Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ahhhh, March

So do you like my new blinkie image to get to my digital scrap gallery? Gina made it for me AND if you want can have it too! Just stop by her blog, right click and save it to your computer. Just be sure to upload to your own server/image-host so that you don't steal her bandwidth.

Don't you just love March? It's my second favorite month (my first favorite is October). Here is what March means for me:

* Spring! Not that California sees a harsh winter and this year has pretty much felt like spring anyway. But there is something so refreshing about crisp spring air and bright sunshine that just lifts the spirits.

* Cute new clothes! I love how in Jan/Feb you can already see the trends begin to form when you walk through the mall. I predict faded shades of Tangerine and Aqua will be hot colors this spring. I'm on the lookout for some cute tees in those colors, preferably that thin tshirt material since that is most flattering. Let me know if you stumble across any. I haven't done much spring shopping yet but I did buy these cute shoes. I know, I know. Payless? You should know that I am a major cheapskate when it comes to shoes. Styles change so quickly that I can't fathom spending more than $20 on them. But aren't these cute? I love the slim design.

* Beautifying! I usually go on a beauty binge - refresh my makeup collection, touch up my highlights, get a mani/pedi, whiten my teeth. I bought the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion kit and I love it! It's not as effective as going to an Aesthetician to get it done but I can't plunk down $300 a month on a beauty routine anymore.

* St. Patrick's Day! Being Irish, having an Irish name, the fact that my Mom was due with me on St. Patrick's day, having an Irish-Themed wedding AND honeymooning in Ireland....we feel a bit of a connection to the Emerald Isle over here. For the past few years we've made a traditional Beer-Braised Corned Beef & Cabbage and mashed potatoes with a broth. YUM! I can't wait to make it. The corned-beef cooks all day in the pot so it makes the whole house smell sooooo good. Erick works the night of St. Pat's so we'll probably make it on the 14th. It's probably the only time of year that I actually look forward to a MEAL. You know how excited everyone gets about Thanksgiving food? I'm just "eh" about Thanksgiving food. But St. Patrick's that's a meal I can get excited about.

* My birthday! Here's all I need for my birthday to be a good day: I love when my close family and friends just remember to drop me an email. Nothing lengthy or mushy required. Just the fact that they at some point thought of me that day makes me smile. I do not get mad when people forget my birthday. Unless it was my parents, sister or husband. That would be surprising. They've never forgotten but I would be sad if they did. Getting to sleep in. This is provided that Erick's schedule allows it. But I'd like to be the one who gets to sleep in that day. Just until 9am because I don't like to waste the day away. And when I wake up, I'd love it if the place wasn't messy and the coffee is already made. Something that makes me feel "treated". Usually Erick let's me shop. Or get a pedicure. Just something that makes the day feel like a little something special. A whole day where I don't have to remind anyone to pick up their toys or rinse their dishes or ask for help of any kind. I'd just like everyone to be on their toes and keep the household running without me having to be the director. Going someplace is optional. I don't care where, just as long as we're together. The zoo, the mall, Disneyland, the park, Target. Who cares. We have the same amount of fun together no matter where we are. I just enjoy seeing my girls smile. Dinner as a family. I don't mind if I'm the one cooking it since I love to cook. As long as it's tasty and I have my husband and girls with me then I'm happy. And that's it. That would be a wonderful birthday. Long-gone are the days when you want a huge party to celebrate your birthday. Now, all it takes is a day where everyone is happy and together. Funny how life changes.

* Other birthdays! March is also my Dad's birthday (March 11) and Erick's Dad's birthday (March 21) as well as my niece Amanda (March 31). So we have a few family get-togethers in March!

* McKenna should have a great time at preschool this month. The color for the month is pink, the shape is the shamrock and the themes are: Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Animals and their ecosystems, and Noah's Ark. I've updated her art project folder if you want to see her latest and greatest creations. Newest projects are on page 4 and start with Feb. 9.

"But Shannon," you say "why did you not mention the Oscars? That's in March too!" Ah, sadly I have no interest in the Oscars. I never really have. I don't care about celebrities. Don't read tabloids, don't watch E. I rarely care if a celeb makes the news. This may be because I'm from California where it's considered uncool to be starstruck? I'm not sure. I just don't care who is dating who or who is wearing what. If it's really of interest, it will be in my next issue of InStyle. And I don't care what other people think of movies. I don't read reviews and I don't watch award shows because I prefer to make my own opinions about movies. Whenever I want to see a movie and Erick tells me "But it got bad reviews." I could care less what kind of reviews it got. Most critics think Hemingway is a genius. That doesn't mean I like his pompous novels. And when it comes to award shows, I just don't have the patience to sit through all those speeches. People thanking God and then going into the bathroom to snort a gram of Coke? LOL no thanks. So when all the conversations get going at this time of year, everyone asking "Who do you think will win?" I zone out. Not that I think less of anyone who does care about these things. I know it's fun and a great conversation piece. I almost wish I could get into it for the conversation alone. I've just never been able to. I've tried. Bores me to tears though. But if anything truly fascinating happens, clue me in would ya? Because sometimes there's some fun in the morning-after gossip.


