Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm such a tagger. Just call me Chaka.

I have five trillion blog posts to catch up on right now (and you must know that I am a FUH-REAK about catching up on them! From the moment I add you to my blog roll, I try my damndest to read and respond to every post. Unless what you tell me is old news that I've already discussed with you elsewhere...anyway....the point is...I have a TON to catch up on. And I WILL do it. You will be amazed and in awe as you see me flit about the blog community.) What is my point? Where am I going with this? Oh right...I'm explaining why I'm blogging rather then READING all your fascinating blogs. Well, you see.....first, I have been tagged by another of my uber-talented friends - Traci. So I must get to that otherwise it breaks down the whole tagging process and then all of the blogs across the internet spontaneously implode. And we can't have that. Second, I want to draw your attention to a wonderful fundraising effort. And third, I want to share a new LO.

So without further ado....ok, with a tiny bit of ado. Ok, that's enough. Don't get greedy.

With NO more ado, I give you.....FOURSIES (that's what I call this):

* Four jobs you've had in your life:

My first job was a Candystriper. My most eyebrow raising job was a waitress at Texas Loosey's. (Yes, I wore the leather chaps with the frilly butt covers. No, my Dad was NOT proud of me. But I think he was just grateful I was serving drinks instead of lapdances. Dark times, dark times indeed.) My most fun job was a Teacher's Assistant at a private school. Erick and I did this together and we had a blast. My lengthiest and most rewarding job was an Administrative Assistant for the High School Ministry at church.
* Four movies you could watch over and over:
Sweet Home Alabama, Anchorman, 61*, Zoolander
* Four places you have lived:
Rowland Heights, Irvine, Fullerton, Brea (all CA).
* Four tv shows you love to watch:
LOST, The Office, My Name is Earl, Daisy Does America.
* Four places you've been on vacation: Ireland, Rosarito, San Francisco, Vegas
* Four websites you visit daily:
My August 03 playgroup, Blogs (I've been unusually busy!), 2peas, SBB
* Four of your favorite foods:
French fries, salmon, green tea ice cream, Funyuns
* Four places you'd rather be right now: New York, Italy, Tennessee, getting my hair cut
* Four tags:
Elaine, Jen, Laura, Susan


There....wasn't that fun? Psh, well it was for ME!

Next on the agenda....my latest LO. We had a little playdate yesterday with my friend Julie. Her boys (Nick: age 6 and Matthew: age 2 1/2) and my sister and her boys (Luke: almost 2 and Gavin: 6 months) came to play with me and my girls (my girls, in case you aren't up to speed are McKenna: 2 1/2 and Kyla: 4 months). It was wonderfully crazy around here. Always love seeing all the kids together. McKenna was so excited and has already begun asking me regularly "When my friends come play with me again? In six days?" Anyway, Matthew and McKenna are both actively potty-training so we got the cutest shot of them. Lukey also makes an appearance when he decided to assist.

Credits: Kit is "Joy of Scrapping: Mud Pie" by Gina Miller. Beaded Blooms and brads are by Gina Miller. (Everything available at www.scrapbook-bytes.com) Fonts are Angelina and Anke Calligraphic FG.

OK, now I'd like to draw your attention to a wonderful fundraiser. If you followed my blog last year, you know that my heart was really torn up over the loss of Allie Scott and Hayley Thomson - both of whom lost their lives (but gained their eternity) after a battle with cancer. In the back of my mind I'd always thought that I'd love to see or help start a campaign in the scrapping community to help raise awareness and funds for an organization that would help to battle childhood cancers. And while I still have my original plan tucked away in my mind, I did find that there is already a group of wonderful women who are doing something about it NOW.

You can read more about the fundraising efforts here. Read to the bottom of the post because there is a special treat for anyone who purchases THIS week! And here is a preview of the wonderful (and huge) kit. May it raise a phenomenal amount of money. Please consider purchasing!

Buy the kit here.


Elaine said...

OMG. Shannon! Texas Loosey's?? I went there and got an application..(totally not seeing that "Loosey's" was spelled like that for a reason and not really minding the frilly panties and chaps!!...ahhh youth and stupidy DO go together...) but the boyfriend at the time opposed to the job and I didn't apply so he would stop crying already.
Man, we could've been co-workers! LOL!

As usual, cute LO's! :D
I haven't gotten the time to sit down and try scrapping, but I promise I will this weekend and I will definately purchase a kit to help with your fundraising efforts! Brava!

momy4him said...

thanks shannon for the info on the Eternal Hope kit. i definately will be supporting this!

Delighted Mom said...

That kit is adorable and will be my first purchase. That pic is hillarious. Why kids think they need to go to the bathroom together is one of those questions I will never have an answer to.

Good luck getting caught up.

Bryan & Miranda said...

I wish you luck catching up on the blogs. My Blog Roll has really grown, and it does take some time. Your LO is so precious! And you'll be able to blackmail them with it later. *Bonus!

Julie Jewels said...

Love the layout!! They are so funny together! Don't forget to send me a copy!
Matthew is asking for Kenna too! Let's do these playdates more often than every 6 months, huh? LOL

Thank you for that link! I don't have time to browse the scrapping stores, so I really appreciate it! I've already made my purchase!

Alyson said...

Talk about Family Secrets! hahaha, Texas Loosey's? I had NO idea!

LOVE the LO! Lukey looks all business-minded, "Hello. I am in charge of the flushing." Too cute!

Thanks for the info on the kit! I'll definitely be making a purchase! Beautiful kit, beautiful cause!

Jen said...

Hey there crazy girl ;) I tagged you forever ago- guess you haven't made it back there yet ;) LOL It is pretty buried by now with all my sick posts.
Glad to see you posting more again :)

what the freak. i get a nice four letter code and mistype it. now i have some 12 letter word that hurts my brain.

Gina said...

Oh my! You had to wear CHAPS and RUFFLE BUTT COVERS at Texas Loosey's? LOL! I am gathering this is not something we will be scrapping anytime soon for the girls' books eh? LOL!!!

**I got the 1st security code wrong! DOH!**