Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some scraps for ya!

I've been busy, busy, busy with scraps and laundry. Now, if you want proof of the laundry then I can scrap a page of it for you. But it won't be that fascinating so how's about you just take my word for it.

As for the scraps, those I'll share.
(You can click on the picture to see a larger view)


Credits: Blossoms and brads from Gina Miller's "Pretty Petals" pack at The Digi Chick. Font is Anke Calligraphic FG. Quote is my own.
Journaling: Our home is your soil, our love is your water, our encouragement is your sunshine. But you have chosen your own bloom and you have painted your own petals. You have blossomed into the brightest rose.

Baby Miss America

McKenna insisted on wearing her "baby soup" (bathing suit) the other day WITH her crown of course. So I just had to scrap this idea.

Credits: Credits: Sara Carling's "Frippery" kit. Stitches from Gina Miller's "Stitch Essentials" pack. Alpha and bows from Gina Miller's "Winter Wish" kit.
Journaling: Miss McKenna Riley from California is 2 years old, 31 inches tall and her measurements are 19-19-19. She enjoys deep-sea fishing and crushing crackers into the carpet. She collects mismatched socks and expensive cars. If chosen as Baby Miss America she will use her crown to teach children to read (once she learns how herself) and to eradicate the debt of third-world countries to the United States.

All Mine

Credits: Most papers from Michelle Coleman's "Winter Wonderland" kit. Journal paper, arrow, buttons and brads from Carrie Stephen's "Virtue" kit. Photo border from Gina Miller's "Birthday Blitz" kit. Fonts are: Rubber Stamp, Century Gothic, Jane Austen.
Journaling:1. A phenomenal musician 2. Truly passionate about his job 3. An affectionate husband 4. A playful father 5. Good at everything he does 6. A seasonal surfer 7. An exceptional writer 8. Ambitious 9. Sarcastic 10. Devastatingly handsome 11. Traditionally chivalrous 12. A bragger 13. An XBox 360 fanatic 14. A true music collector 15. A movie junkie 16. A free-thinker 17. An educated Christian 18. Easy-going 19. Wickedly funny 20. Full of wisdom 21. Trustworthy 22. Noble 23. A good kisser 24. An ego-maniac 25. A sacrificial husband and father 26. A passionate believer 27. A loyal friend 28. A great photographer 29. A trouble-maker 30. All mine.

And now I am off to read my book. The whole book has been one of those fascinating novels where you just feel totally absorbed in the characters, but it just took a REALLY interesting turn so I'm having withdrawals. I need to get back to it to find out what happens.


Sara said...

I just love how unique each LO is! The floral one uses great white space.
Love the baby miss america one. My DD love to wear her swim suit too.
And your DH is a hottie. Whew!

And the thing that makes all these layouts awesome is your wonderful journaling. So creative and heartfelt.

GretGrrl said...

Great layouts -- love the Miss America one. My 4 year old right this second is wearing her 1 year old sister's swimsuit, so I can relate to the love of the bathing suit.

But I'm so curious about what novel you're reading. I just finished one, and am looking for something new -- can you share the title?

Shannon Bieger said...

Sure! It's called Saffron Skies by Lesley Lokko. The story revolves around a girl, her extremely dysfunctional family, her 2 best friends and their stories and it all takes place over a span of 40 years and 3 continents. The only thing I must forewarn (because it's something I'm sensitive to) is that there are quite a few sexual situations in there, including one particularly sordid affair. I can't say more without ruining the book but morally, I feel like people should know if they're going to read books or watch movies that have the potential to be disturbing or tempting. (Although I have to say, this particular affair is not likely to be a temptation to any healthy person!) LOL Ok, I've either totally lost you or I've piqued your interest.

Emily aka SheScraps said...

Great layouts!!! Love the little Miss America one. So cute!!

Elaine said...

OOh, I'm going to have to check out that book! It sounds good!
Second. LOVE LOVE all these new layouts you've been making! They're so cute! Can I hire you to do one for me? LOL!'

Gina said...

You've piqued my interest in the book. LOL

LOVE your latest batch of LOs! You've been on fire!!! :D

GretGrrl said...

Thanks for giving me the book title . . . I'm going to check it out. Appreciate the recommendation and review -- Thanks!