Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Blast this Christmas music!

...It's joyful AND Triumphant."

That was to get you in a Grinch mood so that I may present you with this newest LO of my little Cindy Lou Who:

McKenna totally reminds me of Cindy Lou Who with her little button nose and her pig-tails. Not to mention she has to sing that song "Where Are You Christmas" about a hundred times a day. So she inspired this LO through and through. Credits: Papers, alpha, ribbon, bow from Gina Miller's "Winter Wish" kit. Overlay and brads from Gina Miller's "Sugar Plum" kit. Photo edges (recolored) from Gina Miller's "Birthday Blitz" kit. Journaling block (recolored) from Gina Miller's "Dusty Rose" kit. Star and snowflake charms from Michelle Coleman's "Winter Wonderland" kit. Fonts are "The Gingerbread House" and "Kartika".

The Winter Wish kit came out today at The Digi Chick. Isn't it the prettiest ever? She also put out this beautiful pack of flower and brad embellishments and this completely necessary pack of Stitch Essentials. Seriously. Buy them. You NEED the stitches. And while you're buying the stitches, you may as well buy the kit and the flowers because you know you wanna.

Other things of note:

McKenna is going to be in her first Christmas program ever! Awwww! It's next Thursday and her class is singing one song. It's to the tune of Frere Jacque and while they sing, they rock their arms back and forth like they're rocking a baby. The words are:

Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus
Don't you cry, don't you cry
Don't you know I love you, don't you know I love you
Very much, very much.

It is gonna be SO cute! I asked her teacher if I should really have McKenna be in it. Most of the kids in her class are older AND are in class 2-3 times a week so they're pretty comfortable with the idea of the performance because they've been talking about it for two weeks. McKenna is the youngest in the class and only there once a week AND she missed last week so she has no idea what this is all about. She's already uncomfortable when attention is focused on her (much like her Mommy and not at ALL like her Daddy, she gets nervous when all eyes are on her). Yet (also like her Mommy) she can't resist the urge to perform. She says she wants to do it and her teacher thinks it would be great for her, even if she just cries through the whole song. So we're gonna let her and we'll be there with video camera on hand. Hopefully she will enjoy it. And if not, well it's just 2 minutes and it will at least break in the idea of school performances for her. This is just the first of many, many more to come! The good news is she already knows the song after just one day and seems to be obsessed with singing it. So maybe that's a good sign.

She has a short month at school because of the holidays. They're themes are: Green, rectangles, giving, sharing, love, and the birth of Jesus. Next week, after the "big show" they're having a Christmas party so I need to bake 2 dozen cookies. What kind to make? Maybe Lemon Snowflake. Maybe Chocolate Pixies. We'll see. I'll also need to bake G's fudge because that's going along with the gift that I'm making for each of McKenna's teachers. She has 3 regular teachers and I bought each a pink tin bucket with a snowflake on it. I'm gonna put some snowman soup in there (an ingenious idea I got from my friend Cheryl that includes a poem as well as all the ingredients for Snowman soup - hot cocoa, marshmallows, a candy cane for stirring) and then some of the fudge and a Christmas card. Should turn out pretty cute I think. So I'll be busy, busy, busy that week! And then that following Monday we're hosting a spaghetti dinner for some of the staff of C6M. And then hosting the family brunch on Christmas morning. LOL This should be a pretty hectic season. But hey, I'm not complaining. I enjoy having too much to do, too many people to see and too much food to make. I don't take it for granted.

But one thing I am taking for granted is the speed of which I expect to deliver my photos (aka my Christmas cards). Ok, I WILL order those cards before I go to bed tonight. That is just ridiculous that I haven't done them yet. I wanted them OUT by now and I haven't even ordered? Shameful.

McKenna loves to sing the songs from Beauty and the Beast and I must say, it is really bizarre to hear a two year old sing in her little two year old voice "I want much more than this provincial life."

Blue Diamond Almonds came out with a new almond that is phe-NOM. It's Wasabi and Soy Sauce. Um can you say YUM YUM YUM Delicioso? These are frickin' awesome.

Cranberry Cannaberge lotion from the Body Shoppe is THE wearable scent for the Christmas season. I've decided.

You know how I keep mentioning this cat that wakes McKenna up when he plays in our backyard? Ok well tonight she woke up crying. She said "I heard something in backyard!" So I said "There is NOTHING back there. SEE??" And I flip on the porch light and open the blinds and ....there's a big ass possum back there! AAAAH! LOL! I felt like a moron. Thankfully she decided that the possum is "cute" and "funny" because he was eating the dirt and he has a pink nose. Mommy disagrees but if it allows her to sleep at night then by all means.

And speaking of sleep, it's time I do some of that myself! Night all!


terrarist said...

oh my gosh - that layout is ADORABLE! I can't believe she is going to be in a program! Hope it goes well!
I love hearing about all your christmas preparations - reminds me of all I need to do! Like order my own Cmas Cards from the store!
and lets just say that mommy would NOT have handled it as calmly as you seeing a big huge possum in the back yard!!! I would have woken up the neighborhood with my screams at seeing a large RAT ten feet away from my baby!!!! Ok so maybe I overreact sometimes, just a teeny bit.
Hope you have a good productive day!

Julie said...

You sure are going to busy busy busy! When are you hosting dinner for me? *wink
I bet McKenna will be fabulous in her program!!!

Gina said...

Oh man sorry I am falling behind on my Blog checks!

I can't wait to see McKenna in her little school program! Sounds adorable.

I love your Winter Wish page too! Sorry I've yet to comment on it. I just scarpped TWENTY friggin pages today for my Uncle's kid's books. I have a migraine.

Ewww to the possum! LOL

Sara said...

Love the LO! I so love the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch.

That Possum would have freaked me out! Seriously. Not cool.

I can't wait to see pics from the christmas program. Too cute! Sounds like you have a little actress on your hands.

Nancy said...

she is so cute! love the layout!

Kim Goddard said...

I was blog hoppin and came across yours its to cute for words you have a cute lil family. And you are so creative :) Keep up the great work and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Alyson said...

Ok. It MUST be said...I have the absolute CUTEST goddaughter on the PLANET (perhaps in the UNIVERSE), and I love her to pieces! And she IS Cindy Lou Who! Please come visit so that she won't be like, "Ummm, who are Alyson and Mike who keep sending me presents, desperately trying to gain my affection?"