Friday, January 06, 2006

Sugar baby with the champagne eyes

I didn't know what to call this post. But I knew I had a bunch of LO's and all of them had to do with my babies so this Van Morrison lyric stood out in my mind.

Just wanted to drop a reminder that the crop chat with Gina Miller is TONIGHT! 10:45pm EST. Just go here and if you don't have time to register, log in as a guest. There will be a freebie just for coming. There will be a few games with some GOOOOOOOOD prizes (I can't tell you what they are but they are definitely worth playing for!) If you're even considering getting into digital scrap, new to digital scrap, a pro at digital scrap....come! It'll be fun! And afterwards, if you decide you want to shop for some products, Gina is running a 30% off sale all weekend. And she just put up 2 new products a couple of hours ago. So lots of fun stuff going on over at SBB.

I've been so inspired to scrap the past couple of days. Partially because of all the fabulous photos Erick got with our camera, partially from all the wonderful products that have been released. Completely because I love my daughters.

Sweet Silly Sisters

Credits: Papers and "S" alpha from Ashley Olson (Shortcake collection ). M&K alpha by Gina Miller (Esmeralda collection). Photo borders by Gina Miller (Birthday Blitz kit). Inked Edge Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz. Fonts are CAC Pinafore, Ashley, DymoFontInvers.

Even though I've scrapped one of these pics before, I HAD to scrap this memory. McKenna's first day of school was such a big deal to me, one that I worried and agonized over for months.

First Day of School

Credits: Papers and most elements from Gina Miller's "Country Store" collection and stitches from Gina Miller's "Stitch Essentials". Staple is from Shabby Princess. Fonts are Jump Start, Mom's Typewriter.
Journaling: McKenna - your first day of school was a much anticipated day. We thought you would be starting school earlier and that Kyla would be coming later which would leave you plenty of time to adjust to the two major changes. Little did we know...the morning of your first day, you were very excited. But Mommy started to experience some major contractions and almost couldn’t walk you across the street to school! You were in your stroller and I had to stop for several minutes because of contractions and I didn’t know if I’d be able to get you to class! You had no idea what was going on and were as excited as can be. I couldn’t decide if I should take you to class and risk you coming home to find Mommy gone (and who knows what kind of trauma that would be for a 2-year old! You might think that if you go to school again then Mommy would go to the hospital again!) or I could take you and hope that it was false labor. Or I could turn around and make you miss your first day. I decided that you were too excited and I couldn’t take that from you. So off to school you went and I managed to walk back home and rested for the afternoon. My only goal was to be there when you got home so that I could hear about your big day. You came home from school full of pride for the beautiful art projects you’d made and talking non-stop about all of the things you loved. I was so glad that you enjoyed school so much and didn’t need any time to adjust - because you had an even bigger change coming your way...Kyla was born just 24-hours later!

Pure Joy

Credits: Paper from Gina Miller's "Esmeralda" collection. Photo border and blank alpha circles by Gina Miller. Fonts are TCLescuelerascript and Problem Secretary.


Credits: Paper, border and tabs from Gina Miller's "Esmeralda" collection; Decorative edges by Gina Miller. Diamonds by Laura Alpuche. Font is Fairydust.
Journal Tabs: Enjoy every single wonderful silly precious tender loving moment.

I can't believe I scrapped all those in 24-hours. When I first started this hobby, it took me hours and hours and hours for ONE LO and afterward I'd do something stupid like save it in 2in.x2in. format or flatten the whole image before I was finished. It was so frustrating because I enjoyed working on it but I felt like I was soooo slow compared to everyone else. But my buddies assured me that if I kept at it, I'd be zipping through LOs in no time. I'm having a blast! Now...what to scrap next....


Alyson said...

WOW! These LO's are INSANELY beautiful! I REALLLLLLY like the Pure Joy one of McKenna! WOW!!! What beautiful babies you have!!!

I can't wait until I, too, can do more than one a week! haha

Great job!

I'm trying to remember about Gina's chat! I really want to do that, so hopefully when 9:45 rolls around, I won't have forgotten! (BUT! Cable modem is installed today at 9am, so I DOUBT I'll be off the computer very much today!;) HA! Your security word is JRKEUC. Does that mean that the cable guy is going to be a big JRK?

Elaine said...

Shannon! You're getting so good! Those are awesome LO's. Love the silly sisters one, it's too cute!

Okay, I think I might be roped into going to Gina's chat tonight.... i feel like the unpopular kid who's not drinking beer at the party....

Kim said...

... and my favorite is the purple LO of you and McKenna. She's so precious! :)

Gina said...

Come you guys!!!! It will be fun!

Shannon, I love seeing your latest LOs all lined up. They are really all awesome. I LOVE the last one. I guess I have to get to the board to check it out!! Looks great!

Delighted Mom said...

I love Your "moments" LO. I have always thought something like that would be so cute on a large empty wall. Frame each one individually and make a grid. Thats when those dollar store frames come in handy. Every time I have a baby I say I am going to do that. 4 children later and still nothing.

Jen said...

wow- you are on such a roll. Love the layouts- i need some of that energy!

amber said...

beautiful layouts!!