Monday, January 09, 2006

Stories, a freebie and the best snack EVAH!

I've gotta journal a few of these kid things before I forget. Am I the only person who jots down blog notes so I don't forget to add them in? I know I can't be.

* McKenna got a Dora Talking Dollhouse for Christmas. The only game we can ever play is "Pizza Man". She rings the bell, I make "Papi" answer the door. I say "Who is it?" She answers "It's the pizza man!" I say "Yum! How much do I owe you?" She said "Fourty dollars." I say "Wow! That's an expensive pizza!" Then I give her "money" (a penny) and she gives me "the pizza" (a flat pillow that came with the house." Over and over we play it. Sometimes she decides that pizza man wants to come in so she tries to stick her foot through the door.

* I LOVE how kids say "spaghetti". They all say it differently. McKenna calls it "Skabetti". She's just like I was when I was little. Lots of sauce.

* McKenna and I just had the following conversation while looking at pictures of animals. "Look Mom! A bird! I pet him someday?" I said "Sure, you can pet a bird someday." "Look Mom! A whino! (rhino) I pet him someday?" I said "I don't think we're allowed to pet rhinos." "Have Mommy pet a rhino?" I said "No, I've never pet a rhino. But I've pet a puppy." She replied with "Ooooh! A Puppy?!? Good job Mom!" LOL I felt so impressive.

* This morning she peeked into Kyla's bassinet and said "Hi sweet princess. You look like Sleeping Beauty." And then she began to sing "I Wonder" (the song from Sleeping Beauty). McKenna loves to sing and Kyla loves to be sang to. They make the perfect pair.

* Lately, if McKenna gets very moody/tantrumy, I'll say to her "Do you want to calm down or take a nap?" She's been answering with "No. I still cry." So I'll tell her "Ok, if you feel like you need to cry then you can. But you need to do it quietly." So she'll go sit down and quietly whimper for another minute or so and then she's over it. LOL! It's a little bit pitiful but pretty cute at the same time.

* If you ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer, she'll give you a sly look and then yells "DRAGON!" I don't know why.

* Some things she says, I don't think the words mean what she thinks they do. (This reminds me of Princess Bride when Vizzini repeatedly uses the word "Inconceivable!" and Inigo Montoya responds with "I do not think that word means what you think it means.") Randomly, McKenna's answer (or question) is "Four weeks." Sometimes she'll just walk up to me and ask "Four weeks?" And I say "Sure." And then she goes on her merry way. Other times, I'll ask her "Do you want chicken for lunch?" And she'll say "Yes, um, four weeks." Also, the word "snap". She builds a tower of blocks and then says "I SNAP it over!!" McKenna, sweetie....I do not think those words mean what you think they mean.

* She's getting to that age when she says exactly what she's thinking. She will point to people's moles and ask "What's that?" or if she's by your stinky feet she will tell you "That's stinky!"

* I was just on the phone with Erick at work. I told him that I heard a noise in the oven. He said "No one is in there are they?" LOL! Like I wouldn't know if my KID tried to get in the oven? I was standing right next to it. So I said "No. I don't know what that was." McKenna asked me "Did you see a dragon man or something??"

* Kyla is SO close to rolling! In fact, I'd almost say that she can roll both ways. Only she ends up in the same position either way. If you put her on her belly, she can roll to her back but her head stays tipped back. If you put her on her back, she can roll her whole body to her tummy but can't lift her head. So either way, she ends up in the same position which is like a back bend resulting in her looking like a candy cane.

* Kyla likes to be startled. What a crazy kid. Who LIKES to be startled? But it makes her laugh a big giant belly laugh. It doesn't matter what you're saying. As long as you jump at her and say it loud. "WHO wants a fresh diaper?" Hilarity ensues.

* If Kyla is lying on the floor and you hover your face above hers, she will grab your face with her clenched fists and pull you down to chomp your nose or chin. Little love bug.

Anyway.....had to get those kid stories journaled. After all, that was the original intent of this blog.