Recent LOs

Fourth of July 2004

Credits: Papers from Gina Miller's "Polka Papers: Heartland" collection; Stars from Gina Miller's "Chip Classics: Hearts & Stars" collection; Alpha from Gina's "Weathered & Worn: XOXO" collection. Stitching by C. Smith. Fonts are CK Bella, AL Scratched, SF-JWoodbury.

McKenna's First Birthday Party

Credits: Papers, tag and brads from Gina Miller's "Weathered & Worn" collection (paper from "Softly Grape", tag and recolored brads from "Vivid Garden"). Fairydust Alpha by Katie Pertiet. Staples by Bree Clarkson. Fonts are: Janellescript, LD Splendid, Dymo
Journaling: Your first birthday was so important to me. I wanted to give you the celebration you deserved. We had a Tinkerbelle party in the park and everyone went all out. The whole family brought food and tons of presents. I made fairy wand cookies, fairy wand party favors, and every little detail was made to look like a fairyland. I even baked you your own cake to dive into. I didn’t know it was possible for a one-year old girl to eat a third of a cake all by herself! No wonder you skipped lunch that day ... you were saving room! It was the perfect way to celebrate your first year of life ... a year I will always treasure in my heart.


Delighted Mom said...

Happy March!
I so relate to the birthday wishes. You just pin pointed it. I never really could figure out what it was that I wanted I just knew that it wasn't a big to-do.

What day is your birthday? the 24th?

Love the birthday LO.

Julie Jewels said...

Cute shoes! I could never wear them though because in a size 10 they look like clown shoes! LOL
I'm a Payless or Target girl for my shoes too. I just can't see spending bucko bucks on shoes!

Mom said...

LOL I remember you girls used to get mad at me for making you wear payless "Pro Wings" now you see why, I couldn't spend alot of money on shoes either knowing full well they would get ruined or go out of style way too quickly. I love the new L.O's great job!

Love, MOM

terrarist said...

i so love that your mom left such a cute commment on the blog - how can i follow that up?
(i am a huge payless fan for shoes too. I think i would pass out and go into like a diabetic coma if i ever spent more than fifty bucks ona pair of shoes - and only that much for running shoes!!)
Anyways - your birthday plans sound wonderful and I cannot wait till spring slowly makes its way here to the frozen snowy midwest for many of the same reasons you listed here!
Thanks for such a cheery message today - gives me much to look forward to!
Happy Spring!


Kim said...

LOL about your Mom's comment! Pro Wings! I used to be FURIOUS with my Mom if she even mentioned the prospect of Pro Wings! So I steeled for Cheetas at Mervyn's. :)

Stephanie said...

I love March too! We had a St. Patrick's Day wedding just about 5 years ago. :) Happy March to you!

Elaine said...

OH those are cute shoes and you know what? Its even better that they come from Payless because if something happens to them or they go out of style.. hell, they're only from Payless right!! I love me some payless. LOL on your mom buying "Pro Wings!" I remember having those with the velcro straps. STYLIN!!

You just made me drool after reading about the corn beef and cabbage. mmmm...

Gina said...

Ahhh I love Spring air too! We've been feeling it the past two days AND have you noticed it stays lighter out much longer? I love it (but March is still kinda cold for us so my real fave is May) ;)

Well since you don't watch the Oscars, you missed Jennifer Garner slip across the stage. Consider yourself enlightened. ;)

momy4him said...

i missed the last post so i have to go back a little bit here and just say that layout'chatting with lukey' made me lol!!! the expressions on her face talking on the phone...too cute!
i am getting pretty excited about the coming of spring here also, despite all of the rain we are getting over here on the coast. it is a time of renewal, rebirth, and regeneration for me. time to make fresh starts here.
new shoes!!! love new shoes, i'm not really into what's in style or what's not in style though, i just get what i like, and from where i can find it- payless, target, mervyns,
i can totally feel you on the oscars, not having tv (cable) pretty much nixes any starstruck ideals and/or any interest about what happens in hollywood around here.
ok i have written a book- sorry!

SaSa said...

Happy March. :)
Happy Birthday. :)
Happy everything. :)

You're such a sweetie. I'm glad you have a favorite month. It makes you even cuter. LOL Yes, I mean that sincerely. I love the LO's. You really have an eye for what will make the page center on the picture and accentuate it and not concentrating on the "stuff".