Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Balenlime's Day!!

That's how McKenna pronounces it. It's been cracking me up lately because I'm encouraging her to use proper grammar and teaching her bigger words. But the big words can be difficult still so she just creates her own version. Today she asked me to draw a heart on Daddy's "Balenlime's card" and I said "What kind of heart? Big? Baby-sized? Shabby-Chic?" She said "Big Baby". I said "That's contradictory." She said "Yeah. Draw a dictory."

Anyway, since I'm already IN "Kenna story" mode, let me jot down a few other sweet/silly things about her:

* She is obsessed with brushing her teeth now that she's figured out how to stand on her stool so she can reach the sink. She asks to brush 7, 8, 9 times a day. She has the cleanest teeth since....I don't know. Since God himself.

* She really likes it if you stick around and watch her do whatever activity she's doing. If she suspects you're trying to sneak out, she'll put her (Oh, geez. Hold on. She's asking to brush her teeth again. What'd I tell ya??) arm around your neck and say "Hey! Don't run away!"

* She was hugging Kyla and I heard her say "I love this girl."

* I was writing an email to our property manager to ask them to send an exterminator about our rodent problem. McKenna came up next to me, threw her arm around my shoulder and said "Whatta you doing Mommy?" I said "I'm writing a letter to tell them about our mousey problem. Do you think that's a good idea?" She said "Dat's a dood idea. What letter are you writing? Z?" LOL I hope that translated as funny in print as it was in person.


So is anyone doing anything fun for Vday? Erick and I do celebrate but we're kind of mish-mash about it. Instead of presents we usually allow ourselves to shop a bit. And then Erick brought bouquets for myself and the girls yesterday (I would never expect him to brave the crowds and costs on Vday). And last night Erick and I went out for a date. We had dinner at Branagans (local Irish restaurant and pub) and then got some coffee and walked around. It is so surprising to me how wonderful our conversation is when we're allowed a few hours to just be together. I mean, we always get along so well and we talk all the time. But when we talk, we're usually distracted because we have to divide our attention amongst two kids and household duties. When it's just us, in a restaurant and nothing to do but focus on each other...we really come alive in our conversation. And we love to discuss what the other is passionate about. I enjoy talking about C6M and he enjoys talking about my scrapping. We talk about our favorite books and television shows and movies we want to see. It makes me so happy because I have dated guys with boring hobbies and I have dated guys who thought my hobbies were boring. It's no fun. I'm just grateful that what enterains one of us, interests the other.

And while I'm talking about my wonderful husband, I'd just like to say that I am completely proud of him and his fitness efforts. He has really been diligent about his new lifestyle - exercising more and eating right. He's lost 20 pounds in one month and he looks fantastic. I'm really proud of him because he has really stuck with it and I do believe this is a permanent change for him. He's not eating bird food. He's just cutting out junk and unnecessary excess. He's still enjoying what he eats but he's eating less of it. Last night we had Irish food which is TERRIBLE for you. He knew he wasn't "falling off the wagon" because he wasn't "on a diet". He had made a lifestyle change. And since last night was a special occassion then it was ok to treat himself. It's like birthdays - you can have cake. But you don't eat cake everyday. So he ordered a good, hearty meal. And then the poor guy could barely scratch the surface of it. His appetite was much smaller than it used to be. So even though the food wasn't "good for you" food, he ate very little of it. I was pretty impressed because he managed to enjoy a nice meal out without "messing up" what he'd been acheiving so far. That's the way weight loss should happen, ya know? Eat right, exercise more, but still be able to live your life and enjoy special treats.


Ok, SO!! Did you notice that I have a new banner under my creative teams over there? I am very excited and very proud to announce that I have been chosen to be on the Creative Team for Carrie Stephens, owner of Fishscraps.com. My first experience with Carrie's products was for my All Mine LO. I loved the look of the journaling paper and the elements so much that this LO became and remained my favorite for months. I could tell you everything I love about Carrie's products but you'd be better off browsing her store for yourself. What I will point out is that she always includes some type of unique and fun element which for me, when I shop, is often the deciding factor of a purchase. If I have to decide between two kits that I love, I'll go for the one that has even just ONE unique element. Carrie always includes some fabulous little treat and I love that! Here is her latest release, Vibrant Blossom available exclusively at the newly re-opened Shabby Shoppe.


And, since it's Valentine's Day, Circle Six Magazine released a whole line of Vday-themed articles, including one written by yours truly. I linked you right to the front page because all of the articles are great. Mine is called Romancing the Senses. First of all, it's a bit sexy so I recommend that if you are oh, my mother or my aunt you not read the article because you'll know that it was written by me. And since I was a little embarrassed to write it, I can't imagine any of my family members would want to read it. Second, I both recommend AND caution you in regards to the article called X-Rated. It is a fabulous article. It's witty, educated and a must-read for any married couple. But it is STEAMY. Holy cow. I think I blushed when I read it! Let's just say "I can't believe God put THAT in the Bible!" LOL!!


I don't have any new LOs for you because the one LO I've done can't be shown until tomorrow. It's using Gina Miller's exclusive kit for ACOT and it debuts tomorrow. That's all I can tell you for now. = )

So instead of a LO, I'll share my new digi-purchases.

