish anything.


Ok, I must go hard-boil eggs for McKenna's class. They're having an Easter party tomorrow and I'm bringing the eggs for them to dye. She is over-the-moon excited.

Question of the Day: How often do you prefer people update their blogs? Daily? Multiple times a day? Every other day? Weekly?


Margie said...

Oh I am just cracking up at your daughter and the conversations you have!!! It only gets better let me tell ya! LOL

Melissa Ives said...

I nearly spit my coffee through my nose at your post! That little girl of yours could be a comedian! She's hilarious (and yet so modest)! Love the layouts!

Kim said...

Oh man, that was funny! She's a smart one, that McKenna! And also LOL about Mel wanting to be a boy. I remember how she wanted us to call her by a boy's name. I think at the time it was Mike. LOL!!! Ad now look at her... a beautiful mom to two gorgeous boys.

I like(d) to update my blog every couple days, but that wasn't happenening due to all of these trips I've been taking. So I deleted it. Time to remove the "Kim W." link. :(

Jennifer said...

Shannon, I'm sure McKenna's behavior is totally normal. I can't give much advice since I'm not there yet, but I know you're doing a great job with her.

Your stories are too hilarious!! Thanks for the comic relief. And that layout is goooorgeous. Wow, you really are blowing me away lately!

Stephanie said...

I love the layout and the photo is just precious! Those stories are hilarious! I'm sure you can find some age appropriate book at Good luck!

Alyson said...

OH my gosh. Melanie's gonna KILL you! haha, but I just spit out my tea laughing so hard at the memory! "Joey" sure did grow up into a beautiful woman, didn't she? :) And I love you and your girls! Come visit soon please! And can we get a picture of that victory dance, please? :)

Kim said...

OMGOSH...I just fell off my chair laughing. You are the BEST miss Shannon-pants!
And I can NOT believe Kyla is TALKING! What the little dude is not even close. Gray just blows spit-bubbles and squeals.
I gotta start taking a page out of your blog book and posting all the funny kid stuff. It's so darn HILARIOUS! Love ya babes!

Jen said...

sorry- but i just was giggling almost the entire time reading your post. Miah and McKenna are SO much alike- LOL. Micah knows about boys and girls too- guess having a baby sister helped that along ;)
I sure hope this behavior is normal b/c well- Micah has been a ttttaaddd bit ornery recently- eh- that is putting it mildly ;)

Melissa said...

Oh, I wish I would have this sooner! My son will be 3 in July. He has also recently discovered the difference between boys and girls when he asked where my p.p. was. (I was fully clothed, by the way). he's also discovered long romantic kisses - he's the prince, I'm Cinderella!! oh, the things we have to discuss so early!

Gina said...

Ok some of those funnies re-caps had me in stitches. McKenna now knows the difference between boys and girls? Oh man... not already! Emily kind of flicked her brother's p.e.e.-p.e.e. in the tub once and I laughed. LOL She noticed it but I never said anything and it's a non-issue... for now.....

How did McKenna's Easter party go? Pics anywhere?

Well, I have to update my Blog daily but I don't like when everyone else does that just because it gets hard for me to keep up. ;) I vote for every other day.

wyowoman said...

okay, chick-- got my Big Kids excited about the angels and airwaves thing... and THEN we see the parental advisory sticker hiding on that cover... what's up with THAT?!?