I made you chicas a little somethin'. Well, I made it because I need it but I thought maybe you would like to have it too.

Ok, here is my problem with time management. One day I will spend a ton of time scrapping and my housework doesn't get done. Then the next day I will spend a ton of time doing housework and my personal care doesn't get done. Then I will spend a whole day beautifying myself and then I think "Dang. I actually look decent for a change. Let's take some pictures with the girls." And then of course, I need to scrap them. So the next day I spend a ton of time scrapping..... see the cycle.

My point is...I constantly feel like at least one area of my life is being neglected and it overwhelms me to think of tackling it. After 28 years of life, I've finally figured out the a little something in each area so that I feel like everything got some attention. So I made a to-do list to help me acheive this. It's yours for the taking if you'd like it. It can be printed every day, every few days, once a week.


Download it by clicking here. When the image comes up, right click on it and choose to "save image as". This will save it to your computer and you can open it and print it as many times as you wish.

Here are some examples of things that you might put under each category:

General - This is the section for all the things that don't fit under the 5 personal categories.

My Mind - Read a chapter of your book, scrap a page, study for an exam, practice your Portuguese (I don't know. Whatever makes you feel like you're feeding your mind), etc.

My Body - Shower (hey, some of us need to schedule time for that!), work out, visit the doctor, wax your eyebrows, etc.

My Spirit - Pray, maybe your art fits into this category for you, meditate, do a charitable act, etc.

My Relationships - Date night with hubby, read stories with the kids, answer emails of friends/family, have lunch with a friend, etc.

My Home - Clean, pay bills, take down the Christmas decorations (c' know some of you still have this on your to-do list.), laundry.

You break it down however you want. The point is to make sure that all the areas of your life get cared for regularly so that no one area feels neglected. Enjoy! May it help you get off to a great start with those New Year's Resolutions!

Ok, now for the best snack EVAH. Take a couple tablespoons of honey and microwave for 15-20 seconds. Dip fresh peaches in it. Enjoy with a cup of coffee w/cinnamon vanilla creamer. YUM! Snack or breakfast. Whichever. It's delicioso! It almost tastes sinful but c'mon it's fresh fruit. How sinful can fruit be? Oh wait....I mean, besides that whole Adam & Eve thing. Anyway, try it. I guarantee it will be a lovely start to your day.

If you download the freebie, I'd love a comment. It's not required but I do so love to read blog comments. And if your kid says "spaghetti" in an especially cute way, let me hear it! It will melt my heart I'm sure!


Kim said...

"How sinful can fruit be?"

LOL! I use the same reasoning when I make blended fruit margaritas! I'm getting my Vitamin C, right?

The Sleeping Beauty story is too adorable! For some reason I can't remember my brothers being that loving to one another when they were young. God bless little girls!! :)

momy4him said...

i fall into that same cycle! thanks for the chart, i plan to use it-such a good idea!

Julie Jewels said...

Great idea with your To-Do list!! It's cute to boot!
I discovered making a list of chores for myself works wonders! I've had other sahm friends make fun of me but they end up doing it too!!
Man! Kenna charges A LOT for her pizza! Lol
Spaghetti was "pasketti" for Nick and Matthew is saying "testetti" -I had to go ask him!
I always crack up when someone references The Princess Bride! So many people I've met have never even heard of it!

Roberta said...

Ack! She likes to be startled, my nerves are messed up enough with three kids ;) Thanks for the freebie. Oh, and my 3 year old Tommy says he'll take his noo-noos with mascetti to go please. It'll be DEEEEEEEWISHISH. (Insert lip smaking blond haird blue eyed boy here.)


Have fun with those kiddos.

Gina said...

LOL What is it with this age and the whole "weeks" thing. Emily said the other day "Andrew does NOT take a nap... he will in two weeks!" LOL! And when people go to leave, she'll say "bye... see you in couple week!"

hahaha I am totally laughing at you screaming in this big huge voice "WHO WANTS A FRESH DIAPER!" and doing this little jig or something to entertain your daughter. bwahahaha

You freebie turned out adorable! Muchos gracias!!!!! :)

p.s. I am not sure how Em says spaghetti. I'll have to report back later!

terrarist said...

