Monday, December 12, 2005

Mishmash, Hodgepodge and Gobbledygook

Here's what I got for ya today....

This makes me want to vomit. I won't go too much more into that because it's controversial and I like my blog to be fun. But whatever your feelings are on the death penalty, it is still really gut-wrenching to have a countdown on a person's life. I don't like to think of their last meal, their final hours. I'd rather be asleep when his time comes and I wish I could pretend it wasn't happening. May he know peace tonight.

I don't typically listen to Amy Grant (way to high on my cheese-o-meter). But I do love the song Breath of Heaven. Surprisingly, I'd never heard this before? But it was sung at the Christmas pageant that my Mom was in this weekend. So pretty. Not to sound sacrilegious but Mary is my favorite part of the Christmas story. After going through the experience of labor and delivery, I always think about her the most on Christmas eve. I mean I think of the real, tangible details. The physical pain, the fear, the elation the moment you hear that baby cry for the first time, the worry about caring for the baby properly. Is he getting enough to eat? Is he warm enough? And on top of that, she was carrying the Savior. A baby that Herod wanted dead. Can you imagine her fear? That sick feeling in her stomach that someone wished her child not just harm...death. Amazing. Amazing, amazing woman. I can't wait to meet her in heaven one day. Oh yeah, and that Jesus guy too. ; )

Tomorrow should be ridiculously busy. I need to return our photos to Walmart ( they TRAIN their employees to work the photo processor or do they just advise them to refrain from getting those extra cool vests caught in the machinery?) Then I need to pick up envelopes for our Christmas cards at Michaels. Then off to the post office to mail Christmas gifts. To the grocery store for ingredients for fudge and cookies. And then home to bake said fudge and cookies.

Also tomorrow (probably later in the evening) I'm going to be posting what I think every woman should ask for for Christmas. Originally, Erick needed an article for C6M that was a gift-giving guide for hubbies. The original writer wasn't sure that she'd have time to finish so I was gonna do it for her. But she managed to pull it off (and quite well) so I've taken what I was gonna write about as well as a few of her supreme suggestions and I'll post those for ya tomorrow. All I can say is, I love being a girl.


terrarist said...

The new blog title looks GREAT!!! Love it! I too feel a much more real connection the birth story of Jesus after being a mom myself. Had to LOL about the walmart employee question...hope you find the answer out someday - it could revolutionize the way we all get our film developed - ie - NOT at walmart!
Hope you have a good uber-busy day!

Gina said...

I just read about the Crips leader in People 2 weeks ago and they said he was awaiting one final appeal. Guess that didn't happen.......

"do they just advise them to refrain from getting those extra cool vests caught in the machinery?)" LOL!!!

Oh yeah- likin' the new banner!

Elaine said...

I like the new banner too! Very cute!
Umm can I come over for those fudge and cookies..."mmmmghrraaaaahhhh...(drooling in a Homer Simpson like fashion)

Julie Jewels said...

Mmmmm...fudge and cookies!!
Hope you get your picture thing sorted out! I've never cared for Walmart's picture processing!

"And that Jesus guy too" ROFL

Your mom was in a pageant? What part did she do?

Jennifer said...

You know, I never really thought about Mary that much before this year, but now that you mention it, the whole Christmas story does take on a totally new meaniing now that I'm a mom.

And I'm just dying to know what I should be asking for for Christmas! (Having two "fors" next to each other like that just doesn't look right, but how else are you supposed to say it?) Anyway, I'll be checking back later to find out. :)

Alyson said...

I totally getcha about the Tookie Williams thing. I was woken up by the breaking news (so we fall asleep with the tv on. There are FAR more unhealthy things we could do...and probably DO) and I couldn't go back to sleep. Its unnerving.

Umm, about Walmart. Here's what I think happens. They make them take an aptitude test. Those who score just under the bell curve are IN!The rest, they send to KMart.

Jen said...

I LOVE Breath of Heaven- it is an absolutely gorgeous song that really makes me stop and think about what it would have been like to be Mary.

Elaine said...

Got B.E.P. cd for xmas, listening to it right now and you're right! It's great!
(pssst... I love that song "my humps" too! haha!)