Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All You Want For Christmas

So it's December 14 (or it will be when you read this). Eleven days until Christmas. Which means ten days until your man is set to go shopping for you. It would be nice if you knew what you wanted huh? Well here is a list I have composed just for you, the woman who draws a blank when asked "So what do you want for Christmas?" I guarantee that any woman will be able to find at least two items on this list that she would like to receive. So once you've perused the list, stop by the comments section and post which items were your favorite.

Disclaimer: I'm posting a variety of items. Some have a hefty price-tag for the average blog-reader. Do what I do when I see these items....oh and ah over them and then go find the cheap knock-off at the mall. ; )

I actually was not the one to discover this. Erick did as we passed Lucky Brand Jeans at the Brea Mall. He said "You'd look cute in that." And you know what. I would. Who wouldn't look cute in this? Even if you don't think you would, you're wrong. Any girl would look cute in this. $148.

My favorite accessories to purchase this year were chandelier earrings. This is a pair of Zara X chandeliers that I might possibly kill for. Or maim. For sure I'd maim for them. $155 at fragments.com

Everyone needs one truly gorgeous vase. I love this tortoise vase available at Banana Republic for $98.

You think you don't know who he is. And maybe you don't. But you should. His name is Bap Kennedy. If you've seen Serendipity, then you will recognize his song Moonlight Kiss. The entire album is as phenomenal. $7 at Amazon.com

Who wouldn't feel like a bombshell wearing this halter chemise? $78 at Victoria's Secret.

If you like to entertain, you will want these Clio Martini glasses. $9.95 each at Crate and Barrel.

If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to tote your goods in something other than a diaper bag, then might I recommend this beautiful Croco Locke bag ($310) from Dooney & Bourke.

If I could pick one charity to support, it would be St. Jude and their research to help fight and cure childhood cancer. Any purchase from the Hope Catalog helps. Especially these tshirts starting at $24.

If you haven't heard of this, then you've been living under a rock. You want one. 'Nuff said. Starting at $199 and found at Apple stores and electronic stores near you.

This is a favorite of mine and Erick's. We discovered it at a German Wine Tasting near Fashion Island about four or five years ago and it was our favorite. So that Christmas, my Dad and Cheryl surprised us with a bottle and have done so for several special occasions since then. It's perfect to toast in the new year. $25 at PRP Wine.

It does not have to be this one but everyone should have a skirt that is sexy. Not slutty. Sexy. Feminine. Alluring. This one is $98 at White House/Black Market.

You NEED a good book in your possession at all times. I don't mean ON your person at all times. But you do need to have a good read available to you should the mood strike you. And I recommend this fascinating little novel. You can get them for literally a penny + shipping on amazon.com Don't let the price fool you. It is a fantastic book (albeit a torrid one).

This is a beautiful piece of jewelry. And it is my firm belief that every woman should receive something from Tiffany's at least once in her life. Elsa Peretti necklace is $135.

A tart burner is a must for every home. And this one from Yankee Candle ($15) is too beautiful to pass up.

I always think of Christmas as a time to start preparing for how I want to improve myself in the new year. Update my wardrobe, collect some new music, and learn something new. I recommend learning a new language. Mayhaps French? $16.50 at Amazon.com

Another fashion must - a sexy black top. Preferably something lacey or embellished. Possibly sheer. $138 at Bebe.

Ok, another thing that Erick and I love. This cookbook rocks and is a must-have for all wine-lovers. $16 on Amazon.com.

You know what. Don't fight it anymore. They are talented song-writers, dancers, performers. It's unique. It's intriguing. Join me won't you? Buy this cd that will leave you saying "I can't believe I love THIS, yet I'm strangely addicted." Plus, how crazy is it that "Fergie" is Stacy Ferguson from K.I.D.S. Incorporated? $11 at Amazon.com.

You NEED your coffee to start the day. And every woman should drink her morning coffee from a mug that makes her feel like she can conquer the world. I recommend this Marilyn Monroe mug from Giftapolis ($13) because it's called "I'm very much a woman and I enjoy it."

Everyone says that it must've been a man who designed heels. Maybe so. But I do not care. I love a good pair of sexy heels. Not all the time. But when I wanna look tall, thin, fashionable and put together - the shoes are one of the most important factors. I don't care who designs your shoe or how much you pay for it. Just make sure its a shoe that you love. These are $100 at Nina Shoes.

PJ's. Comfy, cute, adorable PJ's. I almost couldn't choose a favorite from Pajamamania. I finally decided that this set for $63 was my fave:

A nice coat. You NEED a nice coat. Need it. And this scalloped faux fur coat has gorgeous lines. $118 at Nordstrom.

For the love of God, don't let your husband run to Rite-Aid at 9pm on Christmas eve so that he can fill your stocking with chapstick and tampons. Give him these ideas.

I swear this bath bomb is a precious gift from the Lord above. Yep, eternal salvation and bath bombs. God is good. This particular bath bomb is a miracle-worker. Take a hot bath before bed and drop this bath bomb in. You will sleep like a baby. It is heaven. $4.35 (Canadian) from Lush.

If you have a kid or two that's still in diapers, get one of these cute diaper organizers. It keeps your diapers from getting all crunched up in the bag. And if you have two in diapers, you can keep the two sizes separate. They have a ton of designs. This is my favorite. $15 at Diapees & Wipees.

Oooooh. A rose gold body lustre. I want. $26 at Macy's.

I like the pink and black. And who doesn't like Pez? $10 for the pack.

