Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What the heck am I watching?

I've got some show on that I've never seen before. It's called Sons & Daughters. Anyone ever seen this? I'm not sure what I think of it. But I did laugh when the girl asked her Mom why her parents don't sleep in the same bed together anymore. The Mom answered "Honey, your father gave me one too many dutch ovens and Mommy couldn't handle it."

So what do you want to talk about first? Shopping? Personal news? Kid stories? Let's just go in that order.



Now I realize that shopping might be a boring topic to some of you. But I know that at least 4 of you like to know what I bought. I could even call you out by name (Julie, Erin, Gina, Laura) because we like to shop vicariously through each other. So even if you four are the only ones who are entertained...so be it, right?

I went to Target. I'm already in the mood for Easter. They had some really cute felt Easter Baskets on sale in the dollar bins so I bought four. I'm gonna make some cute mini baskets for the girls and my nephews. Only now I can't think of anything to put in them. They're pretty small and all of the kids are 2 and under so I don't want to just fill them with candy and chokeable toys. Any ideas? I also bought the April Memory Makers magazine but I tore through that baby and am already finished with it. Lots of great inspiration though!

I also did a little shopping for my spring wardrobe. Erick was really sweet. He sent me off to shop while he entertained the girls. I took way too long and kept expecting him to come in the store looking for me but he never did. He just gave me all the time I wanted. I am completely spoiled rotten by him. Anyway, I went to NY & CO and bought a silver bracelet and earring set, a white skirt, a new pair of jeans (in a SMALLER size....high fives all around please), a white under-tank, an aqua tshirt, a turquoise tshirt and a lilac....I don't know what to call it shirt. It's a button-up and the collar is almost Asian-like but the style is sort of prairie like. I don't know. Fashionistas....do you know what I'm talking about? Anyway, cute stuff.

We always stop in the Disney Store since it's right by NY & Co. and I don't know what came over Erick but he WAY overspent there. Sometimes he just gets it in his head that he's gonna spoil his girls and since they were having a big sale...he bought Kyla two jumpers (one Bambi, one Thumper) and he bought McKenna a Belle tshirt/skirt set, a Belle pajama/peignoir set (this thing is SO tacky because it's yellow and has layers of ruffles in a sheer material! But McKenna thinks she's a "booful princess" so who could say no?) and he also bought her a Jasmine doll. She keeps taking the Jasmine doll and makes her fly through the sky as she sings "A Whole New World". Quite cute. Oh and one of those compressed wash clothes that are packed into a tight square and then when you get them wet they unfold into a regular wash cloth. "Magic" washcloths as McKenna knows them to be. We're slowly starting a collection of these things apparently.

Erick picked up a weight set at Sport Chalet (thanks to my Step-Dad for the awesome discount). Did I tell you all that Erick is past the half-way point to his goal weight and he recently dropped down a size in tshirts? He had to buy a smaller belt size and today he noticed that he has to pull it in tighter even. I'm so proud of him! He looks really great and he feels even better. And all I can say is he is looking quite handsome (rawr). ; )

And I have digi-shopped up the wazoo. Do you all like links to see what I shop for? I'll do it this time but if no one tells me that YES they do like links, then I won't bother with it next time. Deal? Ok, here is what I bought in scrapland: Amy Tanabe's "Sure Thing" kit; Meredith Fenwick's Sleepy Morning Paper and Element Packs; Jen Wilson's "Day Dream" Paper and Element Packs; Jen Wilson's Aqua Essence Paper Pack; Jen Wilson's Dreamy Purple Paper Pack; Ali Folendore's Asian Element Bundle; Ali Folendore's "A Little Piece of Asia" Paper Pack; Ali Folendore's Asian Alpha Bundle; Ali Folendore's Hydrangea Pack; Ali Folendore's Posie Alpha; AL Age Old Love Font; AL Scratched Font; CK Bella Font; CK Cosmopolitan Font. Isn't it all so fun? Can you tell that Ali gave out an awesome coupon over at SBB? Spend $15 and get $5 off. Score!


In personal news...

The March Tid-Bytes has been released and is now up for sale. There is a LO of mine featured in the Hot Bytes section. And an article about blogging that features my blog. Be sure to check it out. Both writers were very complimentary and it was an honor to be mentioned.

I have an article out this week at Circle Six Magazine. It's called Every Man Can Be a Hero. So be sure to give that a little look-see too.

I am not a digital designer nor do I ever aspire to be. But it was pretty cool that this week, someone asked to buy something that I created (some word art). She offered me $20. For WORD art!! I was floored and flattered!


Kid Stuff

McKenna has been FULL of funny or off-the-wall comments lately.

* She told me that she had an "ellybache" (a bellyache).

* I had put her hair in a ponytail. Later in the day I kissed the top of her head and she said "Hey! Don't kiss my head! I have a booful ponytail! Don't mess up my booful ponytail!"

