Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Now THAT was a good day!

* Kyla slept so well last night. She went to bed before 9 (I don't remember what time exactly. I know it was between 8:30 and 9). She didn't wake up for her first bottle until 6am and Erick took it for me. So I didn't need to wake up until McKenna woke up. And for some blessed reason she decided to sleep until 9:15am today! Nice.

* After everyone was up/fed/showered/dressed, Erick dropped me off at the mall and he took the girls to visit his mom. He took my last 5 LO's with him as a little gift for her (I felt bad sending him to visit her without me. I didn't want her to think I wasn't there because I didn't want to be). When I called the house to let Erick know I was done shopping, she just raved about them. Made me so happy that she took so much joy in my new craft.

* Shopping by myself was bizarre (but fun). I walked in the mall and had to remind myself that I could walk at a leisurely pace. I felt totally awkward walking through the mall without a diaper bag, no stroller, no kids. Just me. Walking hands-free and alone with my thoughts. Turns out, I don't have so many thoughts. (Name that show).

* I found an awesome pair of thin cords in chocolate brown with a flared leg at Abercrombie. HALF off! So that was my "find of the day". I also bought (at Express) a heather-grey wife-beater tank to go under a fitted white v-neck tshirt (long-sleeved) with rhinestone embellishments along the neckline. And the salesgirl (sneaky shopping vixen) brought me this super cute fitted pink hoodie. I rolled my eyes in the dressing room and thought "Yeah, like I'm gonna buy this just because you brought it to me and thought I'd like it." But wouldn't you know it. I loved it. So I bought that too.

* And of course I had to restock on my Yankee Candle Tarts. Here are the scents I bought: Christmas Wreath, Hollyberry, Fig & Rose, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Berry, Home For The Holidays, Christmas Wish, Farmhouse Apple, Christmas Eve, Vanilla Caramel, Home Sweet Home, Irish Cream, Sugared Plums, Mandarin Cranberry, Sage & Citrus, Vanilla Cookie.

* They didn't have a bookstore in the mall so I didn't buy a book. But I did buy the latest InStyle from the newstand and read that while I ate lunch in the food court. That is my favorite mag so it was a nice way to wind down my little shopping venture. While I ate, I also wrote out a card to Erick. While I was shopping I had thought about how wonderful and selfless he was to take the girls for the day and set me free on a shopping venture. So I was feeling appreciative and wanted to let him know I'd been thinking that while I spent his hard-earned money. ; )

And now, to finish off my wonderful day I'm gonna tuck my girls into bed and then Erick and I are going to eat dinner (we got Pick-Up Stix for dinner! Yum!) and watch LOST. I can't wait!

Funny Thing: McKenna always makes me laugh because she has been taught how to toast with the word "cheers". Anytime we both have a drink she says "Cheers!" and holds out her cup for us to tap them together. If we both have our fancy shoes on, if we both have a cracker, if we're both brushing our teeth - whatever it is. We have to tap them together and toast with a "cheers!"


Jen said...

sounds like a WONDERFUL day!! Glad it went so well for yoU!

Julie said...

Erick is just the sweetest guy ever!!
And you are just as sweet to think of giving him a card!
What a great day to go shopping for yourself by yourself! It does feel weird not having little people attached to you though, huh? LOL
I'm quite pleased with the frequency of your blog updates!