Saturday, February 18, 2006

Don't Forget the Chat Tonight!


Here is the link to the chatroom. You don't have to register. Just click the "guest" box and choose a screenname. Click "login" and then select the Main Chatroom.

Why do you want to be at this chat? Well for one, all the coolest people will be there (says me). For two, it's to promote Gina's FaNtAsTiC new "Weathered and Worn" paper and element cds. Which I have to say, are phenomenal. You really get your money's worth here because she's covered the gamut in scrapping essentials. If you scroll down on each of the links I provided, you can get a closer look at what comes with each cd.

Ok, so that's one reason you want to be at the chat. But also, you're guaranteed to get something good! Everyone who attends gets THIS:

Oooooh, pretty! Sometimes I'm blown away at the standard she sets for even her freebies. Gorgeous!

AND she's giving away PRIZES!!!! Three of her paper-collection cds (download only) and gift coupons to her store! Can you say CHA-CHING?

I've got a few new LOs but since this post is all about tonight's chat, I'll just share this one for now and the rest later. This was created using Gina's "Vivid Garden" papers and elements that are included on the "Weathered and Worn" cds. Check out that beautiful flower pin that she included. And if you come to the chat tonight, I bet you can ask her what's so special about that element! Oh and font is Chalk.

Ok if you don't come after all that then I don't know what to do with you. I've laid out a very convincing argument. You really have no excuses. It's Saturday night and I know most of you are SAHMs so I know you'll be home. Tell your hubbies that you need him to put the kids to bed tonight, grab a glass of merlot and meet us at SBB! Girls Night In!


Jennifer said...

OK, OK!! You convinced me. I'll be there. ;)

Gina said...

Yay! Great post my friend. :D

I hope everyone shows up! Well maybe not everyone, everyone. We don't need 500 ladies piling into the chat. Oh there goes my wishful thinking again. ;)

I still love the pin & how you used it on your page. I'm going to have to show my Mom your LO. She still doesn't really "get" this whole thing so when she sees the special pin on YOUR page (and she knows McKenna by name), she'll think that's pretty cool I bet!

Alyson said...

Fun chat! Thanks for the info! I love the McKenna LO! I like how the ribbons don't go all the way around!

Aggie said...

Hi Shannon, thanks for dropping by my blog :) My Scrapping Ladies' Link is actually powered by Blogger, and the asterisk means that the blog has been updated within 12-24 hours. I attended the chat with Gina earlier and it was sooo exciting!

Julie Jewels said...

Love love the Kenna layout!! The pins are gorgeous (and I'm dying to know what's special about them since I missed the chat!)