* Erick called out to me "Punkin, when is dinner gonna be ready?" And what did McKenna say to me about 20 minutes later? "Punkin? When's dinner gonna be ready?" LOL! And that was not an isolated event. She's been calling me Punkin ever since.

* My FIL and McKenna always take wrapping paper rolls and have sword fights. My FIL bopped her over the head with one and she gave him this tough girl look and said "Hey! Don't do that man!"

* Lately, everything is a "bumber" (bummer). "Aww, dat's a bumber." "No, I don't like that. That's a bumber."

* She is way into making her own breakfast and lunch. She'll take the mini pancakes out of the box, count out 6 of them and put them on the plate. Carry the plate to the microwave and climb up onto a chair. Open the microwave, put it in, close the microwave. Then she looks at me and says with attitude. "Don't talk Mommy. I can do it." I used to tell her which numbers to push but now I'm not allowed. So she tries to figure it out on her own by pointing to each number and asking "one? two? power? start?" Then when the microwave starts she says "Round and round it goes! See you when you're cooked!" And when it's finished "Pancakes are ready!!"

* And speaking of those pancakes....I'd made myself a plate of them for breakfast. I was sitting on the floor with my laptop and I'd eaten one and when I reached for a second, I noticed that she had gobbled down the other FOUR! I said "McKenna! Did you eat all Mommy's pancakes?" She giggled and said "Yes." Then she eyeballed the one in my hand and just as I went to take a bite, her little paw darted out and snagged it right from my hand!!

I don't have any Kyla stories but I DO finally have her 5-month pics. And I promise I won't make you wait as long for the 6-month pics. There was a real but boring reason why this last batch took too long (seriously, the reason is too boring to blog about.) So enjoy my little smiley girl in her 5th month.


Recent LO

McKenna - Six Months

Credits:"Dreamy Purple" papers by Jen Wilson, "Vellum Flowers" by Gina Miller (available at SBB), "Wax Seal Alpha" by Amy Koyle, paper tear by Traci Murphy, "Goldenrod" photo action by Photoblast, Fonts are Bradley Hand and CK Cosmopolitan.

Alright....that blog post took me two days to finish. Bleh. It's because I had so many little things to share and so many links! Then last night, after I'd started the post Erick and I stopped so that we could finally watch RENT. I just have to laugh. Why do I love a musical that is SO completely contrary to my moral beliefs? Who knows.

Now if you're so inclined, please comment with what your favorite part of Wizard of Oz is because McKenna is super-into what everyone's favorite part is. She asks us daily "Mommy, what's your favorite part of Wizard of Boz? What's Kyla's favorite part of Wizard of Boz? What's Daddy's favorite part...." You get the picture!

For the record....

Mommy's favorite part is when Dorothy sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
Daddy's favorite part is when the witch melts.
McKenna's favorite part is the flying monkeys.
Kyla's favorite part is when Dorothy meets the Munchkins.

So what's YOUR favorite part of the "Wizard of Boz?"


Gina said...

Oh and one of those compressed wash clothes that are packed into a tight square and then when you get them wet they unfold into a regular wash cloth. LOL For some reason, one of my Aunts likes to give these to the kids all of the time. I have to ay, they are quite nice! The washcloth inside is actually a nice size.

I think I have an image in my head of the lilac shirt, but I can't be certain..........

Congrats to Erick and his weight loss!

Favorite part of "Boz" huh? Tell McCkenna I love when Glinda the good witch in the pretty dress floats down!

Gonna check Kyla's pics in a bit..........

Laura said...

Thank you, thank you, I definitely love living vicariously through your shopping, and what fun shopping you did!! Erick is so sweet and so generous!! Tell him congratulations on his weight loss, sounds like he's doing great!!

Loved the Kenna-isms (she does remind me of Madeline sometimes) and Kyla's pictures. I can't decide who she looks like. I guess she just looks like Kyla (LOL) but sometimes she does look a little like McKenna.

O.K., my favorite part of Wizard of Oz, I think is either like Gina said when Glenda comes down in that bubble or when they first see the Emerald City and it's all sparkly and green. OR, I've always liked the part where they all get makeovers in the Emerald City.

GretGrrl said...

The Lollipop Guild, hands down. That's my favorite scene.

Loved your layout - so pretty. And loved the story about Punkin.

Kim said...

Awwww! I love reading those funny things Kenna says. Kids are just the BEST!!! And congrats to Erick and YOU on the weight loss! LOVE when I go down a size.

Hmmmmmmm....my favorite part of the wizard of oz..... yup, probably when dorothy goes to munchkin land. Love their little voices!

alisa said...

My MIL gives the most awesome little age appropriate gifts. Try the little spillproof bubble tumblers, teddy grahams in an eastery treat bag, she also has stuck in some cute barrettes or bows. Little people come in a tube, you could break it up and stick one in each. They have easter ones. These are going in Rivers basket this year. Oh and I am with Kyla on the "Wizard of Boz" poll!

