Thursday, February 16, 2006

Question of the Day

So as I was walking back through the apartment complex on my way home from work last night, I happen to look up into one of the second-story bedroom windows and someone had a set of stage lights in their room. Like rockstar stage lights. What's that all about?

Thanks for the compliments on my article everyone. = D Did anyone happen to read the "other" article I'd mentioned? The one about Song of Solomon? It's generated some pretty great discussion on the C6M board. Feel free to jump in with any thoughts (even though it's a magazine geared towards men, there are plenty of women who post) or just read what people are saying. I'm loving that Jody's article got such a fantastic response. A phenomenal article will provoke a strong reaction on either side of the fence. And I love that he wrote a completely provocative article while still being completely scriptural. Awesome. And I totally admire his nerve.

And YES - please do send your husbands on over for a look-see at the magazine. There is a great group of guys over there - most of them are very intelligent, very funny, very laid back. And if your husband is so inclined, he can say hi to my guy - his screen name is (ready for this? It's really clever...) ERICK. ; ) Hope they stop in and find a community and articles worth sticking around for.

I just got a request to use one of my LOs in the March issue of SBB's Tid-Bytes. And Ash is writing an excellent article on blogging, which will feature my blog! How cool is that? I'll be making a double appearance. Just a cool little thing for little ol' me. So if you want to purchase the issue, you can pre-order now even! I mean, I'm not saying you're so interested in ME that you should buy the issue. But since it's supposed to be a pretty awesome publication anyway AND I'll be in it TWICE...then maybe March is the month you'll give Tid-Bytes a chance.

And finally, Gina Miller is the featured designer for February at ACOT! She's released an adorable exclusive kit called Soda Shoppe. And check out that price. $5.75 for a kit that includes TWO full alpha sets? That's unheard of. Make sure to pick it up because it's chock full of the cutest little elements.

She's also releasing a reaaaaaaally impressive paper collection that goes on sale TOMORROW. Here's a preview for you (click on it for a closer look):

Don't you love it? I LOVE it. I can't WAIT for it's release! And there will be a chat to launch the collection (which will be available in your choice of a downloadable or mailable cd). Please, please try to come to the chat! She's got freebies and lots of fun planned. You do NOT want to miss out on a chance to win these prizes! Here is the chat info:

You don't have to register. Just click the "guest" box and choose a screenname. Click "login" and then select the Main Chatroom. See ya there!!

Anyway, here is my LO using Soda Shoppe. I also used Traci Murphy's tear overlay and the fonts Engravers and CAC Pinafore:

And a couple other LOs I worked on yesterday (personal record for me. 2 LOs completed in one evening).

Take My Hand Little Sister

Credits: Gina Cabrera's "Daydream" collection, Kim Christiansen's brads, Jen Wilson's "Brushed Messy Edges", Photo actions from Photoblast. CK Mama font.
Journaling:take my hand little sister i will look out for you and protect you together we can take on the world

Beautiful Kyla

Credits: Kim Christensen's beautiful "Chic and Shabby" papers and elements as well as her Fancy Do alpha brush; Flowers by Ashley Olson, Photo actions from Photoblast, Font is CK Mama.


Mom said...

Wow Congratulations again Shannon, on using your LO's and Blog for their article's, you are so incredibly talented I am not surprised someone else has recognized it! I am very proud of you. I love your new LO especially the take my hand little sister, that journaling of course made me cry! I won't be able to join the Chat as it's moving day for Melanie! 8) one day I might make it to a chat though! I love you! MOM

Shawna Taylor said...

Oh my gosh Shannon! Your Best Bunnies Forever layout is too cute! Love Gina's new kit you used from ACOT!

Gina said...

Oh man! I wish Mom could come. :) Next time, next time!

So like, are we thinking that a rock star lives in the complex? Or perhaps, people are shooting some wacky homemovies up there, if you know what I mean. bwahahahaha!

I read your article! I have to admit, I blushed a bit and I am NOT a prude by any stretch of the imagination. Did I just make myself sound easy on your Blog? Lord help me!

Jen said...

oh my goodness- how cute are those bunnies?!
I have to agree- that article is a good read- it was a great update!

Bryan & Miranda said...

Your "Take My Hand" LO is gorgeous!! I may just have to lift the design, but I couldn't touch that fabulous photo! Great job!