Sunday, November 13, 2005

Shake it the booty!

Here are just a few things I had to share:

After that last post, I took both girls to McKenna's room for a bedtime story. McKenna loves when Kyla is awake during story time because they get to lay in bed together. Kyla usually enjoys it. And I did get a good 10 pictures of the two of them being perfectly happy together. But this one, I don't know what set her off but she came close to tears. Love the little pout:

Also, I did two more LO's this weekend.

Tea Party
(This was created for Gina's Font & Sketch Challenge. I used the "Little Princess" kit by Doris Castle. Foreground paper is from Gina Miller's "Berries and Cream" paper pack. Staple is from Sarah Jones "Aberdeen" kit. Font is akaFrivolity.)

Made For You
(Erick and I have always considered the song "I Was Made For You" by Martin Page to be one of our songs. So I used lyrics from the song. And then pictures of us from childhood to our wedding day to show that from the beginning we were made for each other, leading up to the day we became husband and wife. The kit is from the first issue of Digital Memories Magazine. Font is "Adorable".)

And you cannot miss this video. How mean of a Mommy am I? Look what I make my daughter do for treats. The funniest part is how she walks away like it's a perfectly normal thing and she has to do it every day.

Alright, I really should get to bed. McKenna and I baked Snickerdoodles tonight and I ate 4 of them with a cup of "decaf" coffee (you know even decaf coffee has caffeine, right?) So it's no wonder I'm wide awake right now. But I do need to sleep. Erick works 6am-2pm which means I have to take the night feeding tonight (usually around 4am) AND get up with the girls in the morning. McKenna has been a late riser lately (8:30am!) but Kyla is a little earlier - 7:30am. It's not a bad schedule to have as long as I'm smart enough to get to bed early. Which I'm not.


Gina Rae said...

LMAO! First she looked drunk then she kind of broke down into a breakdance of sorts. HAHAHAHA Cute!

Julie said...

Oh, that little pout Kyla is sporting is so sad it's cute!!

LOVE the video!!!

Elaine said...

HAHA! Shak-a da boody! I love the part when she finally gets her sucker and is like, "totally worth it humilation." haha! (and FYI, i do the same exact thing to Maddy haha!)

OMG. Kenna sleeps until 8:30 am and Kyla sleeps til 7:30 am! You're so lucky! Madddy STILL wakes up at 6:30- 7:00 am. (yawn)

Jen said...

I can't see the video :( I tried it earlier from c6 and couldn't then either. I am sure it is cute though!!

Shannon Bieger said...

Elaine - Of course today Kyla made me eat my words. Up at 6:15 (eyeroll).

Jen, did you try right clicking on the link and then choose "save as". Put it on your desk top. Then right click on the file and open it through whatever program you normally watch videos through (Quicktime, Realplayer, Windows Media Player, etc.) That should work.

Marieke said...

I have a REALLY similar pic of me and my younger sister when we were those ages!! (except without the cute pout!)

I cannot believe how big McKenna is getting!! It seems like just yesterday I saw her when she was about 6 months old and now she so big with a little sister to boot!