Julie Jewels said...

I've never caught an episode of Sons & Daughters, but the previews make it look funny!

Yay for shopping! Thank you for the links too-definitely a necessity! LOVE the Jen Wilson stuff you got! So pretty!

Ooh, easter baskets! I'll have to check our Target too! You could always do Goldfish crackers, the teeny tiny playdoughs, small bubbles..

Congrats on going down a size! That's awesome! And to Erick too! Wow!! I'm impressed! Hey I could use that discount at Sport Chalet! We spend way too much on baseball gear there!

Congrats on the Tid-Bytes! I'm going to order my copy today.
Wow! $20 for word art? Cool! What was it?

Awww..I love Kenna stories! So sweet!!
As for the Boz...Gotta say I love the Lollipop Guild scene!!

Elaine said...

Congrats to erick for losing weight and to you for going down a pants size ! HIGH FIVES allllll around!

OMG. kenna saying "bumper" TOO FUNNY. Maddy's fad word is "That's ohwsome!"
(That's awesome). oh and "you play Maydonna?" Yeah, that's right. That's my daughter ladies and gents.. hehe

Okay, now I'm off to see Kyla's cutie patootie pictures!

Elaine said...

OH and my favorite part of wizard of oz is when they first see Emerald City in all its green grandeaur. Who knew they'd be so literal with the name of the city?

Stephanie said...

Just read your Hero article and I loved it! Forwarding it to my Prince Charming now. :)

The Wizard of Oz brings back great childhood memories! Remember when we were kids and it was on tv once a year? Oh, that was a great day! ;) My favorite part...when they see the "wizard" behind the drape cranking away the machine that makes him look big and powerful. I also like when Dorothy sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow. That was the first song I wanted to learn on the piano...it also happened to be the last one I learned as well! :)

Melissa Ives said...

Stephanie who posted before me lead me to your blog because you were asking about Wizard of Oz! That is my favorite movie! (and I'm 28)I have several favorite scenes such as Dorothy falling into the pen, Dorothy slapping Lion on the nose for going after Toto and, of course, Somewhere Over the Rainbow...but my absolute favorite is when Mrs. Gulch turns into the Wicked Witch of the West while flying by Dorothy's window. This terrified me as a child! Have you seen Wicked? Your daughter is probably too young for it now, but when she's older I'd reccommend it...she'll see W of O in a totally different way! LOVE your blog!

momy4him said...

i love it when you post your kenna quotes, i had a good chuckle this morning! i love your 'booful' layout of kayla too!
i also have friends that i live vicariously through with shopping. but if we are together while shopping, watch out- we tell each other "you know you need that, you should totally get it. then let me borrow it ;)!"
lol! really, my favorite line in the boz movie: "oh you cursed brat! look what you've done- i'm melting, melting...ahhhh, what a world, what a world, who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?!"
yes, we like the witch...

Kim said...

I'm with Elaine on the Wizard of Oz favorite moment... when they see Emerald City... so pretty.

Bumber... too cute!

Wow! Go you and Erick on the weight loss! Hi-Five!!!!!! Hopefully soon I can post about my own weight loss success story! Lord knows I'm trying :)

Jen said...

I love reading your shopping trip tales as well- so keep sharing! My favorite Wizard of Oz? Hmmm- I will say Dorothy singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" I love this movie- hence the reason my kids were the characters for Halloween this past year ;)

SaSa said...

Sounds like Daddy had a very good time getting his princess' treasure. ;)

Miss Kenna...my favorite part of the Wizard of Oz is when they meet the lion and he says....Rrrrawwwwwwwrr. Cassie's favorite part is when Dorothy meets the lion.

Congrats to Erik!!!

Delighted Mom said...

I also love to shop through you. I don't go shopping much and I love to see whats out there.

Losing weight can be such a hard battle. Thumbs up to Erik.

Wizard of Oz...I like when they meet the scarecrow and the song he sings.

WHo does Kyla look like? That big grin of hers is great.

Alyson said...

Dear Kennaroni,
First, I love you! Second, my FAVORITE part of Wizard of Boz is when they all fall asleep in the poppy field, and then it snows to wake them up. I LIVE for that part. Makes me cry EVERYTIME!

Tell your mom I love her too! And that I LOVE hearing/linking to what she bought! It gives me retail therapy, without the retail! Love, Alyson

terrarist said...

oh that is all just too sweet. The shopping, the shopping, the mckenna sayings and the booful stuff. Kealey used to say it just like that too!
my fave part of wizard of boz is when she wakes up and sees all the people she loved. i don't know why. i just love seeing how they all transformed into the people with her in her dream.
ok blog comment turning into a post.
have a good weekend! high fives on the smaller size too! woot woot!!

terra(sorry i have no ghetto talk for the blog comment.)