Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yes, I can be bought.

Erick was a desperate man yesterday. He wanted a full-night's sleep last night so he struck a deal - I take the night feeding AND let him sleep in and I could go shopping today. Done and done. And I mean done!

Shopping was not all that fun though. We didn't get out of the house until late because we had unexpected company (neighbors dropped off a blanket they'd crocheted for Kyla). We still went because McKenna had already been promised "puppies" (she likes to visit the pet store when we're at the mall). So we went. Kyla for some reason cannot sleep when we're in New York & Company. She always wakes up in there. Sure, she slept through the extremely bright, extremely loud new Apple store. But NY&CO is a no-go for her. So she woke up. I had pushy salesperson after pushy salesperson breathing down my neck. Nowhere are there more obnoxious salepeople then NY&CO and if you know me, you know I HATE being bugged by sales people. Greet me once when I enter. Help me get into a dressing room as soon as I approach the dressing rooms. And be pleasant when you ring me up. That's all I ask. No I do not want to open an account. Even when I tell you I probably would not get approved, don't recommend I try anyway. When I tell you my husband will hate it, don't recommend I get one and just not tell him. And no, I do not need you to help me find my size. I'm perfectly capable of looking at the tags myself. Now back away you commission vultures. So anyway....shopping wasn't fun because my train of thought was continously interrupted by sales girls or my youngest who apparently hates shopping (she must get that from Erick because it sure didn't come from me). I finally found two shirts I was semi-happy with, I go to ring up and.....I realized I'd left my wallet at home. AHHH! Forget it! I gave up. I'll try again tomorrow. Erick is gonna take the girls to visit his parents and I'm gonna go shopping ALL BY MYSELF. It's gonna be so relaxing. I'm also gonna pick up some new Yankee Candle tarts (I'm all out. How can I start my day if I don't have a fresh tart on hand??) and I wanna buy a new book. Not that I'm anywhere near finished with Saffron Skies. But there are 3 books out that I want and I like to have my next book lined up. Which should I buy? Nicole Richie's The Truth About Diamonds, Steve Martin's Shopgirl, or Jennifer Weiner's In Her Shoes?

Cute story: When we left the mall tonight, McKenna yelled out excitedly "There's the moon!" She's obsessed with it, as I'm sure many young kids are. So we had the following conversation:

She said "Mommy, can't reach it. Too high!"
And I said "No, let's try. Reach! Reach!"
McKenna: "No, no Mommy. Rocket ship!"
Mommy: "Oh that's right. To get to the moon we need a rocket ship. Do you want to take a rocket ship to the moon one day?"
McKenna: "Yes!! Touch the moon!"
Mommy: "You wanna take a rocket ship to touch the moon? Well you sure can if that's what you really want to do."
McKenna: "And take Kyla?"
Mommy: "Sure, you can take Kyla."
McKenna: "And Mommy and Daddy."
Mommy: "Ok, McKenna and Kyla and Mommy and Daddy and we'll all take a rocket ship to the moon one day. Sound good?"
McKenna: "Yes!!"
Flash forward 10 minutes when we pull into the driveway at home. McKenna starts getting really worked up yelling "No! No! No! No!"
Mommy: "McKenna, honey. Use your words. What do you want?"
McKenna: "Rocket ship! Touch the moon!"

Aww, poor thing thought we were gonna go to the moon tonight. I had to explain to her that she has to become an astronaut first. So for the present time, McKenna's aspirations are to be an astronaut.

Ok, I have been a scrappin' fool lately. Have I mentioned how much I love this hobby? Just once or twice right? ; ) Here are some pages I've completed since my last post:

This idea was scraplifted from Susan Cyrus off of heatheranndesigns.com. I used the October freebie from 2peas (by Anne Langpap). Buttons are from Sarah Bardorf's "American Dogwood" kit. Chipboard Alpha from Gina Miller. Font is Kingsthings Trypewriter.

This was created for Gina Miller's 2nd Font & Sketch challenge at The Digi Chick. Credits: Kit is "Aberdeen" by Sarah Jones. White stamp frame is from Maryann Wise's "Summers Here" kit (June freebie on 2peas). Stitch is from Gina Miller's "Birthday Girl" kit. Happy ribbon is from Maryann Wise's "Party Hat" kit. Font is "Chalk"

Halloween 05
Credits: Black background paper and striped paper from Shabby Princess' "Holiday Sampler" kit. Distressed orange paper from Andrea Victoria's "Boo" kit. Tags, brads, ribbons and decorative edges from Gina Miller's "Happy Haunting" elements kit. Staple from Valerie Fowler's "Like Magic" kit. Fonts are MABrownie TOO and Kingsthings Trypewriter.

Ok, I just realized that the prizes for participating in Gina's first F&S challenge were posted so I'm off to download! Yipee! Fun, free quality kits! One of life's little pleasures.


Jen said...

Hope you have a gret time shopping today! :) You new LOs are great- I LOVE the Halloween one!

Gina Rae said...

So you didn't get ANYTHING at NY&Co? Oh boo! Did you get to go back today?

Wynnie said...

I love the new layouts.

Shopgirl isn't bad, but I loved In Her Shoes - for your next trip.

Anonymous said...

I would have to suggest In Her Shoes as well, especially for someone who has sisters. But I'm also curious about Nicole Ritchie's book as well, but my vote is In Her Shoes.