Thursday, March 23, 2006


My new system is working (for those who don't know what my system is, read yesterday's post)! I actually caught up on blogs by reading the blogs as I got comments. And really, I was out for half the day so that's pretty impressive that I caught up still! Woohoo! What a relief! I always feel SO bad when I don't reply to comments. Blogger isn't set up like Typepad. You can't email back to whoever comments. Crummy. But at least this way I'm feeling like I can interact back with anyone who comments. I hate feeling like I'm ignoring what you guys say because I couldn't acknowledge it in someway. I think this just may work!


While blog-reading tonight, I ran across a few things I had to share.

First, Jen always shares the cutest stories about her two cutie pies. And one of the stories she shared was about when she was trying on a dress. It reminded me of a story I wanted to share. Read hers after because hers is cuter. Anyway, when I was trying on clothes the other day, McKenna said "Are you trying that on Mommy? Does it fit? Let me see. Turn around. Oh. It's nice. Like Sleeping Beauty." LOL!

Traci has the MOST ADORABLE and FUNNY video of her son Derek dancing. You must check it out.

Kim has some very exciting news! Go congratulate her!


Today was Kyla's 6-month well-baby check up. She's the picture of health. She is 16 lbs. and 14 oz. and 26 inches. I think he said that's 75th percentile for height and 65th percentile for weight. He said "She'll have a model's figure." LOL of course he said the same thing about McKenna who, whilst she is definitely not destined to be a model because she will be a shorty like her Mommy! Anyway, poor Ky got 4 shots. Erick managed to distract her from the first two pokes but the third one pissed her off. Poor little thing. He said we can start giving her a cup with some watered-down juice. So we did once we got home and she mastered that thing! She was drinking out of it like she's known how this whole time. I got a cute pic of her and Kenna drinking their first juice together. But of course....the USB drive is still being funky {eyeroll}

Tonight, McKenna came up to me today and whispered "Tomorrow is Mommy's birthday." And then she yelled "SURPRISE!!" and proceeded to tell me that tomorrow she's going to have "cake and streamers and party hats and goodie bags for everyone and presents and balloons and ice cream and candles and strawberry shortcake muffins....." and then she leaned forward and said (with her finger on my nose) "All for YOU!" Then she said "AND hot coffee!" And I said "For me!?!?! And can I have lots of kisses?" She said "NO! You'll have hot coffee in your mouth!" Then she handed me a tub of disinfectant wipes and said "Happy birthday. This is for YOU!" LOL! So in her mind, she threw me a very elaborate birthday party. She even knew me well enough to know that I would want "hot coffee" at my party. I'm a lucky Mommy.

Tomorrow's plans will be low-key because Erick has to work. I get to sleep in and then when I wake up I get to go get a pedicure. After that, I'm thinking a trip to Target so I can buy a new tote and maybe a pair of shoes. Lisa posted a pic of the new CK so I'll have to be on the lookout for that as well. Possibly lunch out as a family. Depends on our time! Then while Erick is at work and the girls are napping, I think I'll do a little digi-shopping. My sweet, wonderful friend Julie sent me a gift card to Scrapartist which is my FAV. digi place to shop. I already have PLENTY of ideas of what I want to get. I'll share here what my final choices are. Thanks Jewels, you're so thoughtful!

Sunday my family is coming for dinner. I'm making dinner but that is MY choice. I really didn't give them a choice, I insisted. I really enjoy cooking and it's easier to have it here at our place where my girls and my nephews can run around and have fun. I think we'll have a good time. I'm making a spinach dip bread bowl for an appetizer. For dinner we're having grilled steaks, broiled salmon, greek salad, green beans, roasted-chicken rice. And dessert is strawberry cake because McKenna really wanted a pink and white cake. And really, her and Lukey are the ones who love cake the most so why not oblige them, right?

All-in-all, I can't think of any other way I'd want to celebrate unless I could convince you all to come out and have dinner with us Sunday? Anyone? ; )


Well, that's it for today. No new LOs since I was gone for half the day and wasted time the rest of the day.

I wish I had some fabulous birthday gift to give you. A freebie or something. But you don't want anything I can design. LOL! Seriously. I wouldn't do that to you. Here, I created this winking guy for you ; ) He's free. You can have him. No filesharing though.

If you are bored and you're thinking "What might I like to do for Shannon on this here 29th birthday.....", you could go here and post a rating or review of my blog. You just find my blog and click on STATS. But only do that if you have good things to say. If you have bad things to say then forget I posted the link. No, don't look at it. Look away!

Today's question is: What would your ideal birthday dessert be?

Oh.....and when you're done here, go to Kim's blog and wish her a happy birthday! We share a bday. Same year and everything. Happy birthday Kim!


Laura said...

O.K.I think I'll work backwards. My ideal birthday dessert would be OMG, everything, I love dessert! But either a tower of donuts! Or key lime pie probably.

Oh while I'm thinking about it, I have a yummy way of making strawberry cake. Assuming you mean like strawberry out of a box cake. So, make the cake and then rather than icing put a layer of whipped cream, top with fresh sliced strawberries another cake layer and more whipped cream and strawberries! YUM!!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I hope it's a wonderful day for you!!!

