Sunday, April 09, 2006

This post will not be cohesive

I knew I should probably update this tonight. Yet tonight is also Grey's Anatomy. Which means I'm not even paying attention to my own blog post. LOL!

We had a busy weekend.

Friday, my sister and I took the two older kids to Disneyland. My Mom babysat Kyla and Gavin and Mel and I took Luke and McKenna. We didn't get home until midnight! That is the latest McKenna has ever been up! She did great though! We took them on the new Monsters, Inc. ride at California Disney. Then we went over to regular Disney and we were able to do a few more rides and the fireworks show. Lukey got a Buzz Lightyear toy and McKenna picked out a sparkly pink princess baseball cap for their souvenirs. It was a blast!

Here's a pic the kids and I on the tea cups:

Me and my girl on Small World:

A tuckered out Lukey with his Mommy:

Saturday we celebrated Erick's Grandma's 100th birthday! They threw her a big open-house party and there were tons of people there.

Here is the birthday girl:

McKenna with her cousin Jesseca and their Grandma Jean:

Kyla with her Pop-Pop:


I also picked up a few new goodies (thanks to my fellow bloggers!)

Stephanie - you're so right. This Coppertone Gradual Tan is way better than Jergen's! It smells way better and you get results quicker! I love that it's subtle but it gives you a nice kick of color to brighten the skin. Plus, no cancer. Woohoo!

Kim - you were right. This is the yummiest/fastest/easiest meal to prepare ever. We picked up Bertolli's Shrimp & Linguine. It took 10 minutes to make. Popped some garlic bread in the oven. Took a bag of pre-washed/pre-chopped lettuce and threw in some pepperoni and chopped mozzarella, tossed it with a little Italian dressing. Grabbed a bottle of wine and we had a really delicious meal in under 10 minutes. Well, 18 but that's how long it took the garlic bread to cook. Still.....not too shabby! We will definitely be buying more of those Bertolli's!

Now if I can just convince my hubby that I need the Vac 'n Mop that Shawna blogged about, I'll be all set.


So the new Digi Top Ten blog is up. I loves me some top-ten lists. This week, my top ten worst habits (LOL, way to start off the challenge with a positive spin! Sheesh!) Alright, I'm always up for a little self-deprication. Here we go:

1) Procrastination
2) Over-analyzing
3) Nit-picking about chores
4) Answering too honestly
5) Wasting time
6) Giving in to McKenna's request for treats (I can't help it! She asks by saying "Please? I'll give you a big hug and a kiss and say I missed you!" Who could say no to that?)
7) Staying awake too late
8) Drinking too much caffeine (maybe that's the reason for #7?)
9) Buying too many beauty products
10) Ignoring dust


Recent LOs
(Click image to enlarge)

Roly Poly

Credits: This is Gina Miller's "Bugsy Boo" kit from the "Andy's Things" collection. Gina's brother did the drawings for this and I love, love, loved the little bugs so much that I just had to use them somehow. Aren't they so cute? Everything is from the kit except for the glitter swirls (Jen Wilson) and available at SBB. Fonts are 2peas Brainless and 2peas Flea Market. Erick did the journaling and it says: McKenna, one of my most favorite days ever was when we laid down by the door to the backyard and watched a little roly-poly crawl around. You rarely slow down and it was so much fun to watch you take some time out and study the little guy’s every move. When he disappeared you turned to me and said, “Daddy, where’s he going?” Before I could even answer you replied, “He’s probably going to see his family.” I’ll always look back at that day and smile and I hope we have many more “roly-poly moments" to come.


Credits: This is for the scraplift challenge at Scrapartist. This week's subject was Traci Murphy. I used Michelle Coleman's "Boho Chic" kit, single stitch by Gina Cabrera and fonts are: Girls are Weird, TKDoodle, FG Linnea, Felix Titling, Blueberry. Photo action by Photoblast. Traci's Original.


Credits: This was for the Simply You challenge at Scrapartist. We were to scrap with lyrics that we find meaningful to our life right now. So I chose the lyrics to "Free" by Ginny Owens. I used Jen Wilson's "Our Together Moment" kit and her Messy Edges brushes. Red paper in the top corner by IOD. Twill strips by Kellie Mize. Messy stitches by Katie Pertiet. Paper tears by Steph Krush. Photo filter by Virtual Photographer. Fonts are 2peas Brainless, AL Age Old Love, FG Linnea, Edwardian Sript, Mom's Typewriter.