Shannon - i LOVE all the adorable stores. I think you should retell the bish one for us all to enjoy again and again!!!
I LOVE your little organizing tool. I am a list making FREAK and of course,little cute papers and notebooks and blog freebies are all VERY important to the list making. IF I make a list on YOUR cute paper, of COURSE everything wll get done and i will not spend ANY time admiring my cute list. Instead of actually doing it. I promise.
Thanks chica! Off to download/print now!!!
oh my gosh - my word verifier word is like thirteen letters long!! What the HECK>......

Tracy said...

Ok, I got a funny kid word for ya! We live in th south so everything is said with a drawl. my daughter says wain-dow instead of window! Love the chart, will put it to very good use!

Elaine said...

Way cool chart list thingy! I'm so going to download that! I definately need it as I think "showering" has fallen far below my list to the point where I can see it anymore..I just smell it from time to time and that's the only reminder I get.
Thanks for the info on digiscrapping btw. I will be reading it more in depth tonight. You are definately worse than a crack pusher.
Maddy doesn't say spaghetti, everything is moodles (noodles) or it comes out nuddles.

Delighted Mom said...

Dragon! For some reason that really hit me funny. Maybe it is that I love chlid randomness.

Love the list, I have tried many over the years. And I love that this one is so cute.

psghetti, I think all of my childern have said it the same.

Alyson said...

Three things I LOVE about McKenna- her randomness (DRAGON!), her creativeness ($40 for a pizza, good grief!), and of course, her squishy cheeks! :)

THANKS for the freebie! Way cute and WAY helpful!

BTW, did you shower yet today?

Ashley Michelle aka. ash said...

this entry is so fabulous! I loved reading all about the cute things your girls do/say! I really should do that more often on my own blog.
And thank you for that adorable calendar! It totally makes sense and seems simple enough that I may actually be able to use it! :)

Jennifer said...

I just love all your little kid stories Shannon. Must remember to write those down for my own little munchkin.

And your list is such a great idea. I am the same way and could definitely use something like that to help me find a little balance in my life! :)

Jen said...

since we had spaghetti tonite- I was able to hear Micah say it a million times.... he calls it, ahsketti. that is noodles with no sauce- maybe a dab of butter if he is feeling adventurous ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there...
I stumbled across your blog awhile ago and seem to have gotten hooked on it (kinda creepy since I don't know you, huh?)
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how talented I think you are...I love your writing (you are a riot!)
I am also incredibly envious of your scrap pages. If I had a girl, I would be bribing you to let me cut and paste my photos in them...change a couple names, etc.
Keep it up!
Tara (Mommy to 7 week old, Burke)

wyowoman said...

spuhsgetti here!

GretGrrl said...

My 4 & 6 year old have spaghetti down. My 3 year old says sgetti. My all-time favorite mispronunciations of our kids are:

prettyschool for preschool
puckle for couple ("Just a puckle more minutes, Mom!"

And my 3 year old can't say a hard C sound; it always sounds like F. So she calls our friend Carter Farter. I know it's juvenile, but my husband and I, even though we're 41 and 32, can't stop laughing about it.

traci said...

Thanks for the list Shannon! Now if I can only remember to use it...Colin says bisgetti.

Sarah said...

Love the chart ... I definitely need some organization in my life!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the Awesome Chart!!! Love it to bits!!!

Cass said...

Just had to tell you...

Psgetti..... Like a whisper, hey, psst.


Too cute!

Riss said...

Okay the pizza man game is so cute!!!!!!!

charleigh said...

hi shannon! love the planner & the idea of being mindful of all areas of our lives - thank you! :)

Megan said...

We get Psketti here, and my 10 yr old just calls it that for fun your to do list, thanks very much.