Monday, March 20, 2006

Gotta kick-start this thing.

LOL I kinda stalled out over the weekend, didn't I? What was that all about? You know how sometimes you just lose all motivation? Just laziness I guess. But anyway, I got my bloggin' mojo back. Although I do think I'll keep this nice and short since it's getting a little late as it is.

A few things I wanted to share:

* Erick is gonna play a gig in May! He hasn't played his own show in 5 years. So if you're local, contact him about getting tickets! And if you want to hear some of his music, click here. For anyone new to my sweetie's music, here's a little breakdown. His band when we met was god complex. So those songs are all pretty old. Frailty was the band he was in with my BIL. They're no longer playing so those songs are laid to rest for the time being as well. Two Hearts is the first song that he ever wrote for me (also our first dance at our wedding). Vow is the song that he wrote to propose to me with (also performed during our wedding ceremony). Beautiful Distraction is his newest recording. He wrote, performed and recorded the entire song all on his own and all here at our home. Hallelujah to the King was a worship song he wrote when he was a worship leader. Just so you know what you're listening to.

* Kyla's 6-month photos are up! You can find them on our family website:

* McKenna is SUCH a little performer lately. She acts out the following scenes daily: The dance between Beauty and the Beast, the dance between Cinderella and the Prince, the dance between Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, the scene when Snow White eats the apple and falls to the floor, the entire scene of "Just Around the Riverbend" from Pocohontas, the "Touch the Spindle" scene from Sleeping Beauty, the "We Can Fly" scene from Peter Pan, the scene when Alice grows too large from Alice in Wonderland (she squishes herself underneath her princess table for this one), the ballerina scene from the Disney Princess Christmas of Enchantment dvd, and ALL of the dance sequences from her Once Upon a Dream dvd. Every single one of these performances has a costume, props and sometimes supporting actors (me). And quite often I have to do her hair "Cinderella style" or "Ballerina style". It's hard work having a diva in the house. Here are some pictures of her being a prima ballerina:

Admiring her "byooful" ballerina tutu:

Practicing "Fifth Position":

Already mastering grace:

This photo was so blurry but check out her out. She already knows "Second Arabesque".

And "Grande Plier":

And finally, a curtsy:

Now I'd love to say that I have a future dancer on my hands. But the truth is, she will spend the first half of the day with me, painting her fingernails and toenails, dressing in her princess attire, dancing all over the living room. And then Erick comes home and she is like a little Mia Hamm the way she can kick the ball. He swears she's already got great baseball AND soccer skills. And the kid is brutal when it comes to wrestling. So really we'll see what she loves to do. Maybe all of it. Maybe none of it. All I know is that I do hope my kids have one extra curricular activity that they really love.

Recent LOs
(Click image to enlarge)

Irish Hearts

Credits: This is hands-down my favorite Irish kit that I've seen. So much depth to the paper and alpha. Leans more towards the artsy then the cutesy. Love it! Everything is from Carrie Stephen's "Lucky Day" kit except for the white background paper (Gina Miller). Font is CK Cosmopolitan.

A new AAM page (all about me) for Gina's CT:

Credits: Everything is from Gina's "Weathered & Worn: XOXO" kit. Fonts are "Susie's Hand" and "Problem Secretary Normal". Photo action on main photo is "Color Wash" from Photoblast.

A Dream

Credits: Background paper and monogram paper from Gina Miller's "Perfectly Pastel: Cottage Breeze" collection (available at SBB). Brush by Michelle Coleman ("Lighter Shades of Pale" kit). The perfect piece of kraft paper by Kristin Tilly. Beautiful heart tear by Traci Murphy. Bow by Amy Tanabe. Staple by Something Blue Studios. Tag by Dianne Rigdon. Flower from Gina Miller's "Vintage Poppy Flower" kit. Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake. Font is Freestyle Script. Quote is my own. This was a dabble in a new style - inspired by Traci Murphy's gallery.


Melissa Ives said...

Those photos are the sweetest I've ever seen!!! What a graceful little girl! Sounds like she'll be well rounded. Very sweet!

Julie Jewels said...

Great pictures of Kenna!! It's so cute to hear her doing all these dances to all these princess movies (that will never be seen in my house! LOL)

Oooh!! I wanna see Erick perform! I hope it's at a time/date I can go!!

Jen said...

Shannon- how cute is Kenna? Oh my goodness- I LOVE it!! I simply can not wait until Addie is old enough to be all cute and girly!! While I am well schooled in wrestling, soccer and basketball- I am ready for a shift ;)

Stephanie said...

That's awesome that she seems to have so many different interests already! Nothing wrong with being a ballerina AND a soccer player! :) Your layouts are beautiful, as usual.

Lindsay said...

omgosh, those are the cutest photos of your little dancer! what a multi-talented little girl you have on your hands! and i also love your aam LO, it is so creative and the photos are great-non-posed and free!

Kim said...

Just when I thought McKenna couldn't possibly be any more adorable, you go and post the pics of her doing ballet. O.M.G. They are so precious I am speechless!

Anonymous said...

Shannon--I've posted here before, telling you I read your blog and catch up on your cute girls, but I don't have a blog, so I can't really stay in touch. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I made your Souper New England Clam Chowder last night and it was so good! Thanks for sharing it! My husband and I both drained our bowls!
Lauren D.

Shawna Taylor said...

Awww Kenna is just precious in her ballerina tutu! My 4yo is begging to take ballet, so she is always wearing her little tutu's too. I love your "A Dream" layout - so pretty! I will definitely be scraplifting that at some point!

SaSa said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Look at Miss Kenna and her happy dancing self. :)

Good luck with your show Erick!!

Gina said...

I think you have a little theatre actress on your hands there, with all of the scene re-enactments. Maybe a Broadway star? ;)

I have to say, as a former dance teacher to 3 year olds, she has some of the best ballet for I've ever seen in someone so young. Bravo! Bravo!

Going to check Kyla's pictures now!

Elaine said...

such style and grace miss kenna has! That tutu suits her!!

Cute cute LOS!

Okay, I can't comment a lot because I gotta go check out Kyla's pictures!!!
(6 months ALREADY!?!?)