Saturday, January 07, 2006

SBB Mayhem

That was what I'd call a successful chat! 120+ ladies that showed up! That's insane! Do you have any idea how fast a chatroom moves with 120 WOMEN in it? LOL! Crazy! But so much fun! Thanks to the girls who showed up and those who tried! I hope you had fun, hope you enjoy the freebie that Gina shared and most of all, hope you feel a little more a part of the digital community.

One last little plug....don't forget to shop Gina's sale this weekend! 30% off! She is for sure one of THE most generous designers out there with all her high-quality freebies. So if you're able, be sure to support her by buying some of her gorgeous for-sale products. Help her celebrate the big event of joining SBB by knocking her sales through the roof!

And if you didn't make the chat but still think you might be interested in digi-scrapping, feel free to email me! I'll hook you up with lots of starter resources! Shannon at Bieger Family dot Com! (trying to avoid spam here)

I went digi-shopping today. I was limited on my available funds so it was a major challenge for me to pick what to buy!!! I must've agonized over the decision for HOURS. Seriously. Wanna see what made the cut?

The Cherry Limeade Kit by Dana Zarling.

The Groovy-Grunge Kit by Dana Zarling.

The Classic Alpha Bundle by Ali Folendore

The Beautiful You Kit by Jen Wilson

The Brushed Messy Edges by Jen Wilson.

I can't even tell you the products that are still swimming in my head that I want to buy still. And then to top it off, Gina shared a little sneak preview of her products with us and I am EXCITED for their release! Some of it is just so dang cute I can't wait to work with it! And some just have certain elements that can be used over and over again that I'm dying to get my hands on. I think she said she's releasing them around the middle of the week. I'll announce it here when they go up. So cute!

Night chicas!


Gina said...

You'll love Ali's alpha bundle! I use the little intial tags all the time!

Glad you had fun. That chat was CAH-RAZY!!! LOL

Jen said...

sounds like a great chat nite! I had family visiting so wasn't able to participate- but glad it went well :) I love all that you purchased- you are going to make me want to go shopping again ;) Have fun using the new goodies!

(Dang this code is soooooo long!)

Delighted Mom said...

I totally forgot. Sounds like it was fun. Let me know next time there is a chat. Love your new purchases. Anxious to see what you do with them.

Elaine said...

@*ck! Scuzame' the bad language but I completely forgot about the chat!!!!!
How annoying. I swear memory goes right out with the placenta doesn't it?
Anyways, I have to email you, you've peaked my interest on this digi-scrapping thing. I'm going to try one and see if they're as addicting as whippits. (JUST KIDDING!.. the whippits comment anyways....)

Julie Jewels said...

I'm so bummed I missed the chat! At first I thought it was at night and knew we'd be gone. Then I looked again and swore it said AM so I thought I could make it but then we were faced with breakfast plans. So I couldn't make it either way! LOL
I'm glad so many people showed up!! That's awesome!!
You bought some great stuff! I love the Cherry Limeade! How pretty for your girls!
I get so overwhelmed at SBB!!! There are so many great designers I could easily and quite literally shop till I drop there!