McKenna is too funny! I love her party plans for you and how very thoughtful of her to not want to interrupt your coffee drinking experience. Or maybe she was concerned for her own safety if she gave you kissies with hot coffee in your mouth. She's such a cutie!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute story about you DD, she has a very good imagination!! I love that in children!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a fun relaxing day!!!!


~*Jennifer*~ said...

Happy half-birthday to your daughter! LOL My daughter was born on Sept.1st! She is a bit bigger than yours though. She was 18lbs 10oz at her 6.5 month checkup. She's my little chub-a-lub. :)

Anonymous said...

Happiest of days to you Shannon!!!!! Glad you got to sleep in....but now wake we can all wish you a great day!!!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Shannon! :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hmm... my favorite birthday dessert? I would have to say lemon cake. Boring, but I am not a big dessert person.

Oh, and too cute about McKenna asking you if your outfit fit properly. She's such a smart little girl!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick hello..been checking in on your blog now and again to see how your doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope the day is really special!!


Melissa Ives said...

Happy Birthday!!! What an exciting day! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm glad your system works!

My ideal birthday desert would be cheesecake dripping with fresh strawberries! Oh yum!

Gina said...

OMG she's having juice already?! I still feel like she's a newborn! Too weird! But so exciting. :)

Your dinner sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

Hmmm fav. birthday dessert huh? I love when my Mom makes me "orange jice"c ake (Grandma's recipe) AND I also love this homemade whipped cream and chocolate log-cake that Pam and I make for each other.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday and count me in for dinner Sunday. ;) Birthday dessert... maybe a gooey chocolate brownie sunday? Yeah, that sounds good.

Angie Wags said...

Happy Birthday, buddy! My favorite would be chocolate cake with chocolate icing..and a big glass of milk! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend!

Julie Jewels said...

Yay for an effective system!!

Wow! Go Kyla!! It is so hard to believe she's 6 months old already! For some reason I really just want her to stay little forever!!

I heart Kenna!! What a sweet sweet girl you have there! She threw you a fabulous birthday party!!

I hope you have a great day with your family today!!
I'm so honored to call you my friend! You're such a sweet caring person!
I'd rate your blog, but I already did, so...
What time is dinner on Sunday? ;)

Jen said...

awww- McKenna's story is just as sweet- don't you just LOVE kids!! :) Between that and her party planning skills- you have the whole package :)
My favorite dessert...Hot brownie in ooeey gooey fudge and carmel sauce with a side of natural vanilla icecream. Yep- that is now what I am craving ;)

Jennifer said...

A big fat happy birthday to you my dear!! Hope your day is fabulous. What a sweetie that McKenna is!!

Tara H. said...

Happy Birthday!
From one of your most loyal lurkers...
P.S. Your last layout had me all teary at work. Reminds me of the first time I held my now 4 month old son. You always seem to capture a moment so effectively. I love the scrapping, but you should look into doing photography professionally...
Let me know if you do, I would love to be your first client!

Elaine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! I hope you have a great day!

McKenna is such a little party planner! hahah! hOT COFFEE? She knows her mom very well huh??

my favorite bday dessert is ice cream cake.

ice cream. GOOOD
cake. GOOOD...

wyowoman said...

happy birthday chica! my favorite birthday dessert is the Velvet Underground thing. And, I'll svae you a trip-->my blog is unupdated still! (I do that for you , you know, so you won't have to read it-save you some time!)

SaSa said...

Happy Birthday Shannon. :) I pinkheart you.

GretGrrl said...

Happy birthday, Shannon -- hope it's a good one. Favorite dessert? Hmmm -- probably some chocolate cake. Or really good cheesecake.

momy4him said...

happy birthday girl!!!
here is a little something for ya...

momy4him said...

dang...just check my gallery ;)

Anonymous said...

delurking to say Happy Birthday. Hope you day and the year is filled with happiness and fun!! I have been reading your blog from a while, but was too lazy to comment!

My favorite dessert for birthday would be Blackforest cake.

Anonymous said...

oops I just left a comment without my name . My name is Sowmya

Aggie said...

Happy Birthday Shannon! Hope it was a good one!

Britt(any) said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day!

Favorite birthday dessert? Well, probably cheesecake. YUM.

Erin said...

Oh. It's nice. Like Sleeping Beauty

Melt my heart why don't you???Soooo sweet! I can just hear her sweet little voice saying it too!!!

It seems like maybe Kyla will be taller than Kenna? Maybe?

My desert would be cheese cake! With cherries on top!!Or maybe tirimuso (did I kill the spelling on that?)

kim said...

OMGoodness! Hope you had a happy one dahhhling! That sweet little McKenna is just a doll! Just want to eat her up she is soooo cute. :) the new profile pic ;) You hot mama, you!

traci said...

dessert? One bite of every one of my favorite sweets.

Thanks for the blog plug!!!

And, I'm so impressed Erick goes to the dr. with you. Greg is a woos.