Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Here we were, happily ahead of schedule with all of our holiday to-do lists. And then bam. I get sick. I was cleaning our toilets on Saturday (a chore I would later be SO grateful that I'd completed later on in the evening) and I thought "Uh-oh, I feel achy and my throat is scratchy." I actually HOPED I'd inhaled a little Ajax and that was the explanation for the scratchy throat. No such luck. I kept telling myself "Nope. Not gonna get sick. No sir. Keep cleaning." I couldn't. I had to lay down. I took a 2 hour nap and woke up with a sore throat, cough, fever and aches. And later I would be admiring my newly cleaned toilet bowls first-hand. Ugh. Not a great thing to have happen a week before Christmas. I had to stay in bed as much as possible because I was just so extremely dizzy. I couldn't update my blog, haven't put up Kyla's 3 month pics yet, haven't done my CT assignments, haven't finished my Christmas cards, couldn't finish my Christmas shopping, had to cancel our spaghetti dinner for the C6M staff. Our home was a disaster because Erick had his hands full with two little ones and a sick wife so neither of us were able to clean anything (though McKenna did walk around with a baby wipe and cleaned our walls for us. LOL! I guess she wanted to help in some way.) But all I was doing was praying Erick and the girls didn't get it. I don't want anyone sick over Christmas nor do I want to pass this on to my family when they come over for Christmas morning.

Unfortunately, this morning Erick woke up with the same beginning signs that I'd felt. And McKenna has it, full-blown. Fever, cough and vomitting. Poor little thing. I hate seeing her throw up because when kids throw up, they look at Mommy with these scared little eyes like they have no idea what is happening. I hate it. So prayers that this virus passes our home quickly would be appreciated. And specific prayers that it not affect Kyla at all.

Side note: I have no idea when to use affect or effect. I never remember. Alyson, can I get a ruling on this? = P

I'll try to find time to do a more fun update soon. I have video of McKenna's first Christmas program, pictures of the girls visiting Santa and a few cute little stories. That would be much more fun to share than all this sick talk. But just wanted to get on here to let you all know because I'd hate to look like a bad blogger. ; )

For all of the unanswered emails, un-commented to blog posts, etc. I'll catch up. I always do. It may not be until after Christmas but I'll catch up.


Anonymous said...

Hope your family feels all better in time for Christmas!

P.S. Affect is a verb. Effect isn't.

Kim Goddard said...

i know you dont know me but i wanted to say Merry Christmas and hope you all feel better soon...

Alyson said...

Shannon! You poor thing! I'll be praying for you and the fam! UGH! Getting sick totally sucks, but getting sick at Christmas is just sad! Feel better soon!

Affect vs Effect: (they can both be verbs and nouns. YIKES!) I have to look it up each time, too. ;P

1. af•fect (transitive verb) [Middle English, from affectus, past participle of afficere]

to produce an effect upon, as a: to produce a material influence upon or alteration in {paralysis affected his limbs} b: to act upon (as a person or a person's mind or feelings) so as to bring about a response; influence

1. ef•fect (noun) [Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French, from Latin effectus, from efficere to bring about, from ex- out (of) + facere to make, do]

1a: purport; intent {the effect of their statement was to incite anger} b: basic meaning; essence {her argument had the effect of a plea for justice}
2: something that inevitably follows an antecedent (as a cause or agent) {environmental devastation is one effect of unchecked industrial expansion}

3: an outward sign; appearance {the makeup created the effect of old age on their faces}

4: accomplishment; fulfillment {the effect of years of hard work}

5: power to bring about a result; influence {the content itself of television is therefore less important than its effect}

6 plural: movable property; goods {personal effects}

7a: a distinctive impression {the color gives the effect of being warm} b: the creation of a desired impression {her tears were purely for effect} c (1): something designed to produce a distinctive or desired impression, usually used in plural (2) plural: special effects
8: the quality or state of being operative; operation {the law goes into effect next week}
in effect: in substance; virtually {the committee agreed to what was in effect a reduction in the hourly wage}
to the effect: with the meaning {issued a statement to the effect that he would resign}

Meanings for less common uses:

2. af•fect (transitive verb)

1: to make a display of liking or using; cultivate {affect a worldly manner}
2: to put on a pretense of; feign {affect indifference, though deeply hurt}
3. af•fect (noun) [pronunciation: stress on first syllable, unlike verb forms of this word]

the conscious subjective aspect of an emotion considered apart from bodily changes {he displayed a distressing lack of affect}

2. ef•fect (transitive verb)

1: to cause to come into being {the citizens were able to effect a change in government policy}

2a: to bring about often by surmounting obstacles; accomplish {effect a settlement of a dispute} b: to put into operation {the duty of the legislature to effect the will of the citizens}

Usage: The confusion of the verbs affect and effect not only is quite common but has a long history. The verb effect was used in place of affect (1, above) as early as 1494 and in place of affect (2, above) as early as 1652.

If you think you want to use the verb effect but are not certain, check the definitions here. The noun affect is sometimes mistakenly used for the noun effect. Except when your topic is psychology, you will seldom need the noun affect.

Jen said...

POOR THING! We have had sickness run rampant here in our home as well- this virus thing going around is nasty. I hope you are all better before Christmas!

Julie said...

I'm so sorry you guys are sick! I hate having my babies throw up too! I know the look you're talking about :(
I'll be praying Kyla doesn't get it too!
Take care of you, Erick and your babies!
Love you! Merry Christmas, friend!

Elaine said...

Sending an army of "virus killer" vibes over right now! Hope the family gets well soon!!!!!

Gina said...

Snap. I thought I replied to this yesterday!

Feel better. I hate when little kiddies are sick, especially this time of year. :(

Are you guys doing any better today?

Sara said...

Oh no! Being sick is the worst. And I agree, sick babies is even more sad. I hate it too. **hugs** to you and your family. I hope everyone feels much much better soon. And especially better in time for christmas.

Take care & ~*~*~get well~*~*~ vibes your way.


terrarist said...

oh shannon i have been worried about where you were! So sorry to hear of such a yucky sickness settling there. I am praying for you all to feel HEALTHY again VERY VERY SOON!!!
I always try to simplify the affect/effect thing - since I do'nt always have my dictionary handy on me! - is it producing an effect? or do I not want to be affected by that? just a weird thing I ask about the sentence in question. May not always be right, but helps me at least look a teensy bit educated...
Hugs and prayers for you guys...Have a merry christmas no matter how you feel though!

hope you get at least a few things off your awesome list!


Jennifer said...

We have all been sick too and it is never ending! We're going on two weeks over here and it's the worst. :( I really hope you all feel better in time for Christmas!!!