Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Think Too Much

I really do. I put way too much thought into the small things. Everytime I try to update my blog, I am plagued with guilt over how little time I have to read other blogs. My previous system was that I would put all my friends links on the side there and then I'd check each link everyday. Well that got to be a lot of time spent. So then I decided I'd start checking it everytime I updated my blog. Problem with that system was that I usually update at night and by the time I finish my update, I'm sooo tired that I wouldn't even comprehend the blog posts I'd be reading. So I tried to go back to my list idea. Only there are a handful of you gals that I want to add to my list. Particularly anyone who has me linked on their blog. But then I thought "Well now my list will just be gigantic and I'll be too overwhelmed to go down the list all in one day, several times a week." But I have this thing....this sense of need to give what I get. So my new system is that whenever I get a comment, I'll just go right to your blog and read your latest post and leave a comment. That way, my blog reading is kind of broken up over time. It's a lot easier to do 15 blogs over a period of 2-3 days then it is to do 15 blogs all in one sitting right? Ok, so that's my new system. Let's see how it works. I know, I know. I put waaaaay to much thought into these things. But I like to give what I get and I like to balance my time so I stay organized. Welcome to the chaos of my overly analytical mind. ; )


I shoooooooopped! (Uh, that's shopped. Not shooped). My birthday is Friday and we went to my inlaws for dinner the other night. They are always very generous with the bday money. They know how much I like to shop and it's easier for them anyhow so Erick's Grandma always gives me a nice, crisp $100 bill and then his parents usually give me a check. So today Erick and I took the girls to the mall for lunch and a little shopping. New York and Company was having a BOGO 1/2 off sale. Plus they had sent me a coupon for 30% off. So I got a TON of stuff. Now before I go any further, I am required to give semi-credit to Gina for the gauchos. She had bought some gauchos awhile back and I told her they were cute but you would NEVER see me jump on that bandwagon because I'm 5'3 and gauchos would look stupid on someone of my height. She (and Vinny) insisted that gauchos made "your ass look good". I stuck to my guns. Not someone who is 5'3. No sir. So today I am buying what I assume are capris with a flared leg. They were so flattering. My ass did indeed look good. Yep, freaking gauchos. I bought TWO pairs of gauchos, unbeknownst to me. So Gina gets credit for being right but I stubbornly refuse to give her full credit because I didn't KNOW what I was buying. LOL! I'm really quite the stubborn broad, aren't I G? Anyway, here is what I bought:

A pair of gauchos in dark denim & A pink vneck tshirt
A pair of gauchos in white denim & An aqua short-sleeve knit shirt
A metallic braided belt in silver to go with both outfits
A silver pair of flip-flops to go with both outfits
One of those shirts that I STILL don't know the name black
A white undertank and a white tailored tank with lace trim
A navy polyester track suit (capri pants) with a white & navy tank

I know, it's not as fun without pics. NONE of those items are online at NY&CO so I took pics for you. But I've been having problems with my USB drives for the past few days so I couldn't download them. (*sigh* Time to take a trip to Best Buy to get my barely 2-month old laptop looked at.) Anyway....I got ALL that for $156....I saved $128! I was pretty pleased with my bargain-hunting self. Then I went to Payless because I needed a black pair of close-toed shoes so I got these clogs. Those aren't to go with any of my new outfits. I just needed a close-toed shoe for those times when I'm too lazy to get a pedicure. ; )

I still have a little shopping I want to do so next time I update on my shopping excursion, I'll include the other pics. I still have my March issue of InStyle to read. That's always a bad idea BEFORE I shop. LOL! Let's just pray I stick to the spending limits of my birthday gifts, shall we?


Recent LO
(Click image to view closer)

ARGH! I am so over technology today! LOL! Now blogger won't upload any photos. This is maddening. This is a really special LO too. So if you want to see it, click here:
This Moment is Ours
Credits: Papers and staples by IOD; decorative corners by Josie Celio; stamp by Dana Zarling; flower by Amy Martin; journal strip by Dianne Rigdon; fonts are Jefferson & Mom's Typewriter; sepia photo filter by Virtual Photographer; paper tear action by Atomic Cupcake.


Ok, question of the day.....What is the LAST book that you read (or current book that you're reading) and did/do you like it enough to recommend it?


