Friday, January 13, 2006

Did you ever have a week.....

...where you just couldn't catch up? I feel like that has been my week. I had all these big projects that needed to get done. Ten loads of laundry (at a whopping $2.25 a load) and taking down all the indoor Christmas decorations were high priority (don't worry...the outdoor decorations were taken down a week ago so as not to appear like the crazy neighbors) and I did finally get those done. Well, ok...I still need to fold 4 loads of laundry. But the point is, all the clothes are clean and that's what's important right? Right? My next big project is to tackle where to put all these toys. At first I thought "This is ridiculous. We literally do not have a place to put this pile of toys." And then I realized that Kyla doesn't have a toy box, even though she now owns enough toys to have need for one. So put that on the list. Get toy box so that house does not look like Geoffrey Giraffe went on a violent rampage in my living room.

Thankfully, I didn't have any scrap assignments that were truly bearing down on me. Gina was busy designing like a mad woman so that bought me a few days. But all of her gorgeous stuff was released today so now I'm gonna have to scrap. And when I say "have to", I don't mean like Gina is standing over her CT with a whip and screaming deadlines at us. Quite the opposite actually. I don't think I've ever heard her utter one word about the length of time it takes us to scrap. And you know why? Because we HAVE TO scrap. When we get our downloads of her new products we all go crazy with scrapping. We can't NOT scrap. Her stuff is so much fun to work with. Of all the digital products I've gotten, I look forward to unzipping a folder from GMD the most. Because I LOVE her elements. I love her papers too. But it's usually a good element that inspires me so that's my favorite part. She always puts something (or many things)unique in her element packs. So whenever we get her products we all dive into the folders like kids at Christmas and ooooh and aaah over all the wonderful details. And then who can wait? We MUST scrap.

Yesterday was like torture for me because I NEEDED to get those indoor decorations down but I WANTED to scrap. I was a good girl though and worked hard. Took everything down, stored it (all by myself and that stuff is HEAVY), finished the laundry, did the dishes (twice), dumped the trash, made our bed, gave both the girls baths. All while Erick was at work (which means I had two little ones that needed me) so I was exhausted. After I got both girls to bed, I looked around the living room at the disaster of toys and thought "You know what. You earned it. Go scrap." So I left the mess. I figured that my nephews are coming over to play today and this place will be a disaster by the end of the day anyway. May as well just leave it for later.

So all this to you ever feel like all the other moms have got it together and you just do NOT? There are some days when I think "I have really got a handle on this gig!" Everything just falls into are happy, they're sleeping well, plenty of food in the fridge, house is clean, you've got time for yourself. But seriously, those days are FEW and FAR between. Yesterday I read Lisa's blog and I highly recommend this entry because it's honest and it's reality for most of us. Now granted, she has seven kids and homeschools. So if she were to tell me that she doesn't even do laundry, she simply throws clothes away and buys new ones every week, I would not judge her. I would give her more leniency any day of the week. But nonetheless, even though I only have much of her post was applicable to my day as well! Read it and feel better that what you're IS reality. Super Mom's may exist...but it's not the norm.

Anyway, back to Gina's new products. You guys will LOVE her new stuff. Check it out...

Because every scrapper needs them....

Back to Basics Jumbo Pack

Khaki Type Key alpha set

Stitch Essentials 2: Perfectly Imperfect

Stitch Essentials 3: Floral Collection

Because every scrapper has to have them....

Beaded Blooms

Charming Scraps Floral Collection

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Angel Food Cake papers

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Angel Food Cake elements

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Berrylicious papers

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Berrylicious elements

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Mud Pie papers

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Mud Pie elements

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Sugar Ville papers

Joy of Scrapping Collection: Sugar Ville elements

Here is a LO I made last night with some of the new products:

Kyla's Birth

Credits: Papers and crystal links from Gina Miller's "Sugar Ville" collection, Organza ribbons from Gina Miller's "Angel Food Cake" collection (all found at Scrapbook-Bytes). Linked hearts from Gina Miller's "Miss Sassy Pants" freebie. Rhinestone fasteners by Holly McCaig. Fonts are Angelina and CAC Pinafore.
Side journaling is her birth statistics. Around the family photo is my own quote that says: To look upon your beauty for the first time was to witness the precious glory of God's work.

Have a great Friday everyone!


Alyson said...

Seriously, I think you do an amazing job! I DON'T have children, and still can't seem to get it all together. From the outside, looking in, you've got it!

Elaine said...

Oh Shannon, shannon, shannon, you and I are having the same week apparently. It started good on Monday and then it all went to poo on Tuesday, with the sink clogging up and having to wash dishes in the bathroom, losing our ATM card, thus having no access to cash, thus no quarters for the laundry and today Miss Maddy thought it would be a good day to rebel against the nap since Mom had a ton of work waiting for her ! ....oh and shower? WHat shower?!?!
(If you smell's me..)

I don't know how you do it with two kiddies in tow but you do an awesome job!

Julie Jewels said...

You, my friend, are an amazing mother! Not that you need me to tell you that! You have 2 beautiful girls and Mckenna is just a joy to be around! A better behaved, more well rounded little girl I just couldn't find!
You have so much patience and do so much for and with your girls!
Cleaning and laundry can wait...

Shannon Bieger said...

Awww, thanks you guys! You totally just lifted my spirits. I spent the day with Mel and the kids so we had a lot of fun but the place was a WRECK afterward. Mel is always so great about helping me clean up though so we got a ton organized. But being away from the computer all day I feel like I have a trillion online things to catch up on, plus laundry to be folded and toys to be sorted! Which means I'm still feeling bogged down! So I definitely appreciated hearing all your encouragement!

Gina said...

Yup... we (or I rather) have those weeks here as well. I know the feeling. Here's hoping to a better, more organized and smoother week coming up!

You don't need me to echo the other sentiments that all ring true... ; )

Jen said...

unfortunately, I can totally relate. I think we all moms get a few of those and it is all just part of the job. no beating up on yourself- we have all been there and done that.

Delighted Mom said...

I loved reading this blog. For some demented reason I love to hear that other people have craziness now and again. I truly think any mom can realate to what you have said. And if there are any that can't, they have serious OCD!!