I mentioned this lotion the other day. It's cranberry, it's shimmery, it comes in the most beautiful red bottle. It's seasonal so don't miss out. $16 at The Body Shop.

A subscription to my favorite magazine. I love it. So many good fashion tips, makeup tips, excellent interviews, party guides. Tons of stuff. And right now they're giving away a free trial issue. $23.88 for 12 issues.

If you're gonna get a tart burner then you need tarts don't you? $1.20 at Yankee Candle.

I can't say enough good things about this lip gloss. Estee Lauder's Pure Color Gloss in Star Pink. It is ALL things girly. A delicate shade of pink. Shimmery with tiny little bits of glitter. It comes in a pretty, feminine little tube. It actually makes your lips feel plumper. It SMELLS good. Not like some cheap lip smackers chapstick. It smells like a light/sweet perfume. I feel totally girly when I wear this. $20 at department stores.

OK, so there ya go. What more could you possibly want? Now do yourself a favor and just go shopping. Because this list is liable to give your honey a headache. Or he'll be too distracted by Miss Halter Chemise there to concentrate on the actual list itself.


terrarist said...

Shannon - your blog creates such confusing results in me!!! i am ooohhhing and Ahhhhing over pretty much the ENTIRE list, yet I am rolling on the floor laughing at how you have TOTALLY pegged my darling hubby = the chapstick and tampons thing is CLASSIC!!! Ok you asked for faves - the sexy skirt and black top , neither of which i would fit into in this lifetime, the lip gloss, the pj's, the rosegold body balm, and THOSE EARRINGS!!!! To die for....
Thanks for such a fun list and reading this morning!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon! I can't believe you went and made that whole list, that must have taken forever!!! My favorites were the tarts, the lip gloss and the cranberry shimmer lotion from The Body Shop. I think I'll mentioned that one to Wayne since he's been asking. By the way, why is it that I tell him I want, this, this and this and he's like "Nooo, you can buy that for yourself, that's not a Christmas gift". What's up with that?

Oh, and I love the diapees and wipees thing, or maybe I just love the name since that's what we call diapers.

Laura said...

I'm not anonymous, sorry about that.

Elaine said...

OOOH. NICE LIST! I got some pretty good ideas from it and thanks for the links to the stores too!
OH and you know what's even WIERDER about "Fergie" IE: Stacy Ferguson from K.I.D.S Inc? Her DAD was my ASB Teacher in high school. We used to call HIM Fergie. He was the original Fergie. Just a little trivia.. I mean, I don't know when you're EVER going to have a Black Eyed Peas trivia game or anything but you know, you never know.. you could.. never mind...

Sara said...

My faves were the stocking stuffers. I LOVE anything Benefit cosmetics. And the Diapie thing looks awesome.

Thanks for the list!

Juli said...

What a list, Shannon!!
So many cute cute things on that list! But also so girly! I'm so not girly-alas I wish I were. But when it comes down to it, I just am not. LOL
I do love me some comfy pj's though! And that lotion even smells good just by looking at it!
Who's the album from Serendipity? You didn't give us his name?
Cute tart burner!!! I've been wanting a new one-why? Isn't 2 enough? LOL

Shannon Bieger said...

Oops. I'll add his name right now Julie. And also add this cute hoodie that I saw while I was shopping today. I can't resist putting it on the list.

Alyson said...

OK, OK, OK. We MUST be related, becuase I, too, hold tightly to the Tiffany belief!!!

After I list this, I have to go pray for forgiveness, because your list made me covet! Jerkface.

I LOVE White House/Black Market! That skirt is beeeeautiful! That's where I got my dress for Mike's Christmas party. If anyone reads this, their sizes are pretty right on. No Grande for SMALLS! Small = Small, and so forth!

The Tiffany neckless for sure! The Bebe shirt!! Ummm, the Crate and Barrel glasses! OOOH You're SO right about Lucky Jeans! Tip: Nordstrom's Rack (the clearance store for Nordstrom's) ALWAYS has Lucky's for $50 and below!

Crap, I just loved it ALL! You freakin' rock! Will you buy MY present this year? :) Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Shannon where have you been all my life? I also have the hardest time coming up with things I want for Christmas (probably because I manage to buy myself what I want beforehand!)so your list rocks! I love the earrings, the necklace, the purse (too bad I'm still in diaper bag mode), the pajamas....I could go on but I'll stop. Anyway, maybe you could do one of these lists like once a month or something. It would be great for birthdays, Valentines Day, etc. Just a thought!

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL I just might Jennifer! It was so fun to come up with it. Shopping without having to spend the cash!

Jen said...

ohhh- love the list :) My favorites are the Elsa Peretti necklace, the pajamamania pjs and for the smaller side- the pez dispensers, yankee candle tarts, the diaper and wipe organizer and the body shop lotion :)

Gina said...

I simply don't know what to do with this information! This is not the Shannon I know! Where are the Target items? Where are the $1.99 tart burners? I think I've been left in the dust with my cheapie crap. LOL!

I do love those pjs. I want them... badly. And I remember when I first met you, you loved those bath bombs. So does that scent really relax you and make you sleepy? I think I need one.... or 20!

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL Are you surprised that I even knew half these items existed? I LIKE this stuff. I just can't or won't buy it. I don't think you will ever, ever see me plunk down $300 on a purse! Not even if I'm rich. Well, maybe. No. No. I won't. Would I? = P

YES! That bath bomb REALLY will make you sleepy. I have ordered that one twice and both times, I slept the soundest sleep of my life. Love those things! I also like the Fairy Jasmine one but that thing is PACKED with glitter. So I'd only recommend it if you didn't mind being super sparkly.