Elaine said...

HAHA! I do the same thing with my own blogroll so don't worry, you're not the only one that frets. That system is a good idea, I think I'll start doing that!

I've SO been tempted to buy gauchos but I figured they would just look like crazy loose bellbottoms on me,(short people problems) but I've actually seen some that were short enough for me to get away with. I just have to get the courage to try them on.

Last book read was, "The Davinci Code." I know a little late in the game. I loved it!

Current Book: "The Cell" by Stephen King. So far so good, I would recommend. Not scary.. just disturbing. In a very entertaining way....

Laura said...

Great, now I wish we had a NY&Co here. You got a LOT of stuff for not much, I had to go back and read that again to make sure I read it right. I guess it was the BOGO thing.

Last book I read all the way through was "Memoirs of a Geisha" and I loved it! I read the book Elaine read too (The DaVinci Code) a while back it was really good, can't wait for the movie!

GretGrrl said...

I refuse to even try on gauchos. I'm 5'1" -- just don't think it'll fly. Heck, most capris are just full-length pants on me.

I'll ALWAYS talk books. I just finished The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Definite recommendation. And right now I'm reading Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult. I recommend everything by her. This is an older one, but I somehow missed it - but still good. Oh, and be sure to check out The Sun Also Rises. (Haha - know you dislike Hemingway.)

Such a pretty layout -- nice.

Off to do my own shopping now, but it's at the grocery store. Blech.

momy4him said...

good for you! you shopped and saved!!! sounds like you got a lot of cute stuff! i recently went on a shopping spree myself, i'll have to post some pics to my blog too!
speaking of blogs, i got a new one! i got tired of blogger not letting me do the things i wanted to do when i wanted to do it-like upload pics! so i am trying the typepad 30 day trial and i really think i am going to stay with it!
is my new home!
i saw the layout in the sbb gallery and i LOVED it- one of my favorites!

last book i read, was so boring i can't even remember the name- crossing samria, or something like that. i was getting into the harry potter books again, since my son and dh were reading them, but soon dropped that. i had begun reading messy spirituality, put it down for a while, but now reading it again! this book has some very good chapters in it, but until i finish the entire book, i can't recommend it yet. i know after i finish reading it i will need to go back and reread the first few chapters again, since i dropped the ball for a while there. i wanted to do that when i picked it up again, but then i thought i should just press on...but you have already read this book, right?

Julie Jewels said...

You're so funny!! So now by responding I'm at least guaranteed to have one person read my blog, right?

Score on the shopping!! Woo Hoo!!!

Books? What are those? I barely have time to read my weekly People magazine before the next issue shows. I do want to start Stephen King's The Cell though. It's sitting here waiting for me!

Melissa Ives said...

You did very good I'd say! I love that store!

I just finished reading The Pact last night by Jodi Picoult. Very good...definatly recommend.

Elizabeth said...

OMG...I love that LO, definitly worth clicking the link!!!!

Love the clogs, I am such a lazy girl, I love anything "slip on"!!!

Well it's been a while since I read a book, but I just finished my Jan issue of Family Fun Magazine LOL!!!

Delighted Mom said...

I have to say that is my Favorite LO to date!!! Love love love it.

I have had the shopping bug for over a week and reading your blog makes me really want ot go spend some cash.

I am with you on the gauchos. I have never bought any because I thought, I'm pregnant, they won't look good on a pregnant body. Maybe I'll have to go try a pair. What kind of shoes do you wear with them anyway???

I'm reading, "If life were easy it wouldn't be hard" and I love it.

P.s. Those clogs remind me of ones you and kelly used to share. I remember kellys feet always smelling after she wore them...Odd memory, I know.

Kim said...

Call me crazy, but I still have a fear of gauchos. Not sure why. I think they look great on other people, but I am afraid I am too tall. My inseam is 35". Yikes.

Anyway, nothing's better than getting new clothes. I'm jealous! :)

Love the LO!

Alyson said...

I can't figure out gauchos. I can't STAND them on the rack, but I know they look cute on people...I'm such a dork. I should just suck it up and try them on!

I gotta go do some shopping! Ugh. I hate shopping. (Since when did we become so different? haha!)

