Friday, April 14, 2006

Look what McKenna got today!

My sweet, awesome friend Kim who is also the owner of OliveJuice & Company sent McKenna this adorable hair clip today. McKenna said "I look just like Jasmine!" She just loved it!! Lately she's been running from me when I try to take pictures but once she had her "byooful flower" in, she was all poses. I must've snapped a dozen useable pics. But I chose my favorite and scrapped a little thank you LO for Kim. Thanks Kim! Love ya Chica!:

Credits: Everything is from Carrie Stephen's new "Snuggles and Sunshine" kit. Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake.

Speaking of Carrie, she's having a 50% off sale this weekend. She has over 30 kits for sale . Use the coupon code bunnybunny to get the discount!


Thanks everyone for the reassurance that McKenna's recent behavior is normal. My friend Susan had the most God-inspired timing today when she emailed me with her wisdom. Sus and I have been friends for...sheesh....13 years now! She has four kiddos and another on the way this June so she knows her stuff and has been around this block a few times. Her email was such a relief to me. In a nutshell, she assured me that this is normal, that I'm not messing McKenna up, and that if we are consistent with her we will have our sweet little girl back.

I can say that naps are definitely still needed. She didn't nap on Tuesday and Wednesday and she was veeeeeery disagreeable. But she did nap on Thursday and Friday and she was much, much nicer. After reading Susan's email, I decided to be more aware of my own reactions to her limit-testing and I can definitely say that our afternoon was much more pleasant. I think I was worrying so much that she was becoming "a brat" that my reactions of surprise or impatience were just fueling McKenna to continue the behavior. But now that I'm refocused and not worried, I'm able to respond in a very unreactive, calm but firm manner. I already noticed that she stops her behavior and looks at me for direction when I correct her quietly. When I correct her sharply, it's like it sets a fire under her and she moves twice as fast to get away with what she wants to do. So interesting. So thanks for the reassurance and the encouragement Susan!

Oh and just for fun, here is a pic of my little diva as she talked to her Auntie Melly on the phone today. They discussed which princess they were going to be next Halloween. I think McKenna decided that Auntie should be Snow White.


I hope you all have fun plans for Easter. We're waking up early and doing a mini egg-hunt (the Easter Bunny went WAY overboard on basket goodies this year), an early church service, brunch at my sisters (another egg-hunt there), home for naptime and then dinner at my in-laws. It will be long and exhausting but also, a wonderful celebration of the Resurrection.

Here is a little tip for your Easter eggs. If you are a mayo-hater (like my husband is), you can make egg salad with ranch dressing. I usually add just enough ranch to give it the consistency that I want, mix in a little garlic salt and dill weed (you can use dried or fresh) and eat it on whole wheat. Aside from the ranch, it's actually a really healthy sandwich! Feel free to add other things like celery, onions, capers, worcestershire sauce....whatever. But don't forget the dill. It's the make-it-or-break-it ingredient.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


Elaine said...

Maddy is the same way when she doesn't get a nap or she's just tired in general. I was SHOCKED the other day when she walked up to me and hit me in the leg. She's never hit anything! Let alone ME! I'm with you.. I don't want to raise " a brat" but sometimes I have to sit back and see that about 90 percent of the time, she doesn't act that way. But boy, when they do, it seems like all your hard work went down the tube. But your friend is right, consistency is the key. Thank you SuperNanny.

OOH I hate Mayo too and your ranch alternative sounds delish! I'm passing it over to the chef as soon as he wakes up! haha!

I LOVE McKenna's little flower clip! It's so cute! She looks like she loves it too! hahaha!

Have a great Easter! :D

Kim said...

Yay, yay, YAY!! Soooo CUTE on Miss Kenna! (Glad I could indirectly help with the photo-ops LOL.) She is just too darn adorable. And a big (((HUG))) for the super sweet thank you page. You are the greatest! Happy Easter, my friend.

Britt(any) said...

You have the cutest little person...I would say little girl, but the pic of McKenna on the a mini grown-up! How fun! Happy Easter!

Delighted Mom said...

Thanks for the ego boost. After I wrote you that email I wondered if I came across to preachie or slef righteous so I am glad I could be of help.

I love the little flower in Kenna's hair. How do you make it keep its color while turning everything else black and white.

Julie Jewels said...

Hey Shannon! Finally getting caught up on blogs! It looks like I missed 3 posts here!

I'm glad your friend Susan was able to offer some words of wisdom for you! Girls and boys are so different developmentally at this age that I'd hate to offer advice and set you in the wrong direction!

I love mayo, but your recipe sounds delish!!

Jenny said...

Enjoyed your posts...I will be back! I love your scrapbooking pages!! You've got talent!!

Melissa Ives said...

Your little McKenna cracks me up! You can just tell she's full of spunk! Love the layout and photo! Good idea about the egg salad...gotta pick up some ranch after work! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Must mention that dill is also a staple for deviled eggs! I made both deviled eggs and egg salad this weekend. Do you think we ate too many eggs? LOL! ;)

Gina said...

McKenna look so cute in her OliveJuice hair flower. :)

LOL Now those are some pics I'd like to see; Mel dressed as Snow White!

Oh man. I don't like mayo OR ranch. Now what? ;) JK. I don't like either yet I can actually eat salads like macaroni, egg and pasta with very little mayo. Just in case you were wondering.

Ok so... where is your Easter re-cap?!

Melissa Ives said...

Hey...I made the egg salad with ranch (Fat free because I'm doing Weight Watchers now), but I also added a little spicy horseradish mustard...yum! Thanks for the tip!

Maegan (Coffeebean) said...

I would love to hear the advice you got. I am still going through some "challenging" times with little Miss Zoë too. I am reading "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" right now but haven't got to the helpful information yet. (I only remember to read it when Zoë is being naughty). I am right there with you, I just won't want to raise a brat. Yikes!

By the way, did you get the "Thankful Heart" song that I emailed you? It is super cute. I didn't know how else to share the melody with you. :)