Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Simple Pleasures and Pet Peeves

Thanks to all who posted comments on the freebie post. I loved reading that you would find use for the To-Do list and especially loved reading the cute things your kids say. Gretgrrl, you had me in stitches with yours! Too cute!

Anyway, a day filled with blog comments is one of life's little pleasures I think. And that inspired me to blog about that today. I'm gonna list 10 simple pleasures and 5 pet peeves (hey, gotta balance more on the positive side, right?)

Let's start with pet peeves so we can end on a happy note.


1. When you open the dishwasher and a cup has turned right side up and filled with dishwater. Even worse if there are food particles in it. Even worse if the water spills onto the dishes below.
2. When people put dirty dishes on the right side of the sink (the side where the disposal is). Dirty dishes on the left so that I can rinse dishes on the right please!
3. When Christians read the Bible eisegetically.
4. Reckless drivers.
5. When people embrace bitterness. I'm not talking sarcasm. Bitterness. There's a huge difference.

No hidden subtext here people. Not referring to anyone imparticular. Just my random pet peeves, not inspired by any particular person.


1. Hearing Erick laugh at one of my jokes.
2. When McKenna smushes her face into mine (like she did in the LO called "Moments").
3. The fact that Kyla thinks baths are HYSTERICAL. Laughs like crazy when I pour water on her or wipe her neck with a wash cloth. Who knew cleanliness could be so funny?
4. Morning coffee WITH a fabulous coffee creamer.
5. A Yankee Candle tart.
6. Finishing a really fantastic book.
7. Sharing a bottle of red wine with girlfriends who make you laugh.
8. Finishing a scrap layout and having someone tell you "This is my new favorite of yours!"
9. A new haircut/outfit/pedicure...anything that makes me feel pretty.
10. Finishing a big organizational project. Something so freeing about it.

Ok, now it's your turn should you need something to blog about. If you do, drop me a link so I can go visit. Reading people's lists is yet another simple pleasure.

In other news...

Kyla had a mini milestone today. She is sleeping in her own room tonight. She's been in a bassinet in our room since she was born and it's become clear that she was getting to be too big for it. She'd been sleeping terribly and we could see she was cramped. We could hear her kicking most of the night. So we decided to set her up in her room finally. She had no problem with it. Went right to sleep. As my friend Susan's wise Mama once said "Every stage brings wonderful new adventures and traits you never miss." That is so true. Even with something like sleeping in her own room. Even though I'm gonna miss hearing her soft breathing while I sleep and getting to just pop out of bed and peek into her bassinet to see her happy face when I wake up...I am looking forward to having my room back. Watching tv or reading before bed is something I miss. Being able to go in my room and not tiptoe to bed, that will be a bonus. And besides, I will still get to see her happy face when I get up. I just have to walk two doors down.

McKenna has found it the funniest thing ever to repeat what Kyla says and question her on it. If Kyla says "Ah goo gah." McKenna will repeat "Ah goo gah? What's THAT mean Kyla?" And the best is when we're in the car. McKenna faces forward, Kyla faces back. So they look at each other and whenever Kyla sees her sister, she smiles a huge grin. McKenna will start laughing and laughing and says "Make another funny face Kyla! Oh THAT'S a FUNNY face!!"

And I just have to add that never did I think I would relinquish the role of princess so easily. Now that I have a two-year old daughter, I am no longer the princess. In fact, I'm often the prince. Whenever she hears one of the princess songs, we must dance. No. We must ACT OUT the whole scene. For example...let's take Beauty and the Beast. When the song begins, Belle and Beast emerge from their quarters, meet on the stair landing and walk down the stairs together. Well, so must McKenna and I. Then we must walk around the room until we can begin the dancing sequence. And then the dancing. Aye Aye Aye (to quote Micah) We just spin in a circle. A small circle. With McKenna leading and me spinning backward. Thank God those songs are short because I get so motion-sick from it all! But alas, I wanted a girly girl and a girly girl is what I got. So I may as well enjoy it because one day I'm gonna hear "Beauty and the Beast" and I'm gonna say "McKenna, let's dance." And she'll say "Mom, I'm 30 years old. Let it go."