OK, last book read was Julie and Julia. Yes, I would recommend it, but not highly. It doesn't have a real plot-line, so it drags at time. But for someone who likes to cook, it's a fun read.

Currently reading: Sidhartha. It's for the book club at school, and I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to have to lead the discussion, so I'm trying to read it as quickly as I can. It's eh. But I'm also trying to read the "classics" that I missed, so I'll chug through to add the notch to my list.

Happy day before your birthday!!!

Stephanie said...

Your layout is so beautiful! Blogger just didn't realize it or it would have loaded it properly for you. hehe

I just finished "The Tenth Circle" by Jodi Picoult. It's good, but not her best. However, I would love for anyone to read it so they can tell me what the hidden quote is! ;)

jenn v said...

you definitely need to go to it makes reading blogs SO EASY. You just put them all in your profile and every time you go there you will see which blogs are updated and you can click on the blog and it will open in a preview window. SOOO EASY.

I can't recommend an actual book (b/c I don't read to my scrapbooking addiction), but I love the new scrapbooks etc. design secrets idea book.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I think I might have to do this Bogging thing after all...
Love yours!
The last good book I read was"Teacher Man" by Frank McCourt (author of Angela's Ashes and 'Tis). Loved it and highly recommend it.
Daly (from 2 peas)

Jen said...

LOL about reading blogs. I have a certain five or so I check daily- first thing when I wake up- I get my glass of milk and pop open the laptop and indulge ;) If they aren't yet updated- I will check in on those later in the day. As for the rest- I read when I get a chance. I do always make sure to go to those that leave comments on mine- I know I love getting them so I make sure to share back ;)
I still don't think I will try guachos- I did see some at Target today- thought of Gina, but still feel as though my short ole legs just will be swallowed.
Last book- photo decor by Donna Downey. Not a "read" type book- but more projects. Great if you want new ways of displyaing your pictures :)

Britt(any) said...

Love the LO---saw it on some other site and didn't know it was you. LOL.

The book I'm reading now? Try about 4--one about Hurricanes, The Westing Game, Hatchet, and From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. All my kids are studying these right now. :)

And just to let you know...I'm 5'10" and I STILL refuse to do the gaucho thing. I'm not too sure why...

Anonymous said...

Came to say happy birthday eve to my sweet buddy. So glad to have the chance to hang with you daily Shannon!!! And I've left you a comment and you don't have to do any work....isn't that nice....aren't you glad now I am blogless?!!
Wow....that is some shopping spree and some miniscule bill for all that....WOW!! I stand impressed. Much for fun coming for shopping adventures from someone who is only one inch taller than least there's a slight chance I can trust the gaucho thing.....very slight however!!! Glad you got to shop and have fun for you bday week. And that killer lo has to be singing in your mind....that is the best Shannon!!!

Happy glad you were born!!!!


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday!! How fun to go shopping. It's especially fun when it's birthday shopping, lol. No guilt there!!

I too have been tempted to buy gauchos, but have been convinced they would look silly on my 5'3" frame. I may have to just rethink this whole gaucho thing because they ARE cute and anything that could make my ass look good is something I should definitely look into LOL.

What a gorgeous layout. That picture is just priceless!!

The last book I read was East of Eden, by John Steinbeck. It's my favorite book of all time, so I highly recommend it!! :)

Shawna Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Shannon! Sounds like you got some great deals on your shopping travels! I think the gauchos are super cute, but I've only been brave enough to try them on once & it was not a pretty sight! I think the material was a bit to thin for my comfort zone! Oh well, maybe when I lose a bit more weight!

Oh I loved your layout! Very soft & pretty! And I can't remember the last time I had time to read a book, but I did read the current issue of CK this week! And my new Kraft foods mag too! Lots of yummy stuff in there!

Gina said...

You ARE a stubborn broad! LOL

I will have you know I got through your clothing list and said "oh I can't resist anymore", went and re-signed up for the newsletter and printed my 20% off coupon. LOL! Now... to find the time to get to the store....

I'm telling you....... go to typepad...... go to typepad........ go to......

traci said...

Yeah, you'd better spell shop right, you're gonna have the spelling police on yer arse!

And you do think too much. Probably because you're no longer a blonde ;)