Ok, question of the day...Can you recommend a FABULOUS mascara? I use Max Factor's 2000 Calorie mascara but I cannot find it anywhere suddenly! Did they discontinue it? I checked 3 Targets and a Rite-Aid and I can't find any Max Factor products at all. What the dilly yo? (I don't even know what that sentence means to be honest. I just know it's better than saying "What the EFF?") But seriously...What the EFF? Where is my mascara?? So in the event that my beloved mascara is null and void....can you recommend one? I've already got long lashes so I am ALL about the thickening! Thick, full lashes. Recommendations please?


momy4him said...

lol! what the dilly yo= what's the deal! hope you find a good mascara, check with gina, maybe she can recommend a good one from avon...
your layouts are beautiful, as always!
going to work on my top ten.

Delighted Mom said...

I love the LO of you. What a clever idea and I bet your girls will cherish it when they get older.

kim said...

YAYAYAY for the Bertolli's! Told ya they were yum! Your lo's are GORGEOUS as usual! And from one long-lashed sista to another...try Rimel Volume Flash. It ROCKS!! And that's coming from a die-hard Max Factor 2000 Cal fan. Just started using the Rimel two weeks ago and I'm hooked. Love ya chicka!

Margie said...

Beautiful layouts and I love your number 10!!!

Stephanie said...

Coppertone is the bomb! ;) I'm only using it every other day and after one week I totally felt comfortable wearing shorts. Love it!

You have long eyelashes? You suck! ;) Ok, so maybe I'm a little jealous?

Love your layouts, again.

Elaine said...

Why oh why did you provide a link to the vac and mop? Now I have to get it! hahahahah!
It looks like you guys had so much fun at Disneyland! which reminds me that I have to go again with the mudbug soon!

As far as mascara's go, Physician's Fromula Lash In A Tube. Goes on real easy and it doesn't leave "chunks".. or wait, they call that "clumps" right? Yeah, well, that's what personally I recommend.:D

Shawna Taylor said...

Oh you definitely must convince Erick that you need the Vac 'n Mop! I love mine & wouldn't know what to do without it! (And how neat that I got a mention on your blog!)

I'll have to look for that Coppertone stuff, I used the Jergens last year & didn't really care for the smell either. And it took forever to soak into my skin, I couldn't wear shoes for hours after applying it or it would rub off.

Laurie said...

Aww looks like you had SUCH a good time in Disneyland!! I'm so jealous, lol!! Such cute pictures!! I can't wait to see some of your Disney pictures scrapped!!

I will probably need to look into the Coppertone self tanner - my legs are dreadfully white, blindingly white, snow get the picture!! :)

As far as mascara goes I am desperately needing to find a new one...I just can't seem to find one that I like well enough. I have two that I use now, one by Revlon which I hate...too gloppy (is that a word?!) and the Cover girl one is just okay...I can't remember which kind it is right now...I'll have to look.

Gorgeous LO's as usual, I love the one of you. Definitely going into my BOS!! :)

Have a great night and good to see you blogging again!! I was missing you!

Gina said...

OMG you seriously look 15 on the teacup ride! Which is a good thing. ;) LOL The kids look WAY tired though! Who is having more fun on this ride Mom, huh? haha

Awwww Grandma looks REALLY good for 100!

Hmmm I actually cannot recommend a good mascara. I usually use something from Avon. I have a lot of repeat customers for the "Daring Definitions" one... but actually, I'm not much of a mascara person (mainly because I always forget it's there and smudge it up!)

Melissa Ives said...

Fabulash by Revlon...Serious thickening! LOVE it! Fun pics! I'm so jealous that you live near Disneyland! I was there in February and fell in LOVE with the place! (Yes, my first Disney experience at the age of 28)

Maegan (Coffeebean) said...

Sorry, no can do on the mascara recommendation. I always end up looking like a raccoon so I stay away from the stuff. If I hear of a good one though I will pass along the info.

SUPER cute layouts! You always do such a good job and boy are you fast. Send some of those vibes my way.

I love all the pictures of Disneyland. You can quit being jealous of my spa day, I have never once been to Disneyland. Now was I a neglected child or what? I can't wait to take Zoƫ when she is a little bit older.