In the same princess realm, we have a new night/naptime routine where she will tell me which princess she would like to dream about and then I sing the song from that particular movie. This ensures she will dream about the princess of her choice. ; )

Here are two LOs I finished recently. Both are really special memories from the summer of 2002. That summer was 1) being a camp counselor for a week 2) Mexico for Erick's bday 3) the summer I was the choreographer for the children's musical at church. A wonderful summer because those were all things I wanted to accomplish before we started trying for a baby.

Camp Counselor

Credits: Most everything from "Whimsy & Style" freebie by Angie Briggs & Sarah Batdorf (available at www.scrapartist.com) Alpha strips by Gina Miller (available at www.scrapbook-bytes.com) Fonts are: Problem Secretary, Problem Secretary Normal, Dymo Tape Inverse, 4990810 (www.dafont.com)
Journaling: I've always wanted to have the experience of being a camp counselor. I knew we'd be trying for a baby in the fall so I decided that if I was gonna do it, now was the time. It was the most challenging week of my life. I was away from Erick longer than I had ever been, I went with a church group that I did not know, and some of my students had some very serious issues revealed that week. I had to rely completely on God's guidance to do right by my girls. I can honestly say that my heart was changed and I was a new person after the experience. I can only hope I was half the blessing to those girls as they were to me.


Credits:South of the Border paper by Shabby Princess. Photo edge by Jen Wilson. File tab by Gina Miller. Fonts are Century Gothic, Beach Type, Taco Box.
Journaling: Eating at Taco Bell before crossing the border, Mike & Erick’s birthday dinner, The “policia” confiscating our fireworks, Brad the “angry American”, Mike getting shot in the back with a bottle-rocket, Bloody Mary breakfast by the pool, the cat that hung out at the omelette bar, PHARMACIA!! endless beer for $3, “I think he’s dancing with a dude”, Piling into Brad & Elaine’s car to go clubbing, Erick doing the running man to Eminem, churros from the street vendor, decorating our hotel room for Erick’s bday, Papas & Beer, girl time on the balcony with margaritas, Erick’s massage, Non-stop laughing. Best vacation ever!

Until next time....!


Elaine said...

AAAH! The Mexico LO! YAY! I couldn't wait for that one! I love how all the couples pictures are normal and our pictures are all screwy and drunk! hahaha! (really, it says a lot...)

Kyla thinks baths are funny. Hilarious!

Oh and I LOVE how you have become the prince to Kenna's princess re-anactments! You're lucky, because apparently, I've become Boots to Maddy's Dora.

momy4him said...

it sounds like you have soooo much fun with your girls, i love reading that, makes me smile!

Gina said...

Awww I remember when we moved and Andrew finally was out of my room - at 7 months old! I really missed him that first night and then I was like "this is awesome... I can read w/out that itty bitty book light again!"

Too cute about you being the Prince and acting all of that out together. :)

Julie Jewels said...

I think I agree with all your simple pleasures! Except maybe having Erick laugh at one of my jokes...I think Angel would make my list before Erick does! ROFL
Awww..Kyla's getting all growed up way too fast!

Why did your thought of asking Kenna to dance at 30 years old make me weepy? Cause I'm a huge sap and I don't want our babies to grow up! LOL

Angie said...

I stumbled across your blog today and just couldn't stop laughing! I have two girls also - very close to your girls' ages - and your anecdotes have lightened my heart and reminded me why I love being a mom so much (on a day when I'm feeling a little blue). It was fun reading your blog... I'll probably visit again! :)

Laura said...

OMG that McKenna never fails to crack me up! I love how she has you sing a song by the princess she wants to dream about. I thought it was so funny a few weeks ago when she opened something that was Cinderella and you said she said "So this is love". What an absolutely hysterical little girl she is.

Good luck with Kyle moving to her own room. At least you won't have to worry about Erick waking her up any more.

Alyson said...

Sigh. I miss Mexico! "Farmacia!" I love the LO's!

Alyson said...

OK wait. No. I have much more to say. In that big picture, who took the photo, and why is MY husband the only one eating? Were we all just fasting or something? And when was the sun out? hahahaha, and Yeah, that picture of me climbing the rope? SUPPOSED to be me climbing a wall, remember! hahaha...damn. That place was fun!

Delighted Mom said...

I responded to your challenge and posted my pleasures and peeves but forgot the disclaimer. My husband asked if my pet peeves were about him.
I can't believe you having been sharing a room for so long... enjoy your freedom.