My loving husband gave me a little more shopping money on my paypal card so that I could stock up on some more supplies. Here's what I picked up:

Subscription to Scrapbook-Bytes. (Note: I just got my confirmation email, detailing all that I get as a subscriber. Holy moly - I feel so special now. LOL! Lots of goodies come with this subscription and when they start off the email by saying "thank you for supporting SBB" you feel like you're doing a good thing by subscribing....when really, you're the one who gets all the benefits. Not a shabby deal - $10 for a whole year? Awesome.)

Daydreams Collection by Gina Cabrera

Faux Jewels Collection from The Shabby Shoppe

Artistrokes: Angel Hair collection by Fhung Lie.

Chic and Shabby paper and elements by Kim Christensen.

Fairy Dust alpha by Katie Pertiet

Journaling Brush/Stamps by Katie Pertiet.

Pink Zinnia alpha by Katie Pertiet.

Scripted Brushes/Stamps by Katie Pertiet.

Rounded Corner Stamps by Kate Teague.

Lace brush set by Michelle Coleman.

Happy Borders brush set by Nancie Rowe Janitz.

Acrylic Brushes brush strokes by Michelle Coleman.

Lighter Shades of Pale kit by Michelle Coleman.

Ponytails font by Melissa Baxter

CK Mama Font by Tracey Odachowski

LD Splendid font by Lettering Delights

Edit: Ok, so I had $2.48 left on my paypal and I wasn't about to just SAVE that! So I logged onto SBB and went into the subscriber's area where the extremely generous designers of SBB give out special subscriber-only coupons. I used one from Ashley Olson and got her Trendsetter papers and elements for only $1.92!! Talk about a deal! Man! I scored! That subscription is already paying off.

Ok now really, I must accomplish something today. We stayed home all day expecting the exterminator, only to find out he's not coming until next Monday. So I think we're gonna head out and run some errands. Target? Groceries? Go buy some new tarts? Not sure yet but I need to get these girls out and about for a bit before we all feel like we're losing our minds.


Mom said...

LOL.... I actually checked out c6m this morning and saw you wrote an article, started to read it and went OH no no no , I don't want to read that LOL.....

Julie Jewels said...

Awww..Happy Balenlime's Day!!
I'd love to have Kenna throw her arm around my neck and keep me playing with her! What a sweet girl you have there!

I do hope your letter Z gets some action on your mouse problem! LOL

oooh, I can't wait for some free time to read the C6M articles!!

Ali said...

Really enjoyed your article.. and then one on Song of Solomon! Who knew??

Happy V-day to you!

Tara said...

Just a 'complete-stranger-who-found-you-while-surfing-and-is-now-a-fan-of-your-blog' here. Thought I would let you know that I was trying to find a restaurant for Valentine's Day that my hubby would like (he hates eating out). He is "all Irish" and when I saw Branagan's...Ding! Ding! Great idea! We live in Anaheim Hills and will be headed there tonight. Thanks for the tip. Here's to hoping it is enough on the restaurant side to bring our 2 1/2 month old..don't want to get the Worst Mom of the Year award already!
Please keep the tart analysis coming too...I am also addicted to them and hate getting a dud.

Shannon Bieger said...

Hi Tara - Branagan's is fine for a 2 1/2 month old. You shouldn't have any problems! In fact, if I were to pick a restaurant that was nice enough for Valentine's day but casual enough to bring a baby - Branagan's would be it! Let me know how you like it! Happy Valentine's Day!

Debi said...

Haha, Z, I think I'll write one of those to my Grandpa, put a heart on it for Balenlime's day.

Elaine said...

Hee. I swear Kenna cracks me up. "What letter are you writing? Z?" HA! classic. OMG. We should have a toothbrushing playdate, Maddy will brush her teeth all day long if I let her!

Glad you and Erick got some alone time together. Isn't it great! And YAY for him for losing all that weight without being on a "diet."

Gina said...

one hand typing - sick kids

LOL "balenlimes"

Congrats to Erick on his weight loss! How's his Dad btw?

You made out pretty good in the shopping dept. eh?

Betty Skelly said...

I find myself enjoying reading your post...

Kim said...

"I love this girl"


I bet that just melted your heart.

Alyson said...

I read this post aloud to Mike, with the preface of, "Listen to what a PERFECT Goddaughter you have." Thanks for the laughs and the hearts swolen with love for her!

Laura said...

I love McKenna stories, she is thoroughly entertaining!

Way to go Erick on the weight loss. I bet he feels great!

Good luck getting rid of the mouse (it's not mice now is it?)

Congratulations on the new CT assignment!! OMG you shopped like a mad woman!! Fun!!!

Jen said...

wow- so jealous of all those purchases! Can't wait to see your creations!

Ashley Michelle aka. ash said...

i always love reading those cute little mckennaisms. totally darling! :) I need to remember to do that on my blog. It's so easy to forget. it happens in a second.

anyway, so glad you are enjoying your subscription already :) I love having the email notificaitons from the store so that I can see when someone buys something. I saw yesterday taht you had gotten the trendsetter set and I was all happy :)

I have to go read the article now!

momy4him said...

lol over your mom...
lol over the letter writing...
dang! you bought a lot of stuff!! lol!

Ashley Michelle aka. ash said...

okay, i just went to check out c6m and omg shannon, i am in love! :) I bookmarked this mag and i'm gonna show eric cause i know it is totally something he will be able to relate to! So fabulous :) I can't wait to read more. I wish i hadn't found it at 1:30 am
anyway, just had to come back and tell you that before going to bed!

Bryan & Miranda said...

Fabulous articles